The Shocking Truth – The Electric Light Was Not Invented by Edison!

The electric light is something we just cannot do in today’s world. We scramble to find and purchase unique lights in various shapes, sizes and shades to decorate our homes and offices. In the present age, the type of lights we actually use define the person that we are.

It is generally believed that Thomas Alva Edison invented the light in 1879. He is said to have created the first commercially viable incandescent light. But actually, this is not so. He was neither the first person nor the only one who tried to invent this product. Some experts aver that there were over 20 inventors of incandescent lamps before Edison’s version came to be. However, the latter is credited with its invention because he was able of offer a superior product using a combination of three factors; using a better incandescent material, offering a higher vacuum than others and a higher resistance that made power distribution more consistent.

26 Electric Light 2

Like everything else, lighting systems are now evolving. LEDs bulbs and fixtures are the toast of the day, as they consume lesser energy, last longer and offer greater luminance. Wonder what else we will be able to see in the near future.

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