Trendy Bedroom Wardrobe Materials: What’s Hot in 2023

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We love our home sweet home, big or tiny, roomy or modest. Our favorite activity is constantly decorating our homes. Adding stylish wardrobes is one such way of expressing your love for your cozy bedrooms in the house. Yes, bedroom closets are fantastic furnishings to display your sense of style.

We know that choosing the ideal material for your wardrobe requires some thought because it must be an outstanding investment in durability. Here at Arcedior, we have made the process of selecting the apt material simple by providing the details of trendy bedroom wardrobe materials crisply and concisely. Let us get going.

Sustainable Wooden Wardrobe

Invest in a wooden wardrobe if you have been seeking a wardrobe that will last for a long time. Not only is this the most environmentally friendly bedroom wardrobe, but it also needs extremely minimal upkeep. It only needs to be dusted occasionally to stay in good condition. These are timeless classics when it comes to bedroom furniture. They are the perfect furniture for the bedroom because of their robustness and longevity. 

wooden wardrobe in bedroomSource: Maronese ACF
Step Mid Wooden Wardrobe

Adorn your contemporary home decor with an all-one wooden wardrobe with lacquered and matte finish Step Mid, which provides a variety of storage in an aesthetically pleasing way. The storage here is supplied in various cupboards; clothes lift cabinets, and the arrangement for trousers and ties.


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly

Durable Steel Wardrobe

Steel wardrobe in blue, white and redSource: Jin Feng
Steel Wardrobe

Get a steel wardrobe if you are sick of your room’s wooden wardrobe and want something that requires more straightforward maintenance yet offers helpful storage. You won’t experience the rot and decay issue that a wooden cabinet does with this bedroom wardrobe. 

It can withstand all challenging conditions and is more resistant to moisture and weathering. This wardrobe is made of steel and has a streamlined design that makes it simple to fit into a bedroom. It also requires the least amount of maintenance. 


  • It is tough
  • Long-lasting
  • Inexpensive

Lightweight Plastic Wardrobe

Looking for a lightweight wardrobe that fits into your compact arena with ease? The plastic wardrobe is the solution. Therefore your search is finished. This bedroom wardrobe is a reasonably priced alternative and is relatively lightweight. 

They are an excellent choice for your space because they are water-resistant. It will be ideal if you place it out of the direct sun, as sunshine can cause the plastic to de-mold. To keep it pristine, you only need a wipe-off from a moist towel.


  • Light in weight
  • Inexpensive
  • Water resistant 

Modern Glass Wardrobe

How would you feel if the wardrobe in your bedroom both added to its charm and fulfilled its storage function? You will indeed experience ecstasy. Yes, the glass wardrobe is the topic at hand. These sophisticated pieces of furniture have gone above and beyond to impress everyone with their great elegance. 

The undeniable advantages of this bedroom wardrobe are that it gives the impression of more significant space and an airier, lighter feel.

Modern glass wardrobeSource: Olivieri
Modern Glass Wardrobe

Give your bedroom a stylish look with Glass Battente, which has an elegant lacquered and matte finish. Its ample enough glass cabinets give a clear view of the clothes and essentials inside and complement contemporary home decor.


  • Enhances visual appearance
  • Gives a spacious look
  • Adds elegance to the room

Toughened Metal Wardrobe

Metal wardrobeSource: altreforme
Black and White Metal Wardrobe

Your area will undoubtedly have an industrial feel thanks to the metal wardrobe. They are a fantastic alternative if you want something robust and scratch resistant. It is hardened and does not chip with normal wear and tear because it is non-natural. 

Furthermore, its maintenance and cleanliness are not a cause for concern. Just a swish of cloth will make it anew. In contrast to plastic, this bedroom wardrobe is simple to place close to windows with plenty of light. This wardrobe’s paint finish will protect it from sunshine and keep it from rusting.


  • Durable
  • Scratch resistant

Elegant Leather and Fabric Wardrobe

Are you looking for a portable wardrobe while offering a storage facility? With a leather and fabric wardrobe, here you go. The cloth is an excellent choice for the bedroom wardrobe because it is lightweight and straightforward.

