Do You Know the Real Meaning of Feng Shui?

Of late, Feng Shui and its principles have come to become very important in home décor and designing and placing objects d’art around the home or office. But did you know what feng shui actually is, what it literally means and how it came to be? Here’s a brief history of the science.

Feng shui literally translates as “wind-water”. This is an ancient Chinese philosophy, which can be traced back thousands 0f years. This science gained popularity when farmers living in remote villages wanted to identify safe dwelling places, where they would be able to settle, flourish and prosper. Being proud of their lineage and devoted to their ancestors, they also wanted to find the best possible burial places for their dead. Later, as time and thought evolved, the concept of feng shui went on to include sites such as palaces, government edifices and other public monuments. Then, entire cities were planned and built so as to conform to core feng shui components.

The practice remained an integral part of Chinese culture, until the foray of communism temporarily quashed it, because of its spiritual and mystical leanings. Not discouraged, the Chinese used feng shui in the construction of the Bank of China building in Hong Kong. They designed it in such a way as to assist the business to thrive and become immensely successful.

Over the centuries, feng shui evolved to balance the “Chi” or positive energy of the natural and manmade environments. In other words, it tried to harmonize the energy of spaces to offer the maximum benefit to the occupants. While in the past, this science was shaped by generations of people and applied only to the people of that demography, it has now widened its reach all over the globe. Now, the science of feng shui can be applied equally to people from all walks of life; to meet their specific requirements, anywhere in the world.

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