8 End Table Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Bedroom Style

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Is a finishing touch missing from your bedroom’s decor? Look around the bedroom, and you might find an end table you no longer care about. Even the slightest change in that end table decor can bring a huge difference in a bedroom. 

When you add or place any object that is required, pertinent, attractive, or pleasing to the eye on an end table, the bedroom will be automatically made more attractive. This saying, “Everyone has something to bring to the table,” was taken literally!

Here we’ve presented 8 unique end table decor ideas that accentuate your end table. These end table decor ideas help elevate your bedroom style and give your eyes something new. Follow the blog, and you may find what you’re looking for.

Shine A Light On Style: Table Lamps

Keeping a lamp on an end table shines the area where it is paced and brightens up the space too. You can have a tall table lamp 58-65 inches (from the floor), and it would look magnificent and classy.

The relevance of end table decor by table lamp is that it helps in reading, writing, and using electrical devices. In addition, the instant need for light is fulfilled by table lamps.

Hard Rock Table LampSource: Logam
Kesar Table LampSource: Courtyard
Stepped LampSource: Studio Indigene
Goblet UplighterSource: Studio Saswata
Lightwell Bedside Lamp
Antique Brass Bedside Lamp
Faceted Pyramid Lamp
Vihaan The Pyramid Lamp
Xandra Ginkgo Leaf Table Lamp

Place a Table Lamp on an end table, adding beauty and class to interior settings. It is made of sturdy and durable materials. These lovely warm light lamps are what you need to read or write at night comfortably.


  1. Table lamps make the bedroom cozy.
  2. It illuminates the bedroom at nighttime.

Flower Power: Vase

The evergreen end table decor idea is adding flora. The flower power is the all-time favorite decor, and it never goes out of style. You can have metallic, terracotta, or plastic vases on an end table.

Plants bring joy, calmness, and refreshing vibes to the space. The plants on the vase add color and texture to the bedroom and increase oxygen levels in the air.

GLASS VASE WITH beautiful flowers end table decorSource: Home Artisan
Peyton Glass Bag Vase with Beautiful Flowers

Bring life to the dead space by placing Peyton Glass Bag Vase with beautiful flowers. It is a functional piece of modern art with a contemporary design. You can display both sizes of this piece to welcome spring. 


  1. Flowers bring life to the dead space.
  2. Plants add color and texture to the bedroom.

Timeless Beauty: Desk Clock   

The wall clock is a talk of the past, whereas the desk clock is the present and future of the clock system.  In the modern era, you have a desk clock with many features. It can be digital or analog; it may have a calendar attached to it, or any decorative planter looks impressive on a desk clock.

It is essential to have a desk clock, as it complements well with the tech accessories such as tablets, computers, and more. In addition, the multifunctional desk clock is a money saver and comes in handy while checking the essentials.

desk clock as end table decorSource: Gemtherapy
End Table Decor with Natural Agate Desk Clock

You can beautify your end table with a gorgeous Natural Agate Clock with an unavoidable golden charm. The handcrafted agate body with golden numerals is a minimalist end table decor item. It helps keep track of time and surrounds the space with positivity and optimism.


  1. It gives style and personality to the end table.
  2. Keeps track of time in the household.

Scent-sational Decor: Diffuser

Do you need a source of refreshments in the bedroom? Then add a diffuser to elevate your bedroom style with this aromatic end table decor idea. The modernist approach to keeping a bedroom fragrant is by using a diffuser.

Diffuser helps in spreading the scent you like in the bedroom. For example, you may add lemongrass as a mosquito repellent, rose for a strong flowery scent, or jasmine for a sweet aroma.

oil diffuser set of 2Source: Anantaya
Ujjwala Oil Diffuser on End Table

You may put Ujjwala oil diffuser booter lighting on end table and enjoy the light and aroma simultaneously. It is perfect for relaxation and can lift your mood. It is ideal for all your senses, so enjoy this purchase!


  1. Diffuser brings calmness, positivity, and optimism into the bedroom.
  2. It may hydrate the air and spread aroma to the bedroom.

Stay Organized and Chic: Desk Tray

It is in trend to have organizational skills and to stay organized and chic, you will need organizer accessories. A desk tray is one of the end table decor items, which is a functional and compact item.

