Go Green: Best 6 Sustainable Nightstand Ideas for Your Bedroom

Sustainable nightstand ideas

How long have you considered switching to sustainable household goods materials? One week, one month, or one year? We frequently read blogs and listen to podcasts about turning green, but do we put it into practice? Perhaps not. Sometimes we become so consumed with avoiding poisonous materials that we carefully begin to consider the repercussions. Yet, the very next moment, we find chemicalized materials in the shape of furniture or even some ornamental items.

As they say, “Charity begins at home,” and so should our efforts to live sustainably. Place furniture made of sustainable materials in your home, such as a nightstand, to start. You might find deciding from such an extensive list challenging—nothing to worry about. Join us on this simple, straightforward instruction as we present you with the most amazing nightstand ideas and assist you in selecting the appropriate sustainable material for the chic nightstand.

Wood Nightstand

Take a look around you. What kind of furniture is the most prevalent? Is that wood? Very likely, yes. The most environmentally friendly and perennial material for furniture is wood. If you want to avoid experimenting with other nightstand ideas and materials to find the best one for your area, go with the tried and tested wood nightstand

Wood is a naturally occurring substance that we obtain as tree bark. It has distinguished itself among its contemporaries as a versatile material due to its excellent capability to be carved in various shapes and styles, from teak wood to walnut wood finish.

wood nighstandSource: Oliver B
Letto Wood Nighstand

Letto is a solid wild oak wood bedside table that goes well with the contemporary style making the space appear more wonderful. It is a simple and compact bedside table that has four black-colored legs. 


  • Dimensions: L – 50 cm x W – 40 cm x H – 31 cm
  • It has an ample space for storage.
  • It is durable.

Metal Nightstand 

Why not get a metal nightstand if you want a nightstand that is fashionable and easy to maintain? A metal nightstand is a fantastic option to improve your tiny bedroom’s appearance or embellish your massive bedroom with attractive furniture. This material is resistant to daily wear and tear and sturdy and long-lasting. 

Choose these nightstands if you want to save money in the long term by not replacing the nightstands every so often because these can withstand extensive use, are durable, and are more stable than other materials.

metal nighstandSource: Barel
Prince Metal Nightstand

Spruce up your place with the round, square-shaped combo Prince if you are bored with the traditional single-shaped nightstands. It is made of iron, wood, and metal. Its silver leaf finish gives it an attractive look while taking very little off-the-floor space.


  • Dimensions: L – 40 cm x W – 40 cm x H – 56 cm
  • It has two platforms to keep items.
  • It is sturdy.

Acrylic Nightstand

Acrylic is a fantastic material that combines the strength of steel with a glass-like appearance. When choosing among several nightstand ideas, acrylic is now the preferred material. Nightstand purchasers love it since it is well known for its excellent features, including non-toxic and UV resistance. 

The acrylic nightstand will charm your space while transforming dull interiors into something exciting. Because these nightstands frequently resemble glass but are more robust, they are a great option to add the charm of glass nightstands. These nightstand ideas will add elegance to the space while being sturdy.

Acrylic nightstandSource: Circu
Cloud Acrylic Nightstand

Bring Cloud acrylic nightstand in your bedroom that will charm your space while transforming dull interiors into something exciting. It adds elegance to the space while being sturdy. It has one drawer, which provides extra storage to place your belongings.


  • Dimensions: Dia. – 40 cm x H – 40 cm
  • It has a single drawer.
  • It features decorative suitcase.

Glass Nightstand

The glass nightstand is unquestionably the pinnacle of beauty in a space. Yes! We adore having glass materials around us since they can be made into any shape or style and have vibrant colors. In addition, these nightstands are both fashionable and practical, providing us with enough room to store our possessions on or inside them. 

The nightstand idea of including a glass nightstand give the room a more upscale appearance while providing a clear view of the inside contents. These are simple to set up and maintain. These nightstands add a fashionable touch to the space while reflecting surfaces in addition to their exceptional aesthetic appeal.  

Grattacielo glass nightstandSource: Tonelli Design
Grattacielo Glass Nightstand

The Grattacielo glass nightstand gives the room a more upscale appearance while providing a clear view of the inside contents. It is simple to set up and maintain. It gives the area a stylish touch, while the reflective surfaces offer remarkable aesthetic appeal. It has four wheels, making it easier to move from one place to another.


  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is attached with 4 casters. 
  • It has one drawer and open space too.

