7 Best Bedside Table Lamps Designs in Various Materials

bedside table lamps

Lighting is a quick and inexpensive way to transform your space and make it feel much brighter, happier, and chicer at night.’
Bobby Berk (an American interior designer)

Rightly said by him, bedside table lamps have dual functions: to provide illumination and accent the bedroom. 

Whether you’re a nocturnal bookworm or a dreamy artist, we’ve got you covered. From rustic wood to shimmery crystal, we’ll venture through various materials to get you bedside table lamps. Do you know that the right bedside table lamp can light up your room and dreams? So, let’s dive into the fantastic world of table lamps for bedroom and find you a bedside companion.

Voguish Glass Table Lamp

Glass Table LampSource: Jetclass
Voguish Glass Table Lamp

The most common type of light fixture that you see as bedside table lamps are glass ones. Following are the pros and cons of glass table lamps:


  1. Glass lamps give an aesthetic appeal to a bedroom. 
  2. It provides uniform illumination throughout the room.
  3. Glass is easy to clean.
  4. It withstands daily wear and tear. 


  1. Glass is a fragile material.
  2. It needs extra attention while handling and moving them.
  3. It is way more expensive than plastic or metal lamps.

A timeless piece among the bedside table lamps, Christie adds an astonishing feeling of elegance to the bedroom. 

Charming Ceramic Table Lamp

Ceramic Table LampSource: Othentique
Charming Ceramic Table Lamp

Ceramic is an earthy material molded into modish designs for modern bedside table lamps. Following are the pros and cons of ceramic table lamps:


  1. It gives an authentic traditional vibe to the bedroom.
  2. Ceramic lamps sustain daily wear and tear and are thus durable. 
  3. It sustains illumination for long periods of time.
  4. It can be molded into any size. 


  1. Ceramic lamps are heavier than metal or rattan table lamps. 
  2. They are expensive because they are handmade.
  3. They are fragile and not suitable around pets or children at home.

The unique Pineapple table lamp is made in a contemporary style that is simple yet exquisite. 

Shimmering Crystal Table Lamp

Crystal Table LampSource: Luxxu
Shimmering Liberty Crystal Table Lamp

The shiny crystals on bedside table lamps add elegance and magnificence to a bedroom. They add glamor to the interior decor. Following are the pros and cons of crystal table lamps:


  1. Crystals are highly resistant to scratches and chips, thus durable if properly maintained.
  2. Crystal lamps can elevate the decor of the bedroom.
  3. They are easy to clean.
  4. It can be made in any shape and size. 


  1. It needs extra attention during maintenance. 
  2. They are pricey, and thus everyone can not afford crystal lamps.

Liberty is a lavish lamp that combines crystal glass and marble to produce an exquisite work of art.

Rattan Table Lamp

Rattan Table LampSource: Kennethcobonpue
Rattan Table Lamp

Add eco-friendly rattan lamps to give your bedroom a rustic feel. Following are the pros and cons of rattan table lamps:


  1. Bedside table lamps built of rattan are lightweight since the material is lightweight.
  2. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable material, thus reducing a carbon footprint in the environment. 
  3. It blends with traditional, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, and boho home decor styles. 
  4. It gives a bedroom cozy lighting that is calming to the eyes. Thus, there is no eye strain when reading, writing, or using a laptop. 


  1. Rattan lamps can not provide brighter illumination as required when studying.
  2. It only fits well with some types of bedroom decor styles. 
  3. High maintenance is needed since dust accumulates frequently.

Geisha is a hand-woven bedside table lamp that is strong and sturdy. 

Glamorous Brass Table Lamp

Brass Table Lamp
Glamorous Brass Table Lamp

The versatile bedside table lamps in brass material create a statement in your bedroom. It is a durable and sturdy material that can withstand high heat. Following are the pros and cons of brass table lamps:


  1. It is heat resistant and thus does not damage with continuous illumination.
  2. The classic brass bedside table lamps add an elegant touch to the bedroom.
  3. It rarely gets scratched and is resistant to normal wear and tear. 
  4. It can complement many interior styles, such as modern, traditional, or boho interiors.


