Nightstand with Drawers: Trendy Designs for a Stylish Bedroom

nightstand with drawers

Are you a neat and organized person? Take a glance around your bedroom if you feel so. What have you discovered? Possibly a mess everywhere. We frequently keep ourselves occupied decorating and organizing the living rooms while neglecting to clean up our haven, the bedroom. Now pay close attention to managing the necessary items in your space.

Wait! If you are considering how to maintain your room organized and tidy because, despite your best efforts, the small amount of space in your room becomes a problem. Then there’s no need to give up because your hunt for additional storage has brought you to a fashionable solution known as a nightstand with drawers.

By storing items in its drawers, this piece of furniture assists you in maintaining a tidy space while also enhancing the captivating beauty of your room with its distinctive shapes and designs. Let us find out which fantastic furniture accent would work best in your bedroom now.

White Nightstand with Drawers

Why not choose the hue of peace and purity-white-if you want a clean and airy feeling in a room? White furniture frequently reflects your preference for minimalism and creates a sense of space. Decide on a white nightstand with drawers to add accents to your bedroom, and let the freshness of white speak for your audacious decision.

white nightstand with drawersSource: Metebronz
Diana White Nightstand with Drawer

Diana Night Stand is a white-colored side table with a creatively designed wooden base in white and a beautiful design carved in golden color. This structure has a top material in MDF with a beautiful finish.


  • Make the room feel more spacious
  • It brings a sense of cleanliness and purity
  • It goes with the classic of home decor

Floating Nightstand with Drawers

floating nightstand with drawersSource: AL2
Floating Nightstand with Drawer

Want to avoid using your limited space for furniture but yet require storage? Why not get a floating nightstand with drawers instead? The floating nightstand gives the room a contemporary and sleek appearance while offering plenty of storage space with its drawers. In addition, it is simple to install on any wall. 


  • It gives a modern and sleek look
  • Do not take the floor space

Black Nightstand with Drawers

While white is classic, black is the new trend, and who doesn’t want to go with the trend? Decorating your room with a black nightstand with drawers will have a beautifully clean, simple, and modern style. In addition, it has become fashionable to use black accent items to add flair to the oh-so-chic settings. These black nightstands will look their finest against a background of white or other neutral colors from the palette.

black nightstand with drawersSource: SM Living Couture
Elie Black Nightstand with Drawers

Elie will perfectly blend with your modern-styled room. This piece exhales gentleness, sensitivity, and class. This chic nightstand is structured in lacquered wood with metal as a base material and has storage functionality.


  • Complements with white color decor
  • It goes with the modern home decor
  • It gives the trendy look

Round Nightstand with Drawers

Bored with the old classic nightstands and want to update the bedroom with something stylish yet relaxed? Then, pick a round nightstand with drawers. This piece of furniture is renowned for occupying the least amount of floor space. If rectangles are not to your taste, go for these round nightstands.

round nightstand with drawersSource: Wood Tailors Club
Round Nightstand with Drawer

Add Churchill to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the room. The brown-colored, round-shaped nightstand in wood will complement the contemporary home decor style. In addition, its three legs give a sense of uniqueness while providing space for storage.


  • Looks chic yet casual
  • Great for contemporary-style home decor
  • It takes at least a floor space

Large Nightstand with Drawers

large nightstand with drawersSource: ITALIANELEMENTS
Large Nightstand with Drawers

You are not a fan of long and lean nightstands, are you? Do not fret! The answer is a large nightstand with drawers, which we have. These are frequently referred to as oversized nightstands because of their wider breadth, which gives a room depth and doubles as storage. Choose a nightstand with three drawers for a discreet appearance or one drawer with a hollow bottom for an attractive appearance.


  • Ideal for wider space
  • Have more storage space as compared to others

Small Nightstand with Drawers

Organizing things in a tiny space can be difficult, especially when many items are involved. Choose a small nightstand with drawers, ideal for a limited space. An additional benefit of this nightstand with drawers is the extra space. Go ahead and elegantly embellish your compact room.

small nightstand with drawersSource: Oliver B
Small Nightstand with Drawer

Rest Night Stand deserves a place alongside your bed to hold your essential belongings. This wooden side table in brown color brightens up the room’s aesthetic. The drawers are made of solid oak wood.


