10 Trending Office Bookshelf Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Office Bookshelves

The space in an office is limited, but our creativity is unlimited. Have you ever felt the mess in the room just because you are running out of space? You may consistently need to work on getting things arranged. Worry not, because we have got a solution for you.

The scattered things in an office often suck. Because of less space, you would have piled up the books and other artifacts on your table. However, this will not be the case further because, in this blog, we have the information on how to use office bookshelves to maximize your space. The bookshelf is an item of furniture that brings out the best of a room while providing storage flexibility.

Office bookshelves help you arrange your books and can be home to different artwork, several accolades, bonsai trees, and other decor items. Here, you will find every office bookshelf design from classy to creative, eventually leaving you stunned. Let us now explore in depth which office bookshelf would suit our requirements.

Corner bookshelf

Corner bookshelfSource: Minottiitalia
Corner bookshelf

The corners of a room are the only place that remains unnoticed while doing the interior decoration. If you want to spice up the dull office corners, then a corner bookshelf is the one you should consider. You can best utilize the corners of an office as per your taste.

If your office is spacious, outside corner open bookshelves will add a classy look. If you want to decorate, the corner between the windows of two walls and then curved office bookshelves would be a great addition. An aesthetic addition would be a walnut-shaped corner bookshelf, giving your room a beautiful touch.


  • Utilizes the best of a corner
  • Takes less space
  • Maximizes storage

Ladder Bookshelf

Ladder BookshelfSource: Wood Tailors Club
Ladder Bookshelf

As the name suggests, the design of the ladder bookshelves is that of a ladder that is wider from the bottom and gets narrower with every level. This bookshelf entirely fits a compact space in an office. You can quickly move them from one place to another. You can also place the sculptures and the photo frames on different rungs.

These office bookshelves come in various finishes, including natural wood, acrylic, white-washed wood, and metal. 


  • Useful for tight space
  • Portable
  • Light weighted

Floating Bookshelf

Floating BookshelfSource: Fiam
Floating Bookshelf

The floating bookshelf is the best choice for someone looking to have a modern look in their office. These office bookshelves appear to be floating as they are mounted on the wall. This bookshelf is helpful for the items you want to display and show off to others, including your souvenirs, photo frames, or any other craft item. 

As these office bookshelves appear floating, their strength should be strong enough to handle heavily weighed possessions. If you want a more stable floating bookshelf, opt for a deeper one, as there is ample space to hold the weight. This bookshelf comes in natural and white-washed wood, acrylic, and metal.


  • It gives a sleek and modern look
  • Saves the floor space
  • Useful to display your possessions

Modular Bookshelf

Modular BookshelfSource: Wewood
Modular Bookshelf

A modular bookshelf is the most versatile among office bookshelves because it comes with several sections or modular units, giving a person different modules to put their things into. Regarding office bookshelves, a modular bookshelf is an excellent choice as they have a lot of sections to put different things together, such as books and other decor items.

These bookshelves can be freestanding or can hang on the wall. It includes a slanting and stair-like structure. They come in different finishes, like metal, wood, and plastic. Their versatility makes them stand out among the other bookshelves, as you can customize them according to your needs.


  • These shelves are versatile
  • These shelves are customizable
  • You can fit the modules together easily

Built-in Bookshelf

Built-in BookshelfSource: Giellesse
Built-in Bookshelf

Built-in bookshelves are the best choice while designing the interior to add practical storage to your office. If you often need more space, the selection of built-in bookshelves can save you. These built-in bookshelves are encased directly into the wall, where you can display several of your belongings. They use the least floor space and give you a clear front view of the items you have put on display. Their trimmed ends go well with the room’s ceilings and give it an elegant look.


  • It gives the front view of every item
  • Use the very least of the floor’s space
  • Use the space wisely

Cube Bookshelf

Cube BookshelfSource: Mati
Cube Bookshelf

Cube bookshelves come in a variety of shapes with several cubes put together. With these office bookshelves, you can organize the clutter and keep your office neat and decluttered. In addition, these cube-shaped shelves look more cohesive by choosing a particular color palette like neons, primary colors, or pastels. 

These bookshelves are for putting up a vase or a frame along with the books and could look less messy if you leave a cube empty between the two filled cubes. They come in different shapes and sizes, including L-shaped or modular cube shelves that could be freestanding or hung on the walls.


  • The geometric shape gives a beautiful look
  • Enhances the visibility of displayed items
  • Storage capacity is good enough

Open Bookshelf

Office open shelf
Open Bookshelf

Do you often feel that your beautiful artifacts and decor items deserve a place where they must get noticed by people? Then, it would be best to go for open bookshelves to keep your things in the sight of other people. However, the open bookshelf has been around for several years and is still competing. 

