8 Creative Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Bring Style to Your Room

Bedroom wall decor

A bedroom is arguably the most important part of your home. It is the space where you spend a fair bit of your time relaxing and getting ready for the day. This makes decorating the bedroom an equally crucial detail. You can opt for bright colors and vivid patterns of a more subtle aesthetic. Whatever you choose will play an essential role in your decor. 

An intricate aspect of decorating your bedroom is wall decor. Beautiful walls that reflect who you are make for a great aesthetic. You can go for elegant and sophisticated wall paneling. You could also opt for art pieces that speak to your creative side. Today, we at Arcedior have dissected the multiple options of bedroom wall decor available so you can decide what’s best for you. Enjoy! 

Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame Wall HangingSource: Dooq
Souk Mirror Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hangings have long since been a popular decor item, and for good reason. They feature beautiful, detailed designs that elevate a space in an instant. At the same time, their subtle colors help keep them classy and chic. This balance of detailed yet minimalistic makes macrame hangings ideal for both modern and traditional homes. These decor pieces are also an exquisite choice for more niche decor themes like boho and rustic. 

Wall Stickers For Bedroom

Wall stickers are perfect as a bedroom wall decor item if you like switching up the decor often. These pieces give you the freedom to redecorate your space frequently. The easy-to-use manner of wall stickers also makes them ideal for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with decor.  Bedroom wall stickers create a playful and fun atmosphere. Romantic phrases, motivational quotes, quirky and funny lines, and flora and fauna are some of the subjects for wall stickers decor.

bedroom wall stickersSource: Umbra
Confetti Dots Wall Stickers for Bedroom

The Confetti Dots wall stickers are an exceptional option for your home. The set comprises multiple colorful metal stickers that will liven up the space in no time. Additionally, the metal of the pieces ensures that they are very durable and will last you a lifetime. 


  • These are removable and repositionable. 

Wall Sculpture Art

Wall sculpture art is what you should opt for if you want your room to feel cultured and sophisticated. Sculpture art has always been considered lavish, and an addition like this can make your bedroom feel royal. Additionally, this kind of art can help you express yourself creatively in every aspect of your bedroom wall decor. Darner Wall Décor, Wall of Squared Sanguine, Laura Pinwheel Golden Mirror, and Purity Mother & Child Wall Plate are wall sculpture decor for your bedroom. These are perfect gifting options for your loved ones during festive seasons, housewarming, weddings, or anniversaries.

lotus leaf wall sculpture artSource: Home Artisan
Lotus Leaf Wall Sculpture Decor

The Lotus Leaf set by Home Artisan is one of the most luxurious designs out there. The set features four beautiful golden Lotus leaves with fine details. 


  • It features intricate veins of the leaf as a design.  

Wall Murals For Bedroom

Wall murals are another elite way of decorating your bedroom. They mirror a lot of the qualities of wall sculpture without taking up the same amount of space. Fresco, mosaics, and marouflage are the types of bedroom wall murals.

Faz Bedroom Wall Murals

The FAZ is the perfect example of the beauty of wall murals for bedroom. The piece features a gorgeously detailed mask. The mask is made of black fiberglass and embellished with mosaic broken black glass.


  • The broken glasses give a glittery appearance to the mural.

Unique Bedroom Wall Art 

Another way for you to spice up your personal space is with some unique wall art for bedroom. You can choose an abstract piece of great artistic beauty to enhance your space.

bedroom wall artSource: Design Gaatha
Ajrakh Printed Bedroom Wall Art

The Moroccan Ajrakh is one of the most distinctive pieces of wall art for bedroom. It is a handmade product that features a visually appealing geometrical design that is perfect as a bedroom wall decor.


  • It features a traditional Ajrakh print on a silk cloth.

Decorative Wall Plates 

Intricately decorated plates have always been valued as collectibles due to their aesthetic appeal. Eventually, these plates found their way into wall decor and have been hailed as game changers ever since. 

