6 Best Table Lamps for Bedroom to Light up The Room

table lamps for bedroom

Have you been looking for something to elevate the decor of your bedroom? Maybe you’ve thought of adding some art or even painting a wall. But there’s an easier way of going about this, in one word – table lamps. These underrated decor pieces can transform your bedroom into a glowing haven. 

Table lamps for bedrooms can add an immeasurable amount of glow and elegance. If you’re having trouble finding a piece that suits your taste, we’re here to help. We at Arcedior have whipped up a quick guide to help you choose the perfect table lamps for bedroom. You can thank us later! 

Bedside Table Lamps 

A perfect bedside table lamp has many markers. The lamp is neither too big nor too small. It should fit snugly onto your bedside table. The ideal table lamp also has a warm and soft glow that envelopes your bedroom in a cozy feel. Last but not least,  the piece will blend well with your decor, avoiding any unwanted contrasts. 

wooden bedside table lampsSource: Studio Indigene
Vihaan – The Pyramid Bedside Table Lamp

Studio Indigene’s table lamp, Vihaan – The Pyramid Lamp, is the definition of the perfect lamp. The piece has a color scheme of brown and black, helping it fit into any setting. Additionally, its uniquely crafted prism shape will adore your place, and this piece will illuminate your room with a beautiful and serene glow.  


  • Material – Cork, Wood, & Brass
  • Color – Brown & Black
  • Size –  7; 14 H (in)

Small Bedside Table Lamps 

Small bedside table lamps come with their own set of advantages. They fit onto any sized bedside table without a fuss. Their petite frame makes them easy to move around when you’re cleaning. A small bedside table lamp helps make a room seem larger than it actually is. A mini lamp is also the ideal accompaniment to minimalist-themed decor.  

small bedside table lampsSource: Studio Indigene
Pila Small Table Lamps for Bedroom

The Pila Table Lamp from Studio Indigene is a great pick for a small lamp. The piece measures only 8 cm in height,  making it an exquisite fit for the most compact places. With its polished finish and soft golden light, this table lamp will beautify your bedroom in an instant. 


  • Material  – Teak Wood
  • Color – Brown
  • Size – 8 cm in height. 

Modern Table Lamps For Bedroom 

Modern table lamps for bedroom are the way to go if you want something to keep your space chic. The sleek lines, simplistic designs, and muted colors of a modern lamp make it a sophisticated decor piece. Such lamps are ideal for modern, contemporary, and minimalistic homes. 

Modern Table LampsSource: Home Artisan
Xandra Ginkgo Leaf Modern Table Lamp

A flawless example of the elegance of a modern table lamp is the Xandra Ginkgo Leaf Table Lamp. It is a beautiful combination of white and gold, and the skillful construction of its sculptural base lends this piece the feel of a covetable art piece. This ginkgo leaf table lamp will add an unparalleled natural flair to your space. The exquisite detailing of this piece makes it a fine eclectic collectible.


  • Material – Metal, Fabric
  • Color – White, Golden
  • Size – 16 x 16 x 27.5 in

Touch Table Lamps For Bedroom 

touch table lamps for bedroomSource: Onewish
Touch Table Lamps for Bedroom

A touch table lamp is convenient. The futuristic ways of these lamps make them a distinctive advantage for your bedroom. Credit to the lack of switches, touch table lamps features a smooth and sleek finish. Additionally, these table lamps for bedroom do have more to offer than just aesthetics. Since they’re touch-sensitive, you don’t need to fumble around looking for a switch in the middle of the night. You can simply wave your hand in the general direction of the lamp, and you’re good to go.  


  • Material – Options available depending on the piece
  • Color – Various color choices are available
  • Size – Typically ranges from 24’’ to 34’’ 

Traditional Bedroom Table Lamps 

The opposite of a modern table lamp is, you guessed it, a traditional table lamp. Traditional table lamps for bedroom are your best friend if you want something luxurious. These lamps have delightfully detailed designs. They feature vibrant colors and patterns that will instantly transform your room. As you might guess from the name, these lamps are ideal for more traditional homes. They also fit well with the mid-century decor.

Traditional Bedroom Table LampsSource: Anantaya
Traditional Table Lamp

An exquisite table lamp for your traditional bedroom is the Alter Lamp. This design from Anantaya is the ideal addition to your home. The piece features an antique brass finish base with a black lampshade. This table lamp will make your room seem opulent.  


  • Material – Brass, MDF
  • Color – Black, Golden
  • Size – Dia – 450 mm x H – 1450 mm

Unique Bedroom Side Table Lamps 

A lamp is a perfect way for you to add a little bit of uniqueness to your space. Choosing an abstract piece that speaks to your soul is a great way to personalize your bedroom. A creative side table lamps for bedroom is also perfect for showcasing your inner artist.  

Unique Bedroom Side Table LampSource: Studio Saswata
Unique Bedside Lamp

The Lightwell bedside lamp is the picture-perfect definition of a unique table lamp. This lamp permits light to enlighten its surroundings with a soft and diffused light thanks to its shielding covering made of cork sheet. It may also be a gorgeous table decoration showpiece and can be added to your nightstand to create a lovely bedside vignette.


  • Materials – Cork sheet, wood, and brass
  • Size – Dia. – 7in x H – 14 in


Table lamps are an integral part of every home, and they’re a trend that is here to stay. The beautiful aesthetic of table lamps is simply unmatchable. The warm lights they provide will make your room feel cozy and warm. At the same time, their gorgeous designs will make them the centerpiece of your decor. 

At the end of the day, what table lamp you choose is entirely up to you. Since decor is subjective, feel free to experiment with your heart’s desire till you find the piece that speaks to your soul. If you want more designs, you can check out our detailed catalog here

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where should a table lamp be placed in a bedroom? 

The ideal spot for a table lamp in your bedroom is your bedside table. This place provides great aesthetic advantages in lighting up the room. A table lamp on your bedside table also helps you use the lamp to its full potential. If you don’t have a bedside table, your lamp can also go on a coffee or study table.

What are the benefits of a table lamp?

A table lamp is the easiest way to add an additional light source to your bedroom. The unique designs of a table lamp will help you showcase your creative side. Table lamps also have many functional uses. They provide easily accessible light in the middle of the night. They are also ideal for when you want a soft glow instead of the harsh lights of a bulb.

What is the purpose of a bedside lamp? 

A bedside lamp’s primary purpose is to provide illumination. Having a bedside lamp gives you a handy light whenever you need it. For night owls who share a room with someone, a bedside lamp is a great way to have light in the room without disturbing the other person. These lamps also provide many aesthetic advantages.

What lamps are good for a bedroom?

A lamp that is medium in size and provides a soft glow is best for your bedroom. The style of the lamp will change depending on your decor. Simplistic designs of black and white work best in a modern setting. On the other hand, ornate lamps are ideal for a traditional home.

What style of lamps gives the most light?

Lamps that have an LED light source are usually the brightest. LED lights are not only energy efficient, but they also provide a much brighter glow than their counterparts. These features have given rise to the popularity of LED lamps, making them trendy as well as effective.

Which light is suitable for a table lamp?

The main three types of light for your table lamp are LED, CFL, and incandescent. LED lights are a great choice with many benefits. They provide bright light and are fairly energy-efficient. This makes them an environmentally friendly option. CFL bulbs have good lumen maintenance and will last you a long time. Incandescent bulbs have a low initial cost and are dimmable.

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