7 Best Desk Organizer Ideas: Maximizing your Workspace

Circle desk organizer

Everybody likes to work in a clean place. Right? Because a clean and organized workplace often leads to more focus and concentration. Mess opposes success which is what none of us want. However, organizing your workplace and desks could be chaotic if you need to learn how to do that. We realized your problem and got fantastic ideas to tidy your desks. 

Have you ever felt the need to have more space at your desk? If so, then you should look for an office desk. An office desk is an abode for your office’s small stuff, including pens, pencils, paperclips, diaries, staplers, visiting cards, etc. Specifically, a desk organizer is a container that helps keep your items together in a compact place. 

Do you know that a cluttered workspace negatively affects your productivity? So investing in a desk organizer is a smart move. In this blog, you will find the best desk organizer ideas that you need to know.

Wall Organizer

A person can quickly fix a wall organizer on the wall in his cabin where he can get every glance of his items. While searching for the best desk organizer ideas, wall organizers help you organize the things that take up much of your desk space. The wall organizers help keep your office calendars and magazines. The office plant in front of your eyes on the wall organizer keeps you relaxed. 

These are also best suited for the calendars and clocks you need to look at every then and now. You can always catch sight of your scheduled meetings by putting notes on these wall organizers. There comes a modular wall organizer to keep things separate into different modules. Organizer is best for variable-size items. Its finishes include metal, meshes, acrylic, and fabric.

Wall shelf with hooksSource: Casa Decor
Wall Shelf with Hooks

Dual Joint Wall Shelf is the ultimate solution for all your cluttered items on the desk. This strong and sturdy organizer can easily be fixed on the wall. It has two compartments to keep your things safe. In addition, it has hooks attached to the lower compartment where you can hang your cap and other things.


  • Quickly fixed on the wall
  • Do not take desk space
  • Great to put notes on

Desk Shelf Organizer

A desk shelf organizer is of immense importance when the space on your desk is enough to accommodate a shelf on top of your desk. Unlike a wall organizer, a desk shelf organizer is just in your hand. 

It comes in various styles, like a multifunctional desk shelf to keep all your items intact in a single place or a two or three-tier desk shelf, which helps keep the most required things at the top and the least needed at the bottom. 

Multi Desk Shelf OrganizerSource: bambaiSe
Colorful Desk Shelf Organizer

Place the colorful Multi Organiser at your desk and use it to keep your desk organized. This desk organizer has four compartments to accommodate stationery, cards, remotes, diaries, etc. It can easily be put from one place to another.


  • Excellent to place on big desks
  • Things placed on it are easily accessible
  • Portable

Desk Organizer Tray

It could have been possible that you missed out on your important files and folders during the meeting. If that is you, then a desk tray organizer is what you need. A three or four-tier tray-shaped desk organizer will help keep your files and folders organized and easily accessible. Although you can also place other desk belongings on it, it is apt for crucial office documents. A metal mesh tray organizer looks attractive on your desk, but a plastic one is also your choice.

Tray Desk OrganizerSource: Half Dot
Desk Organizer Tray

Orderly Tray is a fantastic desk organizer with a cylindrical-shaped sheesham wood pen holder installed on a tray. You can place here your pens, staplers, and other stationery items along with the documents often required.


  • Ideal for placing files and folders
  • You can use it for other stationery items
  • Easy to place on a desk

Minimalist Desk Organizer 

Are you trying to find a desk organizer which follows the concept of less is more? A minimalist desk organizer can do the job if that is the case. Getting a minimalist desk will make it look simple yet elegant. Keeping yourself away from distractions is all you need to concentrate and focus more on your workplace. 

Minimalist desk organizer Seven Compartments for Clutter Free StorageSource: Alankaram
Minimal Seven Compartments for Clutter Free Storage

We at Arcedior use Pendiri, a desk organizer perfect for accommodating your pens and has a partition to keep your important papers and other stationery items. It not only promotes focus but also keeps you hassle-free.


  • More free space on a desk
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lesser distractions

Under Desk Organizer

An under-desk organizer is best when you have minimal desk space and want your things at hand. The under-desk organizer gets attached to your desk and acts like a drawer. It lets you pull itself to keep in and take your items out when required. It is an easy-to-slide-out desk organizer that meets all your requirements for keeping the desk decluttered.

