6 Colorful Nightstand Set to Add Personality to Your Room

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A vibrant planet is home to life’s splendor. Consider the period when black and white movies were the norm, and our eyes yearned for more of nature’s colors. Although the era was incredibly drab, over time, each color had the opportunity to reveal its meaning. Being in a vibrant environment keeps our spirits high.

What if we could only perceive one or two colors? Even thinking about it makes us nervous! We should therefore use more color in our daily lives. Each color has a unique nature and history associated with it. Using colorful nightstand set in your home is a terrific way to stay inspired, feel alive, and appreciate the world’s wonders. A little splash of colors is what you need right now, and we will be guiding you through the six colorful nightstand sets at Arcedior to add personality to your room.

Classic White Nightstand

White is a classic choice for furniture when it comes to decorating your home. The white nightstand set brings the delight of purity into your home, giving the impression that the space is more extensive than it seems. White is a lasting color that offers a room a glittering appeal and gives you a comfortable, pleasant feeling. White is the most pristine and attractive furniture, which opens up a space without overpowering it. You will feel more at peace after this nightstand.

White Nightstand SetSource: ITALIANELEMENTS
White Nightstand Set

FB60 is a white-colored side table with the above structure lacquered and varnished in white. It has two drawers to provide ample space for storage, with handles attached to the wooden base.

Suitable home decor style

  • Minimalist
  • Scandinavian

Bold Black Nightstand

Get a black nightstand to make a strong statement in your bedroom. The black nightstand has been popular for a long time and is still in style since it goes well with white and baby blue hue walls. The black nightstand set gives your room a more contemporary and assertive appearance without always coming across as garnish. Furniture in black stands out from the crowd since it is bold and modern.

Black Nightstand SetSource: SM Living Couture
Black Nightstand Set

Elie will perfectly blend with your modern-styled room. This piece exhales gentleness, sensitivity, and class. This square-shaped chic nightstand is structured in lacquered wood and has two drawers and one cabinet at the top to accommodate the small stuff easily.

Suitable home decor style

  • Modern
  • Contemporary

Glamorous Gold Nightstand

A gold nightstand set will offer a luxuriant vibe to your bedroom and brighten your downcast mood because gold always glitters. A nightstand in a gold color provides beauty and a feeling of royalty to a bedroom. The gold nightstand always stays in style and exudes grandeur while offering the most luxurious interior decor.

Classical Gold Nightstand SetSource: Tarba
Classical Gold Nightstand Set

Add Art 834 OA beside your table to add a touch of elegance and charm to your bedroom. It has a base wood material and a free-form shape and comes with four legs in a designer shape.

Suitable home decor style

  • Classical
  • Traditional

Chic Grey Nightstand

Add the elegant gray nightstand set beside your beds to break up the outdated furniture and give it an oh-so-chic look. Gray-colored pieces as the new modern have replaced the old brown-colored furniture pieces. Its color scheme is the most exquisite and effectively blends light and dark tones. Grey color adds uniqueness while bringing out the coziness of natural elements in your home.

grey nightstand setSource: Giellesse
Square Grey Nightstand

Buy Square to add a chic look to your room. Its unique design gives a great visual appeal. In addition, it is a timeless contemporary piece made with wood base material and has a lacquered and matte finish.

Suitable home decor style

  • Scandinavian
  • Minimalist

Vibrant Green Nightstand

Green, the hue of nature, should be used to decorate your bedroom if you want to experience nature’s organic vibe at home. These green nightstands will lift your spirits with their lavish splendor and pleasing contrast to the white and gray walls. Its vibrancy will enhance the natural sense of your bedroom and make it more fashionable.

green nightstandSource: Luisa Peixoto
Cassie Green Nightstand Set

Get a Cassie Bedside Table in your bedroom to add the vibrance of green color with three rich shades. This nightstand comes with two drawers for storing the various items, and the drawers are upholstered in velvet fabric that gives an elegant appearance.

Suitable home decor style

  • Bohemian
  • Japandi

Sleek Silver Nightstand

If you want your bedroom to have a stylish and modern feel, a silver nightstand is ideal. A matte silver can do the trick for a more contemporary and sleek appearance, and if you want to give your bedroom a flashy and bold appearance, choose shiny silver. Outside of other nightstands, the silver splendor gives your room a glitzy appeal.

Silver nightstandSource: Barel
Sleek Silver Nightstand

The Prince is a unique-shaped nightstand with two tiers, with the base tier in a square shape and the upper level in a circle shape. It has top iron, wood, and metal material with elongated and narrow legs. The top will look better if adorned with plants or other decorative artifacts.

Suitable home decor style

  • Modern
  • Contemporary 


With everything said and done, nightstands are unquestionably a stylish addition to a house’s decor, but choosing their color is something we must be careful about. The color of the furniture in your home indicates whether you like a dramatic or subtle style of decoration. Nevertheless, many colorful nightstand sets, ranging from traditional white to vibrant green, will undoubtedly add individuality to the bedroom and make you feel more joyous and lively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a nightstand color?

You can choose the nightstand color according to your home decor. First, you must select a nightstand color that complements the walls of your home decor. For example, suppose you have white-colored walls, then you can complete them with a black-colored nightstand, or even a gray-colored nightstand would look great. If you are a minimalist and like to keep your space clean, then a white, gray, or silver colored nightstand set will work with your surroundings.

Can you have different color nightstands?

Yes, you can have different color nightstands. Following are some of the colors of the nightstand set that you should consider putting inside your bedroom.
White- If you like minimalism, the white nightstand set is a classical choice among others.
Black- If you want a bold statement in your bedroom that gives a modern and sleek look, then the black color of the nightstand set is ideal.
Gold- If you want a royal and luxurious feeling inside your home, go for the gold nightstands.

What are the benefits of using a colorful nightstand set?

The benefits of using a colorful nightstand set are:
Helps in storage- The bedside tables are purposely made to place and store the things in them, which makes the cluttered room organized.
Keep your spirits high- Seeing a colorful environment near you makes you feel alive and energetic.
Helps in relaxing- When you are tired, seeing this colorful nightstand set will help you calm your mind and stay relaxed.

How do I choose the right nightstand set for my room?

You can choose the right nightstand set for your room by considering the need for storage and your home decor style. For example, if you love to have a chic look in your bedroom, go for the gray-colored nightstand set to add the much-required oh-so-chic look. It will also help in bringing out the coziness of natural elements.

What are some popular color options for nightstand sets?

The popular color options for nightstand sets are: 
White: This color is a classical choice when you need a soft and spacious look in your bedroom, and it also makes the room appear cleaner and more spacious.
Black: If you need a modern and sleek look for your bedroom, go for the trendy black nightstand, which will give it elegance.
Gold: The gold-colored nightstand is the perfect choice to add a royal feel to your bedroom. 


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