Top Bedroom Nightstands Picks for a Feng Shui-Friendly Room


According to Jana Kingsford, author of Unjuggled, “Balance is not something you find; it’s something you create.” For example, you can be working around the clock but still not seeing the expected results, or perhaps your stress from work prevents you from prioritizing your family. The balance is something you are overlooking in these situations. But the good news is that you can achieve balance in your life, and it would be ideal if you could do so beginning from your bedroom.

Harmony and balance are known to be produced with the help of feng shui tips. Next, we’ll talk about adorning your space with a unique piece of furniture called bedroom nightstands available at Arcedior to make your space feng shui friendly. So go on this path with us and balance your life.

Soft Light: Nightstand Lamps 

wood bedroom nightstand lampSource: Marz Designs
Bright Beads Wood Nightstand Lamp

Do you enjoy reading your favorite book while nodding in your comfortable bed? So all you need next to your bed is a nightstand lamp. These lamps, among the other bedroom nightstands next to your beds, will emit a soft light that will make you feel at ease and allow you to enjoy reading. Also, by supplying ambient lighting, these lit nightstand lamps will highlight the grandeur of your space. 

In feng shui, soft light creates a warm glow and scatters positive energy. The soothing light from these lamps will make your task more accessible if you frequently feel unhappy going to the switchboards to seek out a specific thing at night. In addition, these nightstand lamps are ideal when you don’t want to wake up your partner to catch something.


  • Supplies ambient lighting
  • Great for providing light for late-night reading 

Minimalist: Nightstand with Drawers

According to feng shui, modern minimalism is all about tidy spaces which leads to the free flow of energy in the house. How will it feel if you don’t have to look around the house for the things you use frequently? You will undoubtedly feel much more at ease and relaxed. With the help of a nightstand with drawers, keeping your vital possessions close at hand is possible. Yep, these are the nightstands with drawers built right into them. 

These bedroom nightstands will make the space look nicer and serve as storage so you can keep your watches, glasses, phones, and other items and readily access them when needed. You can always put your books and important documents and retrieve them the other day from the drawer. If you enjoy minimalism, this bedroom nightstand is for you. Also, you may embellish it with any artifact or just a tiny clock to ensure you never run out of time.

bedroom nightstand with drawersSource: Como
Marco Bedroom Nightstands with Drawers

Get a brown and gray-colored Marco Side Table for the space beside your bed, as it will serve the purpose of decluttering your room with the provision of two super stylish drawers. Its finely designed round shape with an exquisite appearance will leave you awestruck.


  • Perfect for minimalist-style home decor
  • Acts as storage for keeping essential belongings 

Warmth and Vitality: Wood Nightstand

Wood is the most widely used material in interior decor because it is classic and goes with every type of house decoration. A wood nightstand will provide warmth and life to your bedroom. Therefore these bedroom nightstands will unquestionably be an excellent choice to adorn one. In feng shui, wood often represents health, wealth, family and prosperity.

In addition, an ideal method to incorporate nature into your room is a wood nightstand, which will offer aesthetic charm and an earthen pitch to freshen up your drab space. Its endurance makes it the top option for designers. Thanks to its adaptability and high level of craftsmanship, you have a wide variety, including teak-finished and walnut-finished wood. A wood nightstand with two or three drawers is a common choice.

wood nightstandSource: Jetclass
Oxford Wood Bedroom Nightstand

Get Oxford, a wooden bedside table that will complement your modern home decor and make your space more gracious. Its stylish four legs enhance its charm to an elevated level.


  • Goes with every type of home decor
  • Adaptable and versatile 

Positive Energy: Round Nightstand

We constantly seek positive energy since it uplifts us and keeps our vibrations high. Do you know that in feng shui, a circular shape is regarded as lucky and is also known as the shape of heaven? So a round nightstand will accentuate the good vibes in your bedroom and help you maintain your composure.  The round shape in feng shui often denotes the never-ending cycle of life that is equal to continuity, harmony, and unity.

