Best Office Plants Trends: Green Up Your Workspace

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 The human psyche is what causes us to associate green with happiness, nature, freshness, and tranquility. Green plants are the ultimate source of positivity and optimism, so we surround ourselves with greenery. It can be trees, forests, plants, or even small potted plants. It gives an aesthetic appeal and is soothing to the eyes. 

Let’s keep a fun part at bay for a time and see how office plants affect the environment of the workplace. A dead place comes to life with the plants. It brightens the colorless spaces and lights up the dark time. Green plants improve the atmosphere in a workplace. Office plants enhance air quality by increasing the amount of oxygen in the air. Hence, raise employee morale and aid in boosting productivity.

These are enough reasons to add office plants for greening up your workspace. Dive into the blog to learn more about office plants and make your way to add one for your office.

Low Maintenance Plants

Money Plant on Agate Desk PlanterSource: Gemtherapy
Money Plant on Agate Desk Planter

Low maintenance plants are the best options to explore if you have little time to care for your plants. They do not have any special requirements and won’t take your time too. What they need is a little attention and occasional care. You can have flowering plants, bonsai plants, cacti, and succulents. Aromatic flowering plants are beautiful, and their odor will act as a room freshener.

Top low-maintenance plants

  1. 9 o’clock plants – They are easy to grow and bloom around 9 o’clock, that’s why the name. 
  2. Snake plants are also called mother-in-law’s tongues and filter indoor air.
  3. ZZ plant – It has attractive glossy foliage.
  4. Money plant removes airborne pollutants from the indoor air. In the Arcedior office, we’ve kept it. 
  5. Aloe vera is known for its antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral properties in Ayurveda.

Place your money plant on this gorgeous white Agate planter that has healing properties and balances your mind-soul-body.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Office DesignSource: Behance
Biophilic Office Design

The Latin word biophilia refers to the tendency of humans to interact with other forms of life. Therefore, a state-of-art architectural design assumes that people and nature are connected. In addition, research shows that biophilic design improves concentration and cognitive function. Consequently, it is not just a trend but a lifestyle combining design and health. 

You can be creative with biophilic design by using industrial waste for an architectural purpose or incorporating textures from plants, rocks, and other natural materials in design. There are three textures in plants, namely coarse, medium, and fine textures. These are the source of inspiration in architectural design.

Preferred plants for biophilic design offices

  1. Spider plants clean indoor air by absorbing harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide.
  2. Chinese evergreen requires low to medium exposure to sunlight and humid conditions.
  3. Monstera favors warm and humid environments. It has natural leaf holes.
  4. Boston fern is a classic indoor plant and is not needy, too! 
  5. The dwarf date palm is a large ornamental plant that gives a tropical vibe.

Air Purifying Plants

What is the best way to purify the air without using electricity? PLANTS. Khang Kijarro Nguyen, a professional gardener, says, “Plants are solar-powered air purifiers whose filter never needs replacing”. Plants take carbon dioxide and give oxygen to the atmosphere. Keeping office plants increases the oxygen level in the air and adds personality to the office. 

Air-purifying plants filter out harmful pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. The source of these chemicals in the office are carpets, furniture, glues, and many more.  

Elevate your green space with air-purifying plants

  1. Spider plant – eliminates xylene and formaldehyde
  2. Dracaena – eliminates formaldehyde, xylene, and trichloroethylene
  3. Golden pothos – removes common toxins. Also known as devil’s ivy.
  4. Chrysanthemum – filters out ammonia and benzene
  5. Aloe vera – removes formaldehyde and benzene.

In the Arcedior office, we’ve kept a Snow White plant, which is an air purifier. It needs low light conditions and is easy to care for.

Large Indoor Plants

Office plants on black cane plantersSource: The Decor Remedy
Peace Lily Office Plants on Black Cane Planters

Plants maximize your interior decor with a green option. At the same time, large plants magnify the interior decor and look spectacular. Although they are pretty expensive, they make a statement. So it is inevitable to look at the large plants and be awed by them. 

Turn your room into an oasis with large plants

  1. Norfolk pine can grow in low, medium, and bright light. It is a long-living plant. Long needle-like leaves beautify