The cabinets in these bookshelves help you catch the look of your item and have flexible storage. The items kept in open bookshelves get used more often as they are accessible and in our sight. Not only this, but You can also clean the bookshelves easily.


  • Items are easily accessible
  • Remains in sight
  • It is easy to clean

Wall Bookshelf

Wall BookshelfSource: Casa Decor
Wall Bookshelf

Wall bookshelves are one of the most used in the office bookshelves category. These bookshelves are placed on the wall and are pretty handy. The wall bookshelf serves the best purpose for people who want to use more space. These fit easily on the wall, store a lot of stuff inside them, and come in various forms. 

This versatile wooden wall shelf would be best for office plants and craft objects. The shelves come with four sections are sturdy, and can hold a significant amount of weight, making them ideal for any room.


  • Best suited for limited space 
  • Great for stacking books
  • Provides ample storage

Rotating Bookshelf

Rotating BookshelfSource: Minottiitalia
Rotating Bookshelf

A rotating bookshelf is a unique and space-saving furniture piece that adds functionality and style to any office space. A rotating bookshelf is a type of furniture that features shelves or compartments mounted on a central axis, allowing it to swivel or rotate. This design enables easy access to stored items by simply turning the bookshelf. 

These office bookshelves maximize organization and accessibility while optimizing the use of office floor space. Its sleek design complements a professional office environment. 


  • Easily accessible
  • Space optimization
  • Aesthetic Appeal

Rolling Bookshelf

Rolling BookshelfSource: Fiam
Rolling Bookshelf

A rolling bookshelf comes best when you are dealing with compact space and need to keep shifting your shelf to one and other places in your office. The rolling bookshelf contains wheels under it, which gives them mobility to move anywhere and anytime. 

If you want to clean the place of this bookshelf, then you need to push or pull it to another area in your office. They are perfect for keeping your books in a stacked and slanted manner.


  • We can move it easily
  • It doesn’t require much space
  • Flexible in storage


Conclusively, we have got to know the diversity among office bookshelves. Of course, choosing a particular office bookshelf for your space is a personal choice. However, if you still want help, we have some clues.  

If your office space is limited, go for the corner, ladder, or wall bookshelf. If you want to enhance the look of your room and like the design to go with the ceiling, choose a built-in bookshelf. If showcasing the artifacts is your ultimate goal, consider opting for an open, cube, or modular bookshelf. Rotating bookshelf will suit those who need to optimize space and add a stylish storage solution to their office. The floating bookshelf is there to give a sleek and modern office look. Finally, a rolling bookshelf is best suited when you need to keep your bookshelf moving. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the benefits of having a bookshelf in the office?

The main benefit of having an office bookshelf is that it provides practical storage. This storage space helps put different items like books, decor, souvenirs, awards, office magazines, and picture frames. In addition, the bookshelves come in various shapes and sizes, providing enough space to keep your things in order.

What is the best way to maximize space in a bookshelf?

The best way to maximize the space in a bookshelf is to declutter them occasionally so that you can always have more stretch. Also, you can maximize the use of space by using every module in your bookshelf to utilize it efficiently. You can also label the shelves so that you get to know where your things exactly are.

What do you put on an office bookshelf?

You can put on an office bookshelf books, magazines, files, folders, framed certificates, souvenirs, photo frames, office plants, and other artifacts. The bookshelf could also have miniature decor items or sculptures showing your artistic side. You can put the books on your shelves diagonal or stacked.

How do you keep a bookshelf from looking cluttered?

We can keep the bookshelves from looking cluttered by positioning the books in a horizontal or vertical stack. Then you can always put large bins beneath the shelves so that the things which are not required get into them. Along with this, you can always keep an extra basket inside the cabinets of your bookshelf. Keep on removing the things that are no longer required.

How do I organize my office bookshelves?

You can organize your office bookshelves by taking into account the following tips:
1. Arrange the books by height: The bookshelf will look decluttered when you arrange the books according to their size.
2. Use the two-thirds rule: As per this rule, keep ⅔ space free on every shelf as this looks more organized.
3. Distance for other items: try keeping the different things and the books in a cabinet to make it attractive.

What are the different types of bookshelves that are best for office space?

The different types of bookshelves that are best for office space include corner bookshelves, ladder bookshelves, built-in bookshelves, wall bookshelves, cube bookshelves, open bookshelves, modular bookshelves, and adjustable and rolling bookshelves. These bookshelves come in different styles, shapes, and sizes and provide ample storage.

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