Is Vastu Shastra Really Beneficial?

The concept of Vastu Shastra and the benefits of following its rules in designing better homes has now become an important point of debate. More and more customers are looking for homes and offices that are Vastu-compliant. So what is Vastu and is it really all that beneficial?

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The basic principles of Vastu Shastra are regarding the eight directions and their interaction with the Panchabhootas or the five elements of nature, namely, air, water, fire, earth and space or ether. These eight directions actually stand for eight things in life. It is believed that channeling the energy of the Panchabhootas in the right direction can bestow immense benefits on the resident of that space. On the contrary, any imbalance in these energies can block positive energies from entering and/or staying in that place. So, does Vastu really help all that much? Can it really improve a person’s physical and spiritual life? Vastu aims to draw and concentrate positive cosmic energy into a person’s home and life. The followers swear by the fact that the positive vibrations achieved with the right Vastu indeed helps destroy negative energy around their home and office and creates a conducive environment.

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That said, builders and designers may not always be able to implement all the rules of Vastu Shastra while constructing an edifice. So what happens in such a case? Would it really affect a space if we don’t follow the rules of Vastu? Non-believers aver that they never noticed anything different either way. While changing the home or office to make it Vastu-friendly can prove to be expensive, they don’t think that it would be particularly beneficial to them.

So should you or should you not follow Vastu? Well, that decision is entirely up to you. In case you do want to become a follower of the science of space and energy, do consult a qualified expert to guide you on the subject.

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