7 Creative Small Nightstand Ideas for Small Bedrooms

pink 3 drawer small nightstand

Have a little space and a lot of things to store? Need help organizing your small room but still want to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing? Sounds like you? Then we understood your issue. Even while compact spaces are possible, they cannot restrict our ingenuity.

Undoubtedly, we can creatively manage our vital possessions in even a tiny place. However, the small nightstands are here for our rescue. We all know how annoying it can be to get out of bed to gather our essentials, and we have got nightstands. We at Arcedior have compiled a list of seven modest nightstand ideas to help you stay organized and embellish your room.

Make it Float: Floating Nightstand

Want your room to have a contemporary, trendy look? The floating nightstand is your next target. If you want to utilize only a single square foot of your floor to position a nightstand, you need this small nightstand. These are adaptable enough to be mounted at any height, making it effortless to personalize your room.

A minimalist can always choose a sleek and stylish floating nightstand without a drawer to exhibit the goods while still giving the room a rich and classic appearance. However, if you want to decorate your space while having storage, a floating nightstand with a shelf should be your pick.

floating nightstandSource: Woodendot
7 Creative Small Nightstand Ideas for Small Bedrooms 9

Choose this versatile Alba floating nightstand to install on your walls for a sleek and stylish look in your room. It is made of plywood with lacquered and matt finish, which gives your room an exclusive appearance while evoking a modern vibe in your bedroom. A hidden hole in the base allows us to feed the cable to charge our gadgets.


  • Looks excellent to hang on walls
  • Saves the floor space
  • It gives a modern look to the room

Storage Savvy: End Table with Storage

Are you concerned about the mess in your bedroom but unsure how to handle it? Use the end table with storage to your advantage, then. These compact nightstands include clever storage solutions to increase your bedroom’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

In addition, these small nightstands are excellent multifunctional furniture that will practically anchor your room because they have convenient storage. Your life will be easier if you use these small nightstands to organize a little of your daily life. They have several alternatives, such as net basket storage or flat, connected, curved storage.

Round end table as nightstand with storageSource: Wood Tailors Club
Churchill Round End Table with Drawer

For your essential belongings, go for the brown-colored Churchill, which has a unique circular shape to embellish the space in the room while providing storage with two drawers and complementing the contemporary home-style decor.


  • Helpful in organizing a room
  • Offers enough storage to put the things
  • Multifunctional furniture

Sleek and Chic: Narrow Side Table

A narrow side table is ideal if you use a small space beside your bed for a side table but need more room. The photo frames, books, and little table lamps can all be placed on these charming little side tables. 

In addition, a tall flower vase placed on these tables can enhance the elegance of your bedroom. You can also choose these side tables with a drawer if you wish to keep some items close at hand. Finally, a spiral-shaped base with a flat top can do the trick to add an artistic touch to your home.

Narrow side table with storageSource: Carpanelli
Iride Narrow Side Table with Storage

Get an Iride bedside table alongside your bed and place your mobile phones and spectacles to keep them at hand. Made with a wooden base and glass, this uniquely shaped side table will occupy the least space while complementing contemporary home-style decor.


  • Ideal for a compact place
  • Useful to display small possessions
  • Easy to maintain

Small Bedside Table with Big Style

We constantly search for a small bedside table in our little spaces. These compact nightstands keep items close at hand and blend in well with the interior design. These little bedside tables provide a fresh design that will please your eyes and emphasize functionality while promoting clever storage. In addition, little nightstands in an arched bedroom will add structural interest to a mid-century home-style decor if you like a more natural appearance.

Zen small bedside table in glassSource: Tonelli design
Zen Small Bedside Table

Go for the Zen with a uniquely shaped nightstand in clear color made with glass material. This piece will surely enhance the room’s allure while giving it a modern look.


  • These are versatile
  • These are simple to place
  • Use the space wisely

Three’s is a Charm: 3 Drawer Nightstand

How convenient would it be to have a storage unit just next to your bed or favorite chair to access your daily necessities quickly? You will feel comfortable. Right? A small nightstand with three drawers will give any style of room decor visual appeal while offering the most storage possible and maintaining a minimalist look.

