8 Unique Area Rug Patterns That Never Go Out of Style

Geometric area rug patterns

The famous words by Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashions fade, style is eternal,” hold in the rugs and decor industry. In-vogue rugs have complicated and sophisticated designs, which are luxe and popular among rug owners. But what remains is the style in which it is being layered out. What remains is the rug, which complements perfectly with the decor.

But what makes people go gaga about the rugs? As per the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India exports 85-90% of the total carpets and floor coverings it produces and is the largest exporter in the world. So it concludes that there is a huge demand for satisfying the needs of rug owners and collectors.

You might be curious about what more you get to know while reading! Well, here you will get eight unique area rug patterns from Arcedior shop that always stay in style. 

Abstract Area Rug: Adding Modern Art

When imprinted on a rug, the non-existential and unimaginative pictures, designs, or images are known as abstract rugs. These abstract area rugs come in many designs and colors and have the potential to change the look of any room where it is placed. It does not have any specific pattern. 

Abstract area rug patternsSource:
Psychoanalysis Abstract Area Rug Pattern

Buy abstract Psychoanalysis area rug patterns that perfectly suit your Hollywood glam interior decor. It is a hand-tufted rug in an unconventional shape. It is a unique, extraordinary, and expressive area rug pattern. 


  1. It is a free-form shaped rug.
  2. Suits in – Boho decor and Hollywood glam decor.
  3. Use- Indoor use only

Geometric Area Rugs: Bold And Contemporary

Geometry is all about shapes, lines, and curves. Mix and match any of these patterns and highlight the rooms with complementary shapes on rugs. 

Geometric area rug patternsSource: Carpets CC
Cherry Tree Pink Geometric Area Rug Patterns

Cherry tree pink is a geometric area rug patterns with broad black chevron and pink polka dot. Metaphorically, the dark naked branches are dotted with pink cherry flowers, thus the name cherry tree pink.


  1. It is a hand-knotted area arug.
  2. Suits in- Minimalist decor, Bauhaus decor, Modern decor
  3. Use- Bedroom and Dining room

Floral Area Rugs: Nature And Serenity

Flowers are usually associated with traditional and old designs. However, Persian, Moroccan, and even Indian rugs use flowers extensively with colorful hues and intricate designs that bring nature to your space. Your rug’s color should complement the interior decor and supplement the other decor of your space.

Floral Area RugsSource: Sergey Makhno
In Blossom Floral Area Rugs

You may layer Blossom rug in your living room, dining room, and hall. The flowers are big enough to make you feel like you’re walking in a garden. It is polygonal in shape and has multi-colored piping a the periphery of the rug. 


  1. Polygon-shaped area rug.
  2. Suits in – Mediterranean decor, Boho decor
  3. Use- Bedroom, Dining room

Soft Area Rugs: Cozy And Inviting Textures

Cozy, comfortable, warm, welcoming, inviting, loving, plush…..and many uncountable adjectives are not enough to describe the soft area rugs. The feeling, when you touch them, is out of this world. Their hues, softness, and textures will never go out of style. 

soft area rugs in living roomSource: Ivano Redaelli
R40 Clint Soft Area Rugs for Living Room

For your ultra comfort, the R40 Clint area rug is made of three lapin fur versions- longhair, shorthair, and sculptured shorthair. It is a plush and soft area rug with slight bulging.


  1. Fur material makes it ultra soft. 
  2. Suits in- Country house decor, Heritage chic decor, Rustic interior design
  3. Use- All living areas

Checkered Area Rug: Classic Patterns

Do you know which is the classic and elegant pattern of all time? CHECKS!! From floorings of the Palace of Versailles to paintings by Danish painter Johannes Vermeer, checks have been viewed as an all-time preferred design. If you’re confused while selecting a rug, go for a checkered area rug patterns. You won’t go wrong with it.

checkered area rug patternsSource: Panoptikum Collections
Golden Island Checkered Area Rug Patterns

Add multipurpose Golden Island checkered area rug in your living room, bedroom, kids’ room, or under the coffee table. It is one of the unique area rug patterns in a round shape. It contains nearly 100 bright colors in checkered patterns, which radiates eternal energy to the surroundings. It is an anti-allergy, pet-friendly, and lightweight rug. It is durable and creates an ideal center of attention in any space.


