10 High End Furniture Brands of 2023: From Showroom to Home

high end furniture brands

The kind of furniture you choose defines the aesthetics of your interior design project. But with numerous high-end furniture brands in the market, keeping track of the most desirable brands and making the best furniture choices can be a super demanding task. So, to save you time and effort, we have curated a list of top high-end luxury furniture brands that are sure to meet all your expectations in terms of aesthetics, quality, and functionality.

1. Boca do Lobo
Boca do Lobo is a Portugal-based luxury furniture brand known for its legacy of fine craftsmanship. The brand boasts reinterpretation of ancient techniques to give birth to contemporary and exclusive furniture pieces that add a touch of timelessness to the environments. Each product at Boca do Lobo, with a complete range of details from metalwork to upholstery, is handcrafted by master artisans who take pride in their unique design expression. This is the reason the brand’s high-end furniture and soulful design pieces have graced corners of world-class destinations, such as Prada and Fendi, and hospitality giants, such as Qatar’s opulent Al Jasra Boutique Hotel

2. Essential Home
Essential Home is a mid-century high-quality furniture brand known for its luxury living room furniture, high-end bedroom furniture, innovative lighting, and chic décor elements inspired from the 1930s and 1960s. This luxury home furniture brand offers elevated experiences by taking the users on a time-traveling journey through its unique products that display old-world charm with a contemporary twist.

What makes the brand stand out is its usage of quirky colours, fine materials, and more than 1000 textiles brought together to create memorable furniture pieces – a modern ode to the retro design era.

3. Brabbu
Brabbu is one of the top-end furniture brands which brings fierceness and passion to modern living through its unique furniture and décor pieces handcrafted in Europe. Best quality furniture, lighting, rugs, upholstery, accessories, and art pieces – every product at Brabbu promises a sensory treat, thanks to a quality selection of materials and innovative design techniques. The brand also offers customization solutions, which makes it preferred by project owners and interior designers alike. Moreover, furniture pieces by Brabbu are an ideal amalgamation of functionality, comfort, and personality – all in line with the latest trends and eclectic design senses.

4. Cornelio Cappellini
Cornelio Cappellini is an Italian family-owned business founded in the 50s. From luxury sofas, high-end dining sets, consoles, and walk-in closets to night complements, rugs, and accessories, the brand offers modern luxury furniture and décor pieces, emphasising balancing glamour and elegance. Cornelio Cappellini’s collections witness the use of noble metals, crystals, leathers, and soft fabrics brought together to create appealing design products that never fail to catch an eye. What’s fascinating is the use of construction and finishing techniques passed down by past generations, which guarantees high-quality furniture coupled with modern design aesthetics.

5. Fiam
Italy-based Fiam was founded by Vittorio Livi in 1973 with the goal of making glass the primary design element in their products. Today, it has become one of the best furniture brands, with some of its products displayed in 25 museums across the world. Mirrors, tables, display units, consoles, cabinets, and accessories – each product by Fiam is an example of excellence. The brand designs and produces beautiful bent-glass furniture and décor elements in collaboration with renowned architects and designers, such as Massimiliano Fuksas, Philippe Starck, Daniel Libeskind, and Cini Boeri. Moreover, it has bagged numerous awards over the years for producing innovative design products that are a class apart.   

6. Pacini & Cappellini
Pacini & Cappellini is an Italy-based brand driven by a love for home décor. This renowned luxury home furniture brand believes that décor is an important part of people’s wellbeing, and thus, develops high-quality furniture and design elements with a focus on the use of wood. The brand is structured on traditional values and is also rooted in creativity and the spirit of research. The talented teams of designers and artisans at Pacini & Cappellini use new industrial processes and technology to create elegant and functional furniture and décor products. A couple of its icons include Plurimo Table designed by Hanno Giesler and the Screen Collection by Fabio Rebosio.

7. Zanaboni
Zanaboni is based in Meda, a small town near Milan famous for its furniture-making. The brand reinterprets classic and modern furniture, creating unique products that have a subtle charm. Its handcrafted collections with elements of Rococo or Baroque are stylishly distinct. Moreover, each product is synonymous with luxury and perfectly aligned with the transcending tastes of high-end project owners.

Zanaboni is known for its attention to comfort while designing furniture. For example, armrests and backrests of chairs are accurately calculated in accordance with the human anatomical structure to offer optimum support to the user. Moreover, the brand uses more than 260 types of upholstery fabrics to cater to different demands.

Every brand introduced above meets the aesthetic and functional excellence expected by designers and homeowners. All you have to do is understand the theme of your project and make a choice accordingly.

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