There is an attachable slide-out, which you can easily install using the side metal glides provided. In addition, there are various finishes in the under-desk organizer, including acrylic wooden, plastic tray drawer, three-tier, and four-tier.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Installation is easy
  • Useful for minimal workspace

Hanging Organizer

Best Desk Organizer HangingSource: Smead
Hanging Organizer

A hanging organizer best serves your purpose when you want the office supplies in sight and near your hand. As the name suggests, we can easily hang these hanging organizers on a desk and get easy access to our material. The best desk organizer idea you can put on with a hanging organizer is by placing your files inside them. Then, you can easily mount and tuck these hanging organizers at your desk. 

You can apply different types of desk organizer ideas to your workspace. You can try using a file organizer that has slanted slots to make your files easily accessible. There is a hanging compartment organizer where you can put your stationary, spectacles, mobile, etc. A hanging organizer with a zipper is good to go for the things rarely required. The hanging organizers come in wood, mesh, plastic, metal, and fabric variety. 


  • Easy to place
  • Best suited for files and folders
  • You can easily access your stuff

Corner Organizer

The desk organizer ideas make more sense when space gets utilized, which rarely receives special attention. Yes, we are talking about the corners. A corner organizer not only helps you in organizing things but also uses more of an office space. A few corner organizer ideas that could help you keep your office decluttered are one-side corner organizers where you can keep the decor items, lamps, and plants. 

Criss-cross corner organizers give an elegant look to the corner of a room, with photo frames, vases, lamps, books, and a handy desk organizer to place inside. The corner desk organizers could also be free-standing and hanging, which come in wood, metal, and acrylic.

Corner shelfSource: Cole Italia
Corner Shelf

Briccola-ge is a triangle-shaped corner organizer that fits quickly in the corners of the wall. It has a shelf to provide you with enough space to put diaries, notes, files, folders, and stationeries. On the top compartment, you can place the clock and other desk organizers.


  • Utilizes best of a corner
  • Takes least of floor space
  • Has more storage capacity


Conclusively organizing your workplace is what we always wish for. A clear and tidy desk lets us focus on our work, keeping unnecessary interruptions at a distance. A desk organizer assists a person in putting the scattered things on the desk in place, leading to a maximized space for work. The desk organizers are well placed on a desk or the wall, but they are undoubtedly an excellent choice to make your desk as neat as a pin. Click here for more varieties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of desk organizers?

The types of desk organizers include:
• Under-desk organizers
• Hanging organizers
• Wall organizers
• Corner organizers
• Desk shelf organizers
• Minimalist desk organizers
• Desk organizer tray
You can use the desk organizer according to your needs and preferences, which helps you arrange things and keep the desk clean. This will help you keep your desk clean and promote your focus and attention.

What should I look for in a desk organizer?

Choosing a desk organizer, you should look for the size, shape, style, material, and use. 
• Size -The space you have in your office decides whether it is a big or small desk organizer you should have.
• Material – The material of a desk organizer helps in knowing its durability and is much needed.
• Use – Your purpose for which you are looking to get a desk organizer? Requires an answer before buying it.

What do people put in desk organizers?

People usually put pens, pencils, files, folders, staplers and pins, notes, and other stationery items in a desk organizer. Along with all these items, some specific kinds of desk organizers accommodate small calendars, a watch, mobile, chargers, and spectacles with their cases. A wall desk organizer is also used to place indoor plants, which gives a soothing effect to the eyes while working on screens. These are some of the best desk organizer ideas that you can include in your place.

Why do we need a desk organizer?

We need a desk organizer to keep all our scattered things on the desk in a single place. It also saves time in getting those things arranged and makes you look like an organized person. A desk organizer also increases your concentration on your work by reducing the mess on the desk, eventually leading to stress-free mind-inducing creativity. There are numerous best desk organizer ideas like corner organizers, desk shelf organizers, and various others to add to your office space.

How do you organize your desk for maximum efficiency?

You can organize a desk for maximum efficiency by using a desk organizer. It helps make the desk look neat and keeps you from losing focus. You can occasionally declutter your desk with the things that are no more needed. Putting up the notes on your desk will give you a clear idea of your next task.

How do you organize a small desk without drawers?

You can organize a small desk without a drawer in the following ways:-
• Use Wall Space – You can use the wall of your cabin to put a board and pin your notes there. This is among the best desk organizer ideas.
• A hanging organizer – When you don’t have much space on your desk, a hanging organizer is best to put your things into.
• Corner organizer – A corner organizer is perfect for using corners and placing your essentials on them.

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