  1. They are heavy, and thus difficult to shift them from one place to another. 
  2. It needs polishing at regular intervals for proper maintenance.
  3. Brass table lamps are pricey because they need a high level of craftsmanship.

Mia is a voguish dual lamp that is unique in shape and design. The source of light is LED. The two lamps are designed in a contemporary style. 

Wood Table Lamp

Wood Table LampSource: Marsden
Wood Table Lamp

Wood is an insulator, so it is preferred for bedside table lamps. Following are the pros and cons of wooden table lamps:


  1. The wooden lamp brings natural aestheticism to the bedroom. 
  2. It is a great investment for lighting fixtures as it can withstand wear and tear. 
  3. Wood is a sustainable resource that may be recycled once it has served its purpose.
  4. It enhances minimalism décor and goes well with rustic, bohemian, and farm-style elements. 


  1. Wooden lamps are breakable and can easily get scratched.
  2. It is not water resistant.
  3. It is a heavy material and thus needs extra care while handling. 

MT is a modern-style bedside table lamp that is designed in the shape of a lantern. 

Marble Table Lamp

Marble Table LampSource: SUMMER
Marble Table Lamp

The natural veining and colors in marble make it an attractive material for a bedside table lamp. Following are the pros and cons of marble table lamps:


  1. Marble is non-toxic and resistant to mold.
  2. Marble table lamps illuminate warm light that feels welcoming and inviting. 
  3. It is easy to clean and maintain marble lamps.
  4. The beauty is timeless and non-comparable with any other material. 


  1. It gets stained easily.
  2. It requires regular cleaning and maintenance.

Bowl Table Lamp reflects the old lantern design in a modern way. It is an eye-catching object and provides illumination to the bedroom.


Whether your taste leans towards classic wooden lamps or you want to embrace avant-garde crystal lamps, we discussed every material in detail. The pros and cons will help you in choosing table lamps. A beautiful and well-placed lamp can create a comforting atmosphere in a bedroom. Arcedior has a huge collection of table lamps providing ambient or task lighting. Click here to shop the bedside table lamps for your bedroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is a table lamp made of?

A table lamp is made of wood, marble, glass, or brass. The varied materials have advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when choosing a lamp. 
The materials also complement the decor style of the bedroom. For example, wood complements rustic, Scandinavian, and farm-style decor. In comparison, glass and marble bedside table lamps blend with Hollywood glam, modern and contemporary bedroom style. 

Why are bedside lamps important?

The small and compact bedside lamps are both functional and decorative. Having bedside lamps is essential because they provide task lighting for reading and writing at night. 
Bedside lamps also provide ambient lighting and create a soothing atmosphere in a bedroom. They are easy to use as it gets turned on and off with just a single switch. Bedside lamps are necessary for a bedroom since they are practical and conducive to the room. 

Where do you put a bedside lamp?

A bedside lamp is supposed to be kept near the bed. You can place it on a side table or accent table. The proximity of the lamp should be kept in mind while placing the lamp on a table. It should provide optimum illumination that is eye-friendly. Also, the switch should be within your reach for convenience when turning it off or on.

What is the ideal height for a bedside table lamp?

The ideal height for a bedside table lamp ranges between 24 -27ʺ. This height is perfect for reading or using a laptop and comforts you. The height of the table should also be considered, as it is an essential aspect of placing a lamp. The taller tables would require smaller lamps, and vice versa. Thus, a suitable lamp height is needed for a comfortable bedroom atmosphere.

Do bedside table lamps need to match?

It is not necessary to match the table lamps. Matching table lamps creates symmetry in a bedroom. It gives a cohesive and uniform look to the bedroom. It gives a sense of order to the bedroom. 
Whereas non-matching lamps accentuate the bedroom. This type of decor matches the boho or modern style of the bedroom. It can add charm and a sense of eclecticism to the atmosphere. 

How many bedside lamps do I need?

You need a minimum of two bedside table lamps for a bedroom. Two lamps are required for ambient lighting if you have a large bedroom. The number of light fixtures also depends on the position of the bed. If the bed is in the middle of the bedroom, you need two lamps on each side. Also, if you have a partner, you need two lamps for personal use.

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