Decorative wall platesSource: Logam
Decorative Wall Plates

Aileen perfectly showcases the beauty and grace of wall plates. The gold color brightens up the dull and boring bedroom and will surely bring a focal point to the room. It is a perfect piece to gift your loved ones. 


  • The Beautiful gold color is pleasing to the eyes. 

Best Wall Painting For Bedroom

Wall paintings are another way to express your artistic side in your decor. A stylish wall painting can immediately set a tone of class and elegance for your bedroom. A bedroom wall painting can either complement or contrast with your existing décor.

wall painting for bedroomSource: Schuller
Bedroom Wall Painting

The Umbrellas wall painting is one bound to bring joy to your space. The painting is in landscape orientation, featuring passersby and a couple on a rainy day. It is a multicolor canvas painting in a contemporary style.


  • An unframed wall painting.

Wallpaper For Bedroom

Wallpaper is a tried and tested choice for bedroom wall decor. Bedroom wallpaper will cover your entire room and often requires no other additional decor. You can create a jungle, galaxy, aerial view, or any famous or historical monument as bedroom wallpaper. There are peel-and-stick wallpapers that are easy to install and removable. Some of the wallpapers are washable, scrubbable, or fire retardants. Vinyl wallpapers are sustainable and are easy to clean and maintain. Arcedior has a huge collection of wallpaper for bedrooms that can match your aesthetics and decor. You may check it out here.

bedroom wallpaperSource: Creativespace
Dern Wallpaper for Bedroom

The Dern is a wallpaper suitable for all types of homes. The piece has a simple stone-colored half-constructed building picture. This wallpaper suits the industrial decor and will make for great bedroom wall decor.


  • Washable


Wall decor is an essential detail of what makes the perfect bedroom. Whether you’re decorating a new room or freshening up your old space, pay a lot of attention to this aspect. Creative wall decor that reflects who you are as a person is important. It will help you personalize the space to a great extent. It will also aid in making your bedroom a space where you genuinely enjoy the time you spend. When picking out your bedroom wall decor, keep in mind the vibe you want for your bedroom. Feel free to experiment with different colors and textures to your heart’s content! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the things used to decorate a wall? 

There is a lot you can use to decorate a wall. You can hang up pictures of friends and families as a bedroom wall decor item. You can display memorabilia, trophies, and achievements. You can make the space artsy with a wall sculpture or classy painting. You can also decorate the wall with panels, wall hangings, wall plates, wallpaper, and much more.

What should I hang above my bed?

A picture of you and your loved ones is a common choice for bedroom wall decor. The bed denotes a personal space, and hanging an intimate picture above that space is a great idea. You can also decorate the space above your bed with a painting that speaks to you, or something minimalistic like a clock. 

What is the best wall decor for a bedroom? 

Decor items like paintings, sculptures, and hangings are usually the best bedroom wall decor. However, decor is always a very subjective thing, so feel free to experiment to find out what works for you. The only important thing is that your wall decor matches the rest of your bedroom. 

What kind of wall art is best for a bedroom? 

Any wall art that goes with your whole decor is the best for your bedroom wall decor. For example, an ornate and intricately designed wall plates work best in a traditional or mid-century bedroom. On the other hand, paintings with contemporary themes or minimalistic wall sculptures are ideal for a more modern home.

What are the different types of wall decorations? 

The different types of wall decorations include paintings, sculptures, hangings, and more. Paintings are an ever popular choice for wall decor, and will never let you down. Wall sculptures are luxurious pieces that add a touch of royalty to your space. Wall hangings are usually minimalistic bedroom wall decor items more geared towards contemporary homes. 

What sticker is best for your bedroom? 

The ideal sticker for your bedroom wall decor has a beautiful design, is easy to use, and will peel off your walls without leaving any residue. The design can be subjective, and you are free to pick what you like. However, ensure that the sticker you opt for has colors that won’t fade, and a high-quality glue that sticks and removes with ease.

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