 It would be ideal for storing out-of-season clothing in this bedroom wardrobe and maintaining a clutter-free environment. The room’s leather wardrobe is a classy compliment to any home’s interior design.

Black leather modular wardrobeSource: Luxxu
Waltz Black Leather Wardrobe

Enhance the allure of your bedroom with the enchanting, black-colored Waltz Wardrobe, which goes well with the luxury style. It has various cabinets and several chest drawers to provide enough storage and gives your space a ravishing look. 


  • Light weight
  • Portable 
  • Ideal for compact places

Express With Less: Minimalist Wardrobe

minimal wardrobeSource: Pacini Cappellini
Minimal Wardrobe

Let your uncluttered style be expressed through the minimalist wardrobes if you wish to express yourself with less. The focus of this bedroom wardrobe is simplicity. Saying it entails keeping only what is necessary inside and usually discarding off all the shoes and clothing that are not essential. 

With this look, you may personalize your wardrobe and declutter your space. Additionally, since minimalism is about expressing yourself less, keeping things tidy is vital. 


  • It keeps the room decluttered
  • It is ideal for minimalist home-style decor

Smart Wardrobe With LED Lights

Glass wardrobe with led lights
Glass Wardrobe with LED Lights

Going to a party tonight, but the dim lighting in your room makes it difficult to spot your specific dress in the wardrobe? So why not get stylish furniture with plenty of storage that fits your needs? Then, select a modern, smart wardrobe with LED lighting. 

Thanks to the LED lights embedded inside the bedroom closet, you can get a view of all your clothes, from pastel tones to brilliant hues, making it simpler to select your specific outfit. 


  • A clear view of the things inside
  • Ample storage
  • Ideal for rooms with dull lighting


Finally, we can state that the wardrobe serves as an elegant and visually pleasing addition to the bedroom while offering enough storage for clothing and shoes. The wooden wardrobe will complement your appreciation for the environment. The steel and metal wardrobe fully satisfies the need for a low-cost, robust, and durable material. The glass wardrobe enhances the visual appeal while making your bedroom more spacious. We did our best to give you the essential details about wardrobe materials. Now it is your chance to showcase your style with the bedroom wardrobes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used for wardrobe design?

The materials used for wardrobe design are:
Wood- It is a timeless choice for wardrobes due to its strength and durability.
Glass- It provides more space in the bedroom while increasing its visual appearance.
Metal- The bedroom wardrobe made of metal requires the very least maintenance, and it also withstands extreme weather conditions. It does not become the victim of rot and decay.

Are glass wardrobes sturdy and safe?

Yes, glass wardrobes are sturdy and safe if handled with care. This bedroom wardrobe comes in a lacquered glass finish, which is often durable and easy to clean. This bedroom wardrobe accentuates the beauty of the bedroom while giving an illusion of extra space in that particular place. The wardrobe in glass makes it look more light and airy, giving a sense of the spacious room.

What wood is best for wardrobe?

MDF is best for a wardrobe. Also known as medium-density fiberboard, it is an engineered wood obtained by breaking the softwood and hardwood composites. Their smoothness is an advantage, making it easy to paint them. You can also have other decorative items made of this particular wood, as its smooth edges are easy to cut and convert into any shape.

Is steel wardrobe better than wood?

Yes, a steel wardrobe is better than a wood. It is so because steel is a non-natural material and does not become the victim of rot and decay. It can also be placed in areas with sunlight, and keeping them clean with a swish of cloth is easy. The durability and strength of this bedroom wardrobe are remarkable, making it an ideal choice to place in the bedrooms.

Which glass is best for wardrobe doors?

Lacquered glass is the best for wardrobe doors. It has an opaque appearance which makes it great to use in the doors of the bedroom wardrobe. It is made by back painting one float glass surface with a solid lacquer coating. It is quite durable, due to which it is preferred in making wardrobes. It can withstand high temperatures and moisture, especially in hot and humid areas. It is also easy to keep it clean with just a wipe-off cloth.

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