8 Innovative Floating Nightstand Designs You Haven’t Seen Before

floating nightstand

What you haven’t seen before is written in this blog. Floating nightstands are the game changers in the world of nightstands and blend well into any interior decor. These nightstands are just a piece of furniture that has no legs and hangs on a wall. These are space savers and look attractive wherever you set them up.

This blog might be the eye opener for you and bring your inquisitive mind to peace, as nightstands come in various materials, colors, and finishes. But what sets them apart from the other nightstands is providing an area for creativity and innovation.

We bet you don’t know much about floating nightstands! We do. At Arcedior, you will have many options to explore. We have a chic collection of bonny nightstands that you surely don’t wanna miss. 

Floating Nightstand with Drawer

Bored of shelves? Bring drawers, then. First, a floating nightstand saves floor space. Drawers! Well, drawers keep the items out of sight. The 2 in 1 floating nightstand with drawer must be added to your area. 

nightstand with drawersSource: AL2
Nightstand with Drawer

Bring Vintme to your space, and beautify your wall with this minimalist piece of furniture. It is made of pure mango wood in a contemporary style. It is ideal for keeping items that you want to have nearby before going to bed. Its clean and sleek design is easy to hang on the wall without any fuss with the legs.


  1. Provides ample storage space.
  2. Hides the items from sight.

Black Floating Nightstand

Black Nightstand Source: Siwa Soft Style Home
Black Nightstand

Black is not a color anymore. It is a symbol of class, luxury, and personality. It has its flair, evokes strong emotions, and connects easily with the decor items. You have many options in black such as jet, raisin black, eerie black, smoky black, and rich black.

The appearance of the nightstand is also affected by different finishes, such as wood, lacquer, or glossy. Some contemporary styles include shelves, inclined nightstands, or without drawers.


  1. Does not look dirty easily
  2. Complements modern, Hollywood glam interior decor

DIY Floating Nightstand

DIY, i.e., Do It Yourself. It is a way to customize your nightstand and give it a personal touch. For example, on nightstands, you may add drawers, shelves, mirrors, or decorative motifs. 

You can utilize any material, including glass, metal, engineered wood, and wood, and use your skills to handcraft a DIY nightstand. For example, you can use metallic scrap sheets, reuse wooden furniture, or remold the hardboards with a pinch of creativity. Voila! Your personalized DIY floating nightstand is beside your bed.


  1. Waste gets utilized in the best manner
  2. Customized

Floating Nightstand with Light

Floating Nightstand with LightSource: Gual
Nightstand with Light

Prove a Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh right when he felt that night is more alive and richly colored than the day by installing a floating nightstand with light. You may have any color of light, warm, cold, or colored light. You can achieve this with lamps, LED lights, or LED strips.

Light adds texture and provides extra illumination to the space. In emergencies, it is crucial to have a light source within arm’s reach. When you’re tired of placing your stuff in an appropriate place at nighttime, a nightstand with light becomes your friend.


  1. Provide illumination at night time or during emergencies.
  2. Easy-to-find items on nightstands.

White Floating Nightstand

White symbolizes cleanliness, new beginnings, purity, and perfection. Likewise, the sleek white floating nightstand can accentuate your space and make it appear larger. White is not only a color anymore; it purifies and simplifies emotions while entering the room. Amazing right !?

White is the color of Minimalist decor, and thus white nightstands will complement types of this decor, such as Muji, Eco Minimalist, or Bauhas Minimalist.

White NightstandSource: Tonelli Design
White Nightstand

For a unique design, bring Do Mo into your bedroom. The wooden nightstand is framed with glass, radiating beauty and sophistication all over the room. 


  1. It can make the room appear bigger.
  2. Blends in any interior decor, especially Minimalist decor.

Modern Floating Nightstand with Charging Station

Nightstand with Charging StationSource: Laskasas
Modern Nightstand with Charging Station

Smart features? Elegant style? Aesthetic pleasing? Unique finishes? And that, too, all in one floating nightstand? Yes, because modern nightstands are functional, versatile, and equipped with all these features. 

A charging station is a smart feature in modern nightstands. Glass is a trendy material that radiates transparency and cleanliness into the decor. Consider adding space for planters to bring a living piece into the bedroom. 


  1. Complements with modern interior decor
  2. Smart nightstand due to the advancement of technology in our daily life

Beds With Floating Nightstands

Beds With NightstandsSource: ESTEL GROUP
Bed With Nightstands

Why buy separate floating nightstands when you can add one to the bed? It can be customized as per the requirements, can be used as per convenience, and can be kept at reachable length. 

The headboard can be decorated with floating nightstands. You can place one on each side of the bed to bring symmetry. However, you may install an elongated nightstand on one side of the bed or at the diagonal of the bed’s edge. 


  1. Space utilized
  2. Easy to use and clean


We’ve discussed some innovative, DIY, and unique floating nightstand designs that never go out of style. We’ve elaborated everything from black to white color, from drawer to shelved nightstands, adding light to mirrors in the door of the nightstands. 

Choose your floating nightstand that matches your interior decor. White and wood are for minimalist decor, whereas lights and mirrors in boho decor work well. To make your selection easier, choose from, Arcedior, where you will get premium floating nightstands, which are purely handmade and can be customized as requested.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a floating nightstand?

The nightstand without legs hanging on the wall is called a floating nightstand. These nightstands are great space savers and allow extra floor room for creative use. The floating nightstands are usually installed in a pair to achieve symmetry. In addition, you can add lights on nightstands to get better visibility during nighttime. 

Are floating nightstands worth it?

Yes, floating nightstands look classy in a room and save space on the floor. You can install nightstands in the living area, bedroom, or dining room, as they can be multipurpose. They can be mounted above or next to the headboard of the bed. To achieve symmetry, you can have one or two nightstands. It frees the floor space, and you can be creative about it.

How high should floating nightstands be?

Floating nightstands should be placed at the level or slightly above the bed. It can be 2-4 inches above the bed. It is easier to reach for the goods when the nightstand and bed are the same height. The nightstand that is positioned just above the bed is likewise at ease.

Can I use a floating nightstand in a small bedroom?

Yes, you can use a floating nightstand in a small bedroom. Small bedrooms don’t have enough room for a nightstand; therefore, the only place to put a storage area is against the wall. You can install a nightstand with a drawer or without drawers. The wooden finish looks classic, whereas the neutral finish will make your small bedroom look bigger.

What are the benefits of using a floating nightstand in a small bedroom?

Due to limited floor space, floating nightstands are an option for small bedrooms. They free up the floor space and beautify the walls. Wood is a popular material for nightstands. They need to be lightweight, sturdy, and durable. They are made with or without drawers.


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