A Guide to Buying Sustainable Furniture that is Eco-Friendly According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans discard more than 12 million tons of furniture every year. Therefore, waste, such as metal, glass, foam, wood, etc., ends up in landfills.
The kind of furniture you choose defines the aesthetics of your interior design project. But with numerous high-end furniture brands in the market, keeping track of the most desirable brands and making the best furniture choices can be a
There was a time when the functionality of spaces was all that people cared about, and hiring interior designers was something only the rich would do. But over the years, design and aesthetics have permeated into our lives so
May 3rd is celebrated as the National Textiles Day every year to commemorate the importance of textile. This versatile element not only makes lives easier and comfortable but also makes living spaces more beautiful and inviting. From rugs to
Mirrors absorb the light of an area and create an illusion, thus providing both depth and brightness to a room. They also add interest and character to any interior space. Placed strategically, mirrors can enhance a room, both decoratively
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