7 Unique Nightstands: Bold and Eye-Catching Design Ideas

Unique nightstands

Like what you see? Well, these can be your bedside table, also known as nightstands. These are handy when you want to place your belongings within arm’s reach. These are not only functional and serve multipurpose but also beautify the space where it is placed. 

Well, the purpose of having a nightstand is now clear. You might be thinking of the possible types of nightstands that will complement your bedroom. Count on us for this purpose because we’ve got you covered with all the unique nightstands that are bold and classy, and eye-catching.

You can get floral and faunal motifs on the nightstands, which look attractive and interesting too.  At Arcedior, you would get exclusively high-end unique nightstands that complement your decor and enhance your style statement.

Floating Nightstand

Unique nightstands that are gaining popularity are floating nightstands. If your nightstand is hung on the wall, without any support at the base, it is a floating nightstand. The absence of legs on the nightstand frees up floor space, which is the main advantage of a floating nightstand.

wooden floating nightstandSource: Artisan Furniture
Inclined Wooden Floating Nightstand

Buy a minimalist Inclined wall mounted bedside nightstand to store items you wish to keep close before bedtime. You may pair it up for both sides of the bed. It’s a neat, clean design and can be mounted on the wall without fuss. It is made of mango wood and is perfect for contemporary bedroom decor.

Small Nightstand Big Style

Size doesn’t matter if it’s functional and gives you whatever you need. If it has space to store, drawers for clean storage, and a height that suits your bed height, then you got what you’re looking for.

Small nightstand in woodSource: Hamuoo
Bow Tie Small Nightstand

Buy a Small Bow Tie from Arcedior that matches your bed height. The two drawers on this chic bedside table provide lots of storage space close to the bed. Its understated style will complement the bed beautifully. 

3 Drawer Nightstand

Drawers on a nightstand come to your aid as a spot where you can store your possessions and conceal them from view. If 2 is less and 4 is more for you, go for the magical number 3. It is a number that denotes wisdom, optimism, harmony, and understanding, and who doesn’t want to wake up with these feelings at their bedside? Right?

wooden 3 drawer nightstand Source: Coleccion Alexandra
Silvia Wooden 3 Drawer Nightstand

To have a luxe experience, add Silvia Nightstand in your bedroom, which is entirely handcrafted. It is a brown-colored storage nightstand with a traditional gold-colored design that would suit a classical home decor style.

Nightstand with Drawers

A bedside table with drawers to store your belongings acts as a mini cupboard plus a table. It is handy, functional, and even a multi-storage nightstand. You may add an embellished and carved victorian design nightstand or a sleek and elegant nightstand, whichever complements your interior decor.

Nightstand with drawersSource: Coleccion Alexandra
Master Nighstand with Drawers

Get a Master Nightstand beside your beds with drawers and complete your decor by storing every bit and piece away from sight. It is a beautiful nightstand that exudes grace, perfection, and elegance. 

Round Nightstand

Round or circular shape denotes important phases of our life in the form of a cycle. For example, the birth-life-death cycle or mind-body-soul connection takes the shape of a circle, and we go in circles. So do the round nightstands, which have the potential to become a focal point in any decor. These unique nightstands are for all curious and enthusiastic decor lovers. 

Round nighstandSource: Circu
Cloud Round Nighstand

The Cloud is a round nightstand with a drawer that stores the owner’s soul. Modest, simple, yet unique nightstands, and its pink color makes it even more adorable. It will go well with the modern style of home decor.

Tall Nightstands

It can be functional and decorative too. You may use it as a table, and the below portion act as a storage place in the form of drawers. The decorative tall nightstand may have mirrors, corkboards, or fancy portraits. Materials that are fancied for tall nightstands are various types of wood and glass.

Wooden Tall NighstandsSource: Centro
Zuro Wooden Tall Nighstand

Zuro is an understated and elegant nightstand that can blend with any look of interiors. The table’s design adds a touch of luxury to any aesthetic, and the tray-style top gives it a modern look.

Smart Nightstand

Multipurpose and functionality are the modern demands for bedside nightstands. Some examples of smart and unique nightstands are ones that have lights, nightstand with charging station, or in-built alarm clocks to wake you up. Nightstands with rollers are easy to handle, and mobility allows us to move them from one place to another.

Smart unique nightstands with lightSource: lagu
Irregular Smart Nightstands with Light

Add smart yet unique nightstands Irregular Light Side Table with a unique light array. It is easily operable, and the light rays have enough coverage ratio for reading, writing, or viewing. It is a unique nightstand.


We know selecting worthy, unique nightstands is a tough and mind-boggling task. That is why we’ve summarized all the bold and eye-catching design ideas for unique nightstands. You have a range to select from round or square, drawer or drawerless, small or tall, wood or glass. We’ve more options to explore at Arcedior, and you can select according to your requirements or consult for any guidance. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of having a nightstand with drawers?

Nightstand with drawers saves time and space for storing belongings. You can have drawers with handles, push-on or pull-on drawers. This is because:
It makes the place look clean and tidy.
The non-frequent used items are easily stored in drawers.
The strip lights in the drawers are a bonus for finders.
The drawers make sure that you have your items near you.

Are floating nightstands worth it?

Yes, floating nightstands save floor space and look elegant in the room. You can fix floating nightstands in the bedroom, living room, or even in the dining room. The floating nightstands can be fixed beside the bed or above the bed. You can have single or two unique nightstands to have symmetry. It frees the floor space, and you can be creative about it.

How do I choose the right height for my tall nightstands?

The height of tall nightstands should not be taller than the headboard height of the bed. Otherwise, the bed will look small, and the nightstands will be highlighted more than required. You may choose the material that complements your interiors and also the bed’s shape and size. Therefore, the right height for tall nightstands varies as per the interiors and sizes of furniture.

What features should I look for in a nightstand with a charging station?

The nightstand with a charging station is a smart feature, and the below-mentioned features should look before buying one:
The space to keep your charging device should be large enough to place on a nightstand. 
The plugs and wirings should be fitted behind the tabletop. 
The electrical wiring should not hinder the stuff placed on the nightstand. 
Nightstands with drawers are advantageous as you can place only required devices on the top and unwanted devices inside the drawers.

What are the benefits of using a floating nightstand in a small bedroom?

In a small bedroom, as the floor space is less, you can add nightstands on the wall, called floating nightstands. These are usually lightweight and made up of wood. You can have floating nightstands with drawers or without drawers. Square, rectangular, oblique, or inclined is popular shapes in unique nightstands. 

Do unique nightstands need drawers?

Yes, the unique nightstands need drawers. However, the absence and presence of drawers make a remarkable difference in nightstands. The drawerless nightstands are just tables that can hold items such as night lamp, diaries, or spectacles. But with drawers, you can access the storage place to store your stuff and make it look clean and elegant.

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