Marble Nightstand

Marble is a material that has been used for home furnishings for a very long time. Marble is a limestone mined from the earth and comes in various hues, including white, yellow, black, and gray. Choose the marble nightstand if you enjoy creativity and want to add artistic flair to your bedroom. 

This material is an attractive choice for home furnishings since it has the smoothest surface. Due to its durability and effectiveness, it may be carved into various shapes. However, if you are worried about how to clean it and how much upkeep it will require, you shouldn’t be because it only needs a quick wipe with a moist cloth.

Marble NightstandSource: Colunex
Twist Marble Nightstand

Twist is attractive for home furnishings since it has the smoothest surface. A twisted shape and mix of materials make it an elegant piece of furniture in the bedroom. It is versatile and can complement modern and contemporary home decor.


  • Dimensions: L – 48 cm x W – 48 cm x H – 53 cm
  • It is an upholstered nightstand.
  • It can support big items.

Rattan Nightstand 

Add the rattan nightstand to your room if you want your room to appear like the mid-century modern era. It is a kind of climbing vine palm harvested, dried in the sun, and used to make furniture, including nightstands. As the most flexible material, rattan nightstands have distinctive and artistic shapes, making them highly versatile. In addition, since rattan is waterproof, placing the water glass on it is simple without worrying that it will spill and cause the nightstand to become damp.

rattan nighstandSource: Artisan Furniture
Wall Mounted Rattan Nighstand

Choose the Wall Mounted Ratten Bedside if you prefer minimalism. It is a wall-mounted rattan nightstand which is made up of mango wood and complements the contemporary style home decor. It comes with storage to help you manage the clutter in the room.


  • Dimensions: W – 45 cm x D – 32 cm x H – 15 cm
  • It is a wall mounted floating nightstand.
  • It has a single drawer.


Here, we have covered some of the most practical nightstand ideas to go green with. You must have figured out the type of material you wanted for your bedroom by this point. We can assist you in getting a more precise understanding if you still need clarification. The marble nightstand with the smoothest surface is the best choice if you want a sturdy and straightforward clean material. 

The oldest and the most robust material for a nightstand is wood, so if you want to go with something tried and true, go with that. A glass nightstand is ideal for adorning the side spaces of your beds because it has the most beautiful shapes and designs. Go green by purchasing the top sustainable nightstands here at Arcedior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are sustainable nightstand materials?

The sustainable nightstand ideas include:
Rattan- This is the most flexible material, giving various nightstand styles. 
Wood- This is the most common choice in nightstand ideas and most durable.
Glass- This is the most fashionable and practical option for nightstands. However, it must be handled carefully.
Marble- This is the limestone mined from the earth and has the smoothest surface. A marble nightstand in your home is an excellent choice because it is easy to clean.

Why should I choose a sustainable nightstand?

You should choose a sustainable nightstand because it is durable and does not harm the environment. In addition, the nightstand ideas about being sustainable are much more affordable than those made from artificial elements and help prevent deforestation. Finally, sustainable nightstands are a significant investment because they are much more durable than nightstands made by artificial factors and do not require frequent changing.

What is the best material for a bedside table?

The best material for a bedside table is wood. Wood has been used for a long time and is the most popular choice when considering any furniture item. Due to its natural strength and durability, it is considered ideal to use nightstands made of wood, among other nightstand ideas. Also, different finishes are available in wood, like oak wood, teak wood, and walnut finish wood.

Why do people put mirrors behind nightstands?

People put mirrors around the bedroom because they give a reflective view of the nightstands making the room appear more beautiful. These mirrors also help increase a room’s lighting and make it appear more spacious. Also, be careful while putting the mirrors in your room. Never overwhelm the space with many mirrors; otherwise, the room will lose its beauty.

Are mirrored nightstands out of style?

No, the mirrored nightstands are still in the race, not out of style. Placing the mirrors behind the nightstands will make the room more spacious by giving a reflective view of items. In addition, the mirrors behind the nightstands increase the light in the room by reflecting it and eventually make the room appear more wonderful.

Can sustainable nightstands be affordable and budget-friendly?

Yes, sustainable nightstands are affordable and budget-friendly. The environmentally friendly nightstands are a one-time investment because they do not require frequent replacement and repair. They are solid and durable. In addition to that, most of the time, it is easy to clean and maintain them. They also do not harm the environment, so they deserve to be placed in the room.

image sources

  • Letto: Oliver B
  • Prince-20: Barel
  • Cloud: Circu
  • Grattacielo: Tonelli Design
  • Twist: Colunex
  • Wall-Mounted-Ratten-Bedside: Artisan Furniture
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