Even after decades, these nightstands maintain their charm compared to their contemporaries. The top drawer should hold the items used most, and the bottom drawer should have the products used the least. The most popular nightstands are three-drawer wooden nightstands.

wooden 3 drawer nightstandSource: Tarba
White Colored 3 Drawer Nightstand

The white and golden-colored Art 8024 PA is an excellent addition to your furniture. It has three drawers for ample storage and will suit traditional and classical home-style decor. The intricate designs on four corners complement the wooden background with a lacquered and glossy finish.


  • It has three drawers for storage
  • Ideal for any home decor
  • It is easy to access the items from it

Bookworm’s Delight: Bedside Bookshelves 

We already know what a bookworm’s constant issue is. It’s a pleasant, small area where a reader may put his books. For a book lover, his books are similar to his children, whom he always wants to keep close by and safe. Bedside bookshelves are what need to be considered in this case.

This bookshelf is the perfect option for reading a book every night because you can keep your books nearby and get them from the same shelf the following night. In addition, these bookcases offer a sense of organization, and you can make them more attractive by placing flower vases and picture frames on top of them.

Round Bedside bookshelvesSource: Caoscreo
Mister T Metal Small Bedside Bookshelf

Put your books on Mister T in gorgeous red color to complement contemporary home-style decor. Without drawers, it will give a great display of all the books stacked together, making it easier to catch the required one.


  • Storage is good enough to keep several books
  • Great for stacking the books
  • Books are easily accessible

Trunk-Tastic Nightstand: Storage Trunk 

Storage trunks are a classic choice when looking for the most incredible options for a practical alternative among other storage possibilities. They have long drawn attention for their durability and versatility. You can store your important papers, relics, or other essential items here.

They have been in the market for a long time, but their designs have significantly transformed. Constructed initially entirely of iron, they are now designer metal trunks that come in different shapes like that, round and rectangular. Their most significant advantage is portability, which makes upkeep and transportation more accessible.

storage trunk as nightstandSource: Circu
Circu’s Storage Trunk as a Nightstand

Copper works well as a storage trunk kept beside your beds. It is available in three colours and has a glossy and lacquered finish. It has enough space to accommodate the belongings with a drawer at the bottom.


  • These are highly durable
  • These are versatile
  • These are portable


In conclusion, the size of our living spaces does not restrict our ability to decorate our homes creatively. The nightstands are the perfect piece of furniture since they serve as functional and decorative anchors for a room. A narrow side table will work wonders in your compact space, or you might also go for a small side table. On the other hand, the three-drawer nightstand will give you a great space to hold your possessions if you like more storage. Finally, the sleek floating nightstands will reveal the room’s hidden grace if you desire a contemporary and sophisticated style for your house.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How can I make my small nightstand more functional?

You can make your small nightstands more functional by adding drawers to them. The drawers on a side table give you the flexibility of having an added space at your hand where you can place all your essential belongings like books, spectacles, mobile phones, chargers, wallets, etc. In addition, these will give your room a more aesthetic touch.

Can I use a floating shelf as a nightstand?

Yes, you can use a floating shelf as a nightstand. The floating nightstands do not occupy any floor space and easily attach to the wall. These small nightstands are ideal for compact rooms and add flair to make them more attractive. You can place plants and antique pieces on the floating shelf to embellish the floating shelf.

Can I use a regular-sized nightstand in a small bedroom?

No, you can’t use a regular-sized nightstand in a small bedroom. Instead, using the specially designed bedroom nightstands for small spaces would be best. Although they are small in size, they serve essential purposes like that of a regular-sized nightstand. These small nightstands have some specialization, like a storage space provided by drawers and narrow bedside tables for a more compact space.

What could be used as a small nightstand?

A small table and dresser can be used as a nightstand. A small table with a leveled and flat top is an ideal choice in place of small nightstands. You can put the books, artifacts, wallet, and plant on top. A dresser serving as a storage for cosmetic products can also act as a storage for placing the often used items, making it easier for you to catch up on the essential things quickly.

Can I use a bookshelf as a nightstand?

Yes, you can use a bookshelf as a small nightstand. A bookshelf is excellent for bookworms who like to read before falling asleep at night. It is easy to retrieve the book the next night from the bookshelf nightstand. Also, placing the flower vase, bonsai trees, or your accolades on these small nightstands would be a great idea.

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