A Complete Guide to Office Storage: Maximize Your Productivity

Office storage

Office storage is essential to any workspace as it creates enough space to keep all the items in the office safely and organized. Many storage options are available that can cater to everyone’s needs and help keep the desk decluttered. 

Besides being functional, office storage can also have great aesthetic value and appeal to them that can be used to decorate empty spaces in the office. Optimizing your office storage can improve workflow, increase efficiency, and create a more comfortable and functional workspace. Here is a complete guide to the different office storage types used around the office space. 

Credenza: Stylize The Bottoms

Credenzas are office storage solutions kept below a desk or against a wall. This provides additional storage beneath the desk. It can also be kept beneath the tv console or a painting. You can safely keep any office items in this, including personal items. 

It also has drawers, cabinets, and shelves and usually has enough storage space. It can be made of any material and is usually very aesthetically pleasing. The best part is that due to their size, they can also be used as room dividers. 

Sideboard: Spruce Up The Sides

Sideboards are also similar to the credenza, but the difference is that they come in various sizes and shapes. They can be optimal for storing office supplies, files, and other equipment. Their flat top can help place another desk organizer like trays or stationery. 

Otherwise, they can be used to add decorations like sculptures, shelf clocks, desk lamps, and desk planters. You can also use them in reception areas to display brochures, magazines, and other reading materials. 

Adone Sideboard for OfficeSource: Minottiitalia
Adone Sideboard for Office

Add the Adone sideboard to your space and make a unique addition to your furniture. It is wide enough to place in the big rooms and has an engraving intersection in bas-relief.


  • Sinuoso design
  • Three-dimensional structure

Filing Cabinets: Home For Files

As the name suggests, they are used for storing files, documents, and folders, among other records. They are commonly used in offices as they can be color-coded or labeled for easy access to files. 

You can also keep track of financial records, employee files, legal documents, and other necessary paperwork. They are usually very long and deep to store all the documents in a composed manner. They can be locked to provide safety to those important documents. 

Filing Cabinets as office storageSource: CUF Milano
Office Filing Cabinets

Doria Cube is a filing cabinet that is quite spacious for adding different files, from short to big. It is made of sturdy wood and covered in a combination of white and red. It will perfectly blend with the modern office style and accentuate your space.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Square compartments

Pedestal: Add Extra Storage

A pedestal table is usually like a small rectangle box that comprises drawers and cabinets. They are kept beside the office desk or beneath it for quick access. They also have enough storage capacity to safely tuck away any stationery, files, gadgets, and even CPU. They are primarily used for personal storage so that the desk is decluttered and the employee’s stuff is not in the way of working. 

Pedestal TableSource: Fiam
Pedestal Table

Make more space in your cabin with this Rialto Cassettiera pedestal. Made in glass and wood, this is a perfect combination of sturdy and elegant. This has chromed wheels, handles, and two drawers with an automatic soft closure system.


  • Casters
  • Storage

Locker: Your Essentials Are Safe Now

Lockers are similar to pedestals and are kept below the desk for easy access to documents, files, and other office equipment. The difference between a pedestal and a locker is that they have a lock to secure any item. Mainly used to keep confidential and expensive items that need safety and security. 

Office LockerSource: Ersa
Office Locker

The safe named Locker is an elegant piece of furniture that you can place in your office space to safeguard essential belongings, including files, documents, and folders. It is made in white and beige color from melamine and wood and is great for organizations with ample space.


  • Electronic lock system
  • Separate spaces for individuals

Office Bookshelves: Books Got Home

These are a creative and beautiful addition to the office space. They can be sleek or bulky, depending on your office decor. They can be small, comprising just one shelf, or can take over the whole wall. Besides placing books on them, you can also use them to display art, desk planters, small sculptures, and other shelf accessories. 

Office BookshelvesSource: Olivieri
Office Bookshelves

Add charm to your office space with this Movida Classic bookshelf that will surely make your space appear more visually interesting. It is made of wood and metal with a finish matte and lacquered that exudes a tone of sophistication.


