The Importance of Dreamcatchers

You probably know several clients who like to hang dreamcatchers within or outside their homes and offices. Have you ever tried to find out its true significance? Well, here’s the legend behind the Native American object d’art.

Dreamcatchers usually are made up of a small wooden hoop, covered in natural fibres or net, with beads, arrowheads, feathers and other items hanging down from the bottom of the hoop. Authentic dreamcatchers are made at home and are completely handcrafted. Apart from having high decorative value, these have an interesting and colourful history behind them.

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The Ojibwe tribe believed that they protected their people from nightmares, by “catching” each bad dream in a carefully woven web. The bad dream would then disappear in the light of the new day. In the meantime, the good spirit dream would find its way through the center opening of the dreamcatcher, thus bestowing only good dreams on the people of the tribe.

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Traditionally, dreamcatchers are made with willow, which forms the main hoop. This hoop represents the universe, the circle of life and unity. Incidentally, this is also the most powerful and sacred symbol in Native American culture. Today, they come in many shapes, sizes and styles and use a more modern material such as metal rings and leather.

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