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Eco Friendly Home Decor Products

Sustainable LIVING

What is Eco-Friendly? Eco-friendly means being a friend to our planet! It's like giving the Earth a big hug by choosing things that don't harm it.

Wooden World Map for Wall Wooden maps are not only durable but also add a touch of sophistication to your space.

Wooden Planters

Unlike plastic, wooden planters are biodegradable, adding a timeless charm to your indoor garden while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Wooden Board Games Wooden games are durable, timeless, and can be passed down through generations, reducing the need for disposable, non-recyclable options. 

Stone Round Wall Clock

Adorn your walls with the elegance of stone instead of conventional plastic clocks. Each piece is unique, making timekeeping a statement piece in your sustainable decor.

Wooden Floor Lamp Illuminate your space with the warmth of a wooden floor lamp. Choose elegance while reducing your carbon footprint.

Organic Cotton Throws Wrap yourself in green comfort, not synthetics. Embrace eco-friendly warmth with pesticide-free and sustainable material.

Bamboo 2 Door Wardrobe

Upgrade your closet with an eco-friendly bamboo wardrobe. Support sustainability with renewable resources.

Jute Laundry Baskets Say goodbye to boring laundry baskets and welcome the eco-friendly charm of jute. Make your laundry corner eco-chic and sustainable.

Kansa Dinner Set Eco Friendly Dinnerware

Dine in style and wellness with a traditional Kansa dinner set. Elevate your table with eco-friendly elegance.

Terracotta Flower Vase Sustainable Home Decor

Add a touch of artisanal elegance with a terracotta flower vase. Handmade with love for sustainable home decor.

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