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bedroom wall lights

The bedroom is a haven of peace, a place to unwind and forget the day’s stresses. Here, we live with our true selves without trying to impress anyone or hide our authentic selves. So, it is essential to make the bedroom as comfortable as possible. One of the most critical factors in making your bedroom a relaxing retreat from the outside world is the lighting you choose. An ample amount of light in your bedroom will add a tone of warmth and sophistication to your room.

If you are now wondering which light you should choose to adorn your comfy place, then worry not because here at Arcedior, we have made a curated list of all the bedroom wall lights you should consider before landing on any particular judgment. Let us get started.

Bedroom Wall Light Modern 

Lights mounted on the wall can be used with the bedroom wall lights on the ceiling to illuminate the entire room and draw attention to a specific area. When hung low enough to catch the eye, wall sconces offer a bold design statement that can’t be missed. Lighting can be used to either visibly expand a space or to create a cozy ambiance, depending on its placement and purpose. Whether you want to draw attention to your walls, shed light on a dark nook, or make reading easier, wall lights are a great option.

Bedroom wall light modernSource: Utu
Globe Bedroom Wall Lights

Add the magic of the Globe in your bedroom, a glass globe wall lamp. It has a superb lacquer finish, polished and satin, and will go well with the modern home decor style, where walls are painted in subtle colors.


  • Easy to mount on the bedroom walls
  • Illuminates the entire room

Reading Light For Bed

reading wall lights for bedroomSource: Villa Lumi
Reading Wall Lights

Usually, these bedroom wall lights are bright enough to read a book without straining your eyes. But remember to bring your reading lamp! After all, making yourself comfortable and being able to direct the light beam precisely where you need it are the two most crucial elements of a pleasant browsing experience.

Reading light for bed allows you to illuminate your reading space so you may immerse yourself in the thrilling world of books. Also, if the light can be turned down, you can do this even if your spouse is asleep. It’s also a great aid in the middle of the night when you’re trying to find your way to the door without stumbling.


  • Easily mounted on the walls
  • It is simple to turn and swivel as and when needed

Wall Mount Bedroom Lights 

Wall mount bedroom wall lights are a good option for spaces with lower ceilings. However, because they are mounted on the wall, wall sconces and other wall luminaires might sometimes be in the line of sight, which can cause glare. Consider the luminaire’s mounting height, aiming angle, and shielding. In addition, wall-mounted lighting fixtures might cut into the room’s usable wall area, making it harder to hang pictures and shelves. 

In high-rise multi-family buildings, wall-mounted luminaires are an option for corridors and stairwells where ceiling-mounted outlets are either inconveniently located or simply unavailable. 

wall mount bedroom lightsSource: Industville
Brooklyn Cone Wall Mount Bedroom Lights

Add the Brooklyn Cone Wall Light in your bedroom, making your space appear more gracious. This brass-colored bedroom wall light serves the industrial home decor style. In addition, this light comes with a matching Brooklyn flush mount and pendant to make your job easier of fixing it.


  • Ideal for spaces with low ceilings
  • Can be placed in corridors and stairwells

Bedroom Wall Light Led

The LED wall light’s versatility is ideal if you’re looking for a reading experience tailored to your needs. These slim, stylish bedroom wall lights look lovely and offer bright illumination in the right places for comfortable reading.

You can easily adjust the light’s position by turning and swiveling it so that its beam is focused precisely where you need it for late-night reading. If you want a more textural aesthetic in your home, you can also get a variant with a fabric base that coordinates with your duvet cover.


  • It is versatile 
  • The beam is focused on the exact places

Hanging Wall Light For Bedroom 

Bedroom wall light fixtures can be hung creatively, but this usually needs more planning and thinking. Instead, you can install a hanging wall light, mainly a chandelier in the center of the room, some modern wall sconces in the four corners, or a set of scones on either side of the bed. 

The room’s orientation determines the layering scheme you’ll want to use. When combined with tasteful furniture and decor, hanging wall lights may take the ambiance of your bedroom to new heights. 

hanging wall light for bedroomSource: Villa Lumi
Valeria Hanging Bedroom Wall Lights

Whether you’re trying to draw attention to a painting on the wall, illuminate a mirror, or adorn a set of display shelves, decorate your rooms with Valeria 2. These ornamental hanging lights are made with glass and brass to serve contemporary home decor and will cast an organic glow.


  • Easy to install
  • Hung directly on the wall

Spotlight For Bedroom 

Spotlights resemble wall sconces but are placed inside your headboard. Plenty of light will be close by, allowing you to read comfortably in bed without straining your eyes. These are the perfect bedroom wall lights to read your favorite book.

spotlight for bedroomSource: Milan Iluminacion
Kronn Bedroom Wall Lights

For a more minimalistic design, you can choose a light bar that spans the top of the headboard. The black-colored Kronn spotlight is sophisticated and fashionable; it adds a touch of class to any space.


  • Placed inside the headboards
  • Produces intense illumination on a particular area or person


On a conclusive note, lighting in a room is the most essential factor while decorating our ambiance. Along with adorning the rooms in different shades, the bedroom wall lights give the room a more spacious and enhanced look while increasing the visual interest. The wall mounted bedroom lights are easy to install on the walls and do not require any complex fixation, whereas the hanging chandeliers are a visual treat for sore eyes. Take your bedroom decor to an elevated level with these precious bedroom wall lights options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to position the bedside reading light on the wall?

You should position the bedside reading light at a height of 30 to 36 inches above the top of the mattress (or slightly 6 to 12 inches above your shoulder when seated against the headboard), and it should be placed no more than a foot from the side of the bed. The specifics of the sconce’s construction will determine the range of possible sizes. Putting up a dimmer near the bed is also a good idea so that the user can lower the light level when night falls.

How bright should the bedside reading light be?

The brightness of the bedside reading light should be at least 450 lumens. Typically, a 75-watt bulb will provide 1100 lumens. The lumen output of an unusually low 40-watt bulb is 470. A 470-lumen bulb should provide adequate lighting for regular desk use, such as reading and writing. However, if you want to read for long periods without straining your eyes, a bulb with 800+ lumens is required.

Are spotlights good for bedrooms?

Yes, spotlights are good for bedrooms. Your bedroom spotlights are an integral part of the lighting arrangement in your preferred place of rest. They’re versatile enough to be utilized as direct illumination sources or to produce a more subtle, ambient glow. Every bedroom spotlight, from recessed lights to wall scones and track lighting, is guaranteed to improve the room’s practicality, aesthetics, and lighting.

Where should the spotlight be placed in the bedroom?

The spotlights should be placed between the room while avoiding the corners and edges. To get the distance between each downlight, split the ceiling height. For instance, if your ceiling is eight feet high, you’ll want to space your lights four feet apart. Recessed downlights should be installed roughly 2 feet from the ceiling’s edge when lighting an area between walls. It would be best if you made no attempts to cast shadows. Then, spread your downlights evenly around the room for a unified effect.

Which LED light is better for the bedroom?

The soft white color LED light is better for the bedroom. Light-emitting diodes of a “soft white” color temperature are ideal for use in private areas such as bedrooms and living rooms. White light from an LED bulb is crisp and refreshing, making it suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage. In addition, daylight-simulating LED lamps produce energetically stimulating light.

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