Desk trays come in various materials such as marble, wood, leather-coated material, or MDF. It may have a planter to add life to the bedroom or a small bowl to separate items as per size.

wood desk traySource: Half Dot
Call It a Day Desk Tray

This desk tray keeps the table organized and clean. It is a multipurpose tray made of sheesham wood and pine wood. It is regarded for its charm and utility.


  1. Desk trays help in organizing an end table.
  2. It is easier to use.

Candle Craze: Candle Holders

You might have observed candle holders in old movies, palaces, or the famous play The Bishop’s Candlesticks by Norman Mckinnel. However, its status as a constantly favored piece of end-table décor is made clear by the fact that it is neither overvalued nor underestimated.

The relevance of candle holders in a bedroom is to prevent any mishap at night. Placing a candle on an uneven surface is risky and may cause a disaster. As a result, candle holders provide even illumination and aesthetic appeal.

tea light holder on a tableSource: Vanchai
Elegant Tea Light Candle Holder on End Table

The Candle holder looks elegant and luxurious on a bedroom end table. Its stony texture at the exterior makes it a unique and charming piece. It is available in red and gray stone. 


  1. It provides illumination at night or in emergencies.
  2. It prevents any mishap that may happen with candles.

One-of-a-Kind: Decorative objects

People enjoy seeing beautiful things. That’s why the classic end table decor idea is to keep decorative objects on it. It is the old-age end table decor idea that features your achievements, giftings as well as collectibles.

Displaying decorative objects makes the end table attractive. As a result, the end table becomes a center of attraction, and you may keep any objects or items you want to highlight.

home decor items like horse sculpture, globe and gold bike showpiece decor objectSource: Moira sculptures, Casa Decor
End Table Decor Items

The trendiest end table decor idea is beautifying it by placing Cavallo horse sculpture, Neon cosmic world globe, Adventurous ride accent similar decorative objects. These showpieces bring out the personality of a keeper and add character to the bedroom.


  1. It makes the bedroom look pretty and attractive.
  2. It brings out the personality of a man. 

Storage with Style: Decorative bowls  

When you’re too tired to get up from bed to keep your small belongings at night, decorative bowls rescue you. You can use these bowls in any shape or material.

You may use a decorative bowl for the items that should be kept elsewhere. You might also leave them empty because the decorative bowl is lovely and aesthetically pleasing.

decorative brass bowlSource: Serein Decor
Flamingo Brass Decorative Bowl

Brass bowl flamingo is a brass bowl with two flamingoes peeking into a bowl. It is perfect for hors d’oeuvre and can also be used to keep potpourri, flowers, decorative items, or even personal belongings. 


  1. Add a texture to the bedroom.
  2. Decorative bowls help keep items.


Here we’ve arrived after detailed ideas on end table decor items. To elevate your bedroom style, you may choose an end table decor item, ranging from time (desk clock) to light (candle holders). You may shop end table decor items such as Table lamps, decorative objects,  diffuser, or candle holder from Arcedior shop and raise your bedroom decor too.  


How do I decorate my end table?

You can put a desk tray, place a decorative bowl or an object, or desk accessories. A table lamp is perfect if you’re studious and love to read before bedtime. If you’re a green thumb, you would love to be surrounded by flora and thus add a vase on an end table.

Where should a lamp be placed on an end table?

The lamp should be placed near the switchboard. The nearer the lamp to the board, the smaller the electrical wire would be. It ought to be put in the middle of the table. The height of the table light should not exceed that of the bed. The best lamp height is between 58 and 64 inches off the ground.

What is the feature of a nightstand clock?

The nightstand clock is functional, multipurpose, and has multiple features that make it a necessary item for a nightstand. The alarm feature makes people aware of the time. The Nightstand clock reminds us to perform essential tasks and be punctual. It may also feature a calendar to remember dates and significant life events.

Where should a diffuser be placed in a bedroom?

It should be placed on an end table. The diffuser can also be placed on a bed’s headboard only if it is broad enough to hold it or has a chamber. The diffuser must be placed in the corner of the space to disseminate the aroma and hydrate the air in the bedroom.

What are the benefits of a diffuser in the bedroom?

The diffuser helps in hydrating the air in the bedroom. As air -conditioners make the bedroom’s air moisture-free, diffuser adds moisture to the atmosphere. It also fills the bedroom with small breathable particles, which may or may not be aromatic. The main benefit of a diffuser in the bedroom is that it brings calmness and a soothing vibe.

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