Your bedroom’s nightstand shape adds a decorative element and will bring good fortune. Also, these bedroom nightstands take up the least floor space and easily fit next o a bed. If you need to clean the area where it stood, you can quickly shift it from one spot to another.

Round nightstandSource: Pacini Cappellini
Gong Wood Round Bedroom Nightstands

The grey and brown-colored Gong is a round-shaped bedroom nightstand that will accommodate your essential belongings and goes well with the contemporary style of home decor. It has a fixable tray on uniquely shaped wooden legs that you can place and move according to your needs.


  • Accentuate the good vibes
  • Takes the least amount of floor space 

Nightstand with Plant: Bedroom Plants

wood desk plantsSource: Half Dot
Wooden Desk Planters

Being surrounded by plants and seeing them always helps us feel peaceful and relaxed while reducing stress and anxiety. As per feng shui, plants bring vital energy of action and growth in the room. Placing the bedroom nightstands with plants is a great way to add more greenery to our daily life, which will ultimately help people think more clearly and promote serenity and tranquility.

Plants’ green hues are said to be restorative, which brings much-needed life-giving energy into an area. In addition, air-purifying plants will encourage adequate oxygenation levels, creating a clean environment and enhancing the bedroom’s beauty.


  • Gives a peaceful and relaxed feeling
  • Encourages adequate oxygenation levels 


With this in mind, a nightstand is unquestionably fabulous bedroom decor, and positioning it correctly is quite important. Here, we have covered the various nightstand styles that are good for a feng shui-friendly bedroom and will infuse the space with a pleasant vibe. A plant placed on the nightstand will bring the energy of growth while making the space appear more wonderful with its presence. If you are a fan of minimalism, then choose a nightstand with drawers, as they help you keep the space decluttered. Enhance the appeal of your area with these bedroom nightstands by selecting the greatest one.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What shape should a nightstand be in feng shui?

A nightstand should be round-shaped in feng shui. The round shape in feng shui is considered auspicious and also called the form of heaven. The circular bedroom nightstands in your place will bring positive energy and an aesthetic charm. In addition, the round-shaped nightstands take up the least floor space, making it efficient to place beside the bed.  Also, if you want to clean the area where this round nightstand is placed, moving it from one spot to another becomes easy.

What wood should I use for a nightstand?

For a nightstand, you can use cherry, maple, teak, oak, mango, and walnut wood. Wood is considered an ideal material when selecting a durable and elegant material for any home decor. Due to its classic finishings and incredible craftsmanship, wood nightstands come in different varieties to decorate homes and make your rooms beautiful. Being an environmentally friendly material, the wood nightstand is also non-toxic. You should always choose firm and compact wood for your nightstand. It is advised to keep it away from water.

What does feng shui say about bedside tables?

Feng shui says the bedside tables must be clean from dirt and objects. Also, there must always be two tables on both sides of the bed to balance energies, also called double happiness. Feng shui also says that the bedroom nightstands must be of round shapes as they radiate positive energy. These bedside tables must be lower than the top level of your mattresses. These tables serve the purpose of accommodating the things inside them. If you do not have an untidy room and need an idea to place your scattered items, these tables will help.

Is it good to sleep beside plants at night?

Yes, it is good to sleep beside plants at night. The air-purifying plants you will keep on your bedroom nightstands will surely increase the oxygenation levels inside your room and let you sleep easily. In addition, indoor plants are meant to reduce carbon dioxide, which will eventually help in a calm sleep. You can place any small-sized indoor plants next to your bed.

What are the best lamps for feng shui?

The best lamps for feng shui are incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs that provide warmth and ambient lighting. For example, you can place a nightstand lamp beside your bed to give you enough light to read your books and search for anything. Along with providing lighting, these lamps will add elegance to your room.

Where should a lamp go on a nightstand?

The lamp should be between one-third and two-thirds of the mattress beside the bed. Making the lamp stand in such a position will make it easy to read, as the light emitting from it will focus directly on what you are reading. You can also place any other artifact or bonsai tree near the lamp to enhance its beauty.

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