History of the Kitchen

The history of the kitchen is a subject that is truly fascinating. Today, this comfortable space is open to family, friends and whoever else visits the home. This becomes especially cozy if it includes a dining area as well. Hence, it is now a comfy place to celebrate, party and just relax and have some fun with near and dear ones.

ancient kitchen design idea

However, not long ago, the kitchen was considered to be one of the least desirable places to be. In the past, there was nothing luxurious about this space. They were dark and dingy, hot and unventilated, and covered with smoke and soot. For this reason, the upper class of society used to plan their dining area as far away from the kitchen as possible. Even the lower class used to design this area so that it would be at the back of the house, next to some open outdoor area, so as to mask the smell of the place.

Modern kitchen idea for your home

The present trend is to plan and build rustic-looking kitchens. While we are trying to capture that essence, we don’t want the luxury part to be compromised in any way. Today, we appreciate large, spacious, well-ventilated and well-integrated kitchens, which let us store all our fancy cooking gadgets, crockery and cutlery, utensils and so on. How and when was there such rapid evolution? Guess we’ll never know the answer to that question.

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