  • Wall mounted
  • Freely combinable panels

Magazine Stands: Easily Accessible

Often when there are many clients and visitors, the reception area can become cluttered with brochures, magazines, and paper scattered around. For this, beautiful and stylish magazine stands can hold all the magazines, pamphlets, and brochures for easy access. 

You can place this beside the reception or sitting area where people can take the magazine and keep it back. This ensures that the next visitor who wants to read a magazine can easily find it on the magazine stand rather than looking here and there.

Magazine StandSource: Matiere Grise
Magazine Stand

Knick Bookshelf is a contemporary-styled sturdy magazine stand made of steel. Here the first unit is to be fixed and placed on the wall while the others follow the previous ones. These are to be fixated on walls and do not take the extra floor space.


  • Easy to install
  • Modular shelves

Desk Organizers: Goodbye To Cluttered Desks

These are kept on the desk and help to declutter the working space. They can be both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. There are tons of office and desk organizers to choose from on Arcedior’s website, which can make your desk sleek, stylish, and easy to access. 

You can use organizing trays that can hold all the titbits or use a stationery holder that is great for maintaining all the stationery. Besides this, you can also use storage baskets for keeping documents and paperwork. You can neatly tuck away all the cords and wires with the help of many desk organizers for a completely decluttered look. 

Pen standSource: Kitbox Design
Desk Organizer

Blank Penholder Copper offers the space to put your stationery in an incredible design. This is made of copper and steel, providing a solid base to carry these stationery items while standing firmly on the table.


  • Sturdy
  • Unique design to hold cards


Conclusively, having office storage is essential for keeping all the office items organized and for a decluttered look. Not just one, many different kinds of office storage like bookshelves, credenzas, sideboards, lockers, and others are required to make the office neat. Having good storage means no unnecessary items are placed here and there, making for smoother operations and more productivity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is storage important in the office?

Storage is essential in an office due to multiple reasons including: 
1. Organization: First and foremost, to have everything in place and in a proper manner, organization is required. This can include documents, supplies, and equipment.
2. Optimization of Space: Storage is required to do full justice to the space available. You can instantly make your desk decluttered and focus more on the work.
3. Security: You can safely tuck away any essential documents and valuable items inside the storage and lock them away.
4. Enhancing Productivity: You can quickly increase productivity by making your desk decluttered. Also, you can quickly access important documents and stationery in less time.
5. Beautification of office: Office storage help fills up blank spaces and makes the office look more professional and beautiful.

How do you organize office storage?

You can organize your office storage in the following ways: 
1. Categorization: First, segregate similar items and put them away in one storage. This will make you easily access them without getting confused. For example, put stationery together and documents in another cabinet.
2. Labeling: For clarity, you can label boxes, folders, and other storage drawers. This way, you can know which place has what.
3. Prioritize accessibility: Keep items that you use daily within arm’s reach and the things you use less in cabinets and drawers.
4. Vertical storage: You can keep the books and documents vertically to see them correctly and save space.
5. Color coding: You can color code files according to their importance or topic. You can do this with other items in the storage as well. 

What types of office storage are there?

You can use many office storage types according to your available space and decor aesthetics. These include: 
1. Filing cabinets: These are large enough to keep multiple files or other such items. They have a lot of space and can easily accommodate many office items. 
2. Shelves: Aesthetically pleasing and mounted on the wall, they free up any floor space. 
3. Bookcases: They are designed to hold books, documents, binders, and other such items. They are usually taller and very similar to shelves. 
4. Credenzas: Placed on the floor, these are low-profile storage cabinets. They are usually placed in conference rooms and executive offices. 
5. Storage cabinets: In this, you can keep stationery, items of daily need, and office equipment.

How do I choose a storage cabinet?

Choosing a storage cabinet is easy if you know the decor style and function. You can consider the size of your space and then pick a storage cabinet according to that. You can use a large enough cabinet to safely store all the required items. Along with that, you can choose its style and material according to the furniture present in the office. You can also consider the number of drawers and shelves that there are. 

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