  1. It is a round-shaped area rug.
  2. Suits in – Modern decor, Art deco
  3. Use- Bedroom, Dining room

Rainbow Area Rug: Pop Of Color

World has changed from black and white to color, as do the decor items. Rainbow rugs are the trendiest, allowing you to express your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and personality to the world. As the name indicates, rainbow area rugs are multicolor and blend with any interior decor.

rainbow area rug patternsSource: IL Loft
Tappeti Baby Rainbow Area Rug Patterns

Layer Tappeti baby area rug patterns with nursery designs in the kid’s room. The bright and multicolor rug brings playful vibes to the kid’s room. The children feel safe surrounded by a multicolored train, fields, and nature on the area rug.


  1. Scenic beauty in animated design. 
  2. Suits in – Boho decor, Modern decor
  3. Use- Kid’s room, Playroom

3D Area Rug: Depth And Dimension

3D area rugs give an illusion of non-existent pictures or images. The dimensions of the rugs vary as per the patterns and area. You can place such rugs in the kid’s room or even at the entryway to have an illusive effect. These rugs make the room look bigger.

Tiger print 3D Area rugSource: The Weaver
Tiger Printed 3D Area Rug

Enhance your living room with this DA09 HK tiger-printed area rug. The tiger seems so real that you’ll feel its presence in your room. This 3D area rug is distinctive because it depicts a sun-kissed tiger gazing intently while moving forward in the jungle.


  1. A life-sized tiger is printed on the rug.
  2. Suits in- Hollywood glam decor, Art Deco
  3. Use- Bedroom, Dining room

Oriental Area Rugs: Luxurious And Elegant

The rugs handwoven with natural fiber such as wool, cotton, and jute are known as oriental rugs. The rugs must be weaved in Asia, usually from Iran, India, China, Pakistan, and Tibet. The Persian rugs are the most expensive oriental area rugs and have many types, too, such as Kelim, Gabbeh, and Jajim.

Rectangular oriental area rugsSource: The Weaver
Oriental Area Rug Patterns

Custom 146 is a beautiful large area rug pattern originating in India. It is made by hand-tufted technique. It is available in wool, viscose, and bamboo silk material. It is a classic rectangular-shaped area rug with oriental designs. 


  1. Classic rectangular-shaped, pastel water-colored oriental rug.
  2. Suits in- Traditional decor, Mediterranean decor, 
  3. Use- Bedroom, Dining room.


What never goes out of style remains classic, and so are the unique area rugs mentioned above as examples. In addition, we’ve given special attention to the type of rug you might need while decorating your space. So, you have numerous options with detailed features and descriptions that complement your interior decor. For more options on unique area rugs, surf at  Arcedior shop and make your style statement.


How do I choose an area rug patterns?

Choose an area rug pattern depending on material, style, color, and decor.
1. Material: If you want natural material, then wool, jute, sea grass, and cotton are the ones. While synthetic or blended is cotton blended, viscose, and silk blended materials.
2. Color: Select a color that highlights the interior decor. While furniture color matching with rugs is a statement, neutral tones go well with vibrant decors.
3. Decor: oriental rugs blend with traditional home decor. 3D area rugs work with similar colored decor to give an illusive effect. Neutral-colored rugs blend with Bauhaus decor.

What are some popular features of Geometric Area Rugs?

Geometry area rugs complement contemporary and modern interior decor. 
The most popular features of geometry area rugs are:
1. Non-figurative patterns blend with any decor.
2. Repetitive patterns have an illusive effect.
3. It may have stripes, circles, or shapes.
4. Made of wool, cotton blended, 100% cotton, silk, and blended fibers too.
5. Checkered patterns, gingham checks, concentric circles, and polygonal shapes are all included in geometric area rugs. It is a unique area rug in the name of its pattern, shape, and style.

What type of area rugs are in style?

In contemporary, abstract, and geometric areas rugs are in style. These area rugs can be layered in the bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen. People prefer furniture shape-based area rugs, e.g., round area rugs for dining rooms, irregular geometric area rugs, and big abstract area rugs for living rooms.

What rug pattern to make the room look bigger?

Abstract and 3D area rugs make the room look bigger. Neutral shades that match the wall make the room look bigger. The room’s appearance shifts if you choose the right rug for your room. The rug complements the decor and gives depth and character to the space where it is placed.


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