Did You Know – Bathrooms Never Existed in the Past

During a tour of some grand palace, have you ever wondered why you never noticed bathrooms and restrooms out there? Well, they say that, some centuries ago, the concept of these spaces never existed! While there is no official record of this, it is believed that the kings and queens of the ancient times would visit some corner of the woods surrounding the palace, in order to relieve themselves. Once they were done, their servants would clean up after them! Not at all a very pleasant thought, right? But then, how else does one explain the lack of these spaces?

Today, bathrooms and restrooms are as important a space like the rest of the house or office. We spend hours and weeks planning what they should look like, deciding the colours and tiles to be used, the furniture to be installed therein and so on. Once the work is done, we then strive to maintain these spaces by regularly cleaning and scrubbing them, so that they remain shiny as new.

Like everything else, these rooms too continue to evolve in quality and design. Imagine how much more variety we will be able to access, some decades later!

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