  • Ideal for compact space
  • Easy to place
  • Small-sized with enough storage

Rustic Charm Wooden Nightstand with Drawers

The rustic design, frequently described as organic and weathered, will complement the wooden nightstand with drawers. Wood is the first choice for any furniture because of its timeless traits of being robust and resilient, which would always bring the beauty of nature into the home. In addition, the wooden nightstand with drawers will be simple to keep clean and give your house a rustic appeal.

wooden nightstand with drawersSource: Centro
Wooden Nightstand with Drawer

With the wood base material, walnut colored Anna will blend well with modern decor. In addition, its walnut legs provide the best durability while adding rustic charm to the space.


  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain

Handsome and Tall Nightstand with Drawers

tall nightstand with drawersSource: ALEXNADRA
Tall Nightstand with Drawers

Do you also feel that tall is smarter? Then opt for the tall nightstand with drawers. They provide quite a bit of space in the form of their storage boxes and larger area due to their tallness and bringing elegance to a place. In addition, it is simple to grab stuff from these nightstands’ drawers without squatting down or bending over. 


  • Ideal for modern-style home decor
  • It provides more storage due to more extended height
  • It is easy to grab things

Industrial Metal Nightstand with Drawers

metal nightstandSource: Arkof
Metal Nightstand with Drawer

When you desire an industrial appearance in your home, a metal nightstand with drawers is the perfect addition. A metal nightstand with drawers is a terrific way to bring glimmering flair to the space, thanks to its various color finishes. They are simple to set up and transport, but the tops, adorned with lamps and objects, add to the majesty of the location.


  • Ideal for industry-style decor
  • Easy to move
  • It comes in different colors

Wide Nightstand with Drawers 

Drawers make more sense when they can accommodate large goods, and a wide nightstand with drawers meets this need. They are regarded as excellent for large rooms because of their wide breadth, which allows them to carry more stuff than any other nightstand. 

wide nightstand with drawersSource: Boca Do Lobo
Guggenheim Wide Nightstand with Drawer

If you want to add depth to your big room, buy Guggenheim, a perfect black-colored wide nightstand with two drawers, one wide drawer, and another secret drawer with a beautiful pattern that perfectly complements the black background in an exquisite lacquered, varnish, and glossy finish. The wide drawers in this nightstand will serve the purpose of excess storage while enhancing the room’s splendor.


  • Ideal for contemporary style home decor
  • It comes with a secret drawer
  • Great to put the oversized items


For the most part, a nightstand with drawers serves the purpose of styling a room and giving the extra needed space to keep the essential holdings intact. Want a rustic charm in your home to have an organic feel, then why not choose the durable, strong, and easy-to-maintain wooden nightstand with drawers? If space is your concern, select the small nightstand with drawers, as they are ideal for a compact space and provide enough space for storage. If you miss the monochromatic era, choose the white and black colored nightstand with drawers. No matter your style, we have everything in your imagination covered at Arcedior. Whatever you choose, make the best of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should nightstands have drawers?

Yes, nightstands should have drawers because they provide extra space for storing everyday used belongings such as books, keys, spectacles, wallets, and much more. In addition, these drawers are easy to access whenever you run out of time and need help finding where to search for your particular items in a room. 

What are nightstand drawers used for?

Nightstand drawers are used for storage. These drawers help us hold the items we need to catch daily. It can store things like a tv remote, car and home keys, your favorite books, earplugs, etc. The nightstands with drawers have an extra advantage over the others that mainly stand as a showpiece because they have attached storage boxes.

What are the benefits of having a nightstand with drawers in my bedroom?

The benefits of having a nightstand with drawers in a bedroom are:
Declutter your place: The bedroom is cluttered almost every day with the things we need daily, and the drawers in a nightstand help keep these tiny things decluttered.
Adds charm to the room: The nightstand is a unique and stylish piece of furniture, so placing it in the bedroom will surely enhance its grandeur. In addition, it is a great idea to adorn the top of the nightstand with drawers by putting plants, accolades, or any artifacts.
Provides ample storage: The nightstand with drawers has enough space to store things and help clean your messed-up rooms.

What are the different types of nightstands with drawers available?

The different types of nightstands with drawers that are available are: 
Floating nightstand with drawers: These nightstands are stylish and hung quickly on the wall while providing storage in their drawers.
Round nightstand with drawers: These nightstands are made to take up the least space while adding flair to a room and are also easy to maintain.
Wooden nightstand with drawers: These nightstands are made of the most durable and robust wood material and add a rustic charm to the room in which it is placed.

Are wooden nightstands with drawers durable and long-lasting?

Yes, the wooden nightstands with drawers are durable and long-lasting. Wood is the finest and most timeless material used in furniture making due to its natural strength and stability. In addition, the nightstands with drawers made of wood add an organic look to the room and don’t harm nature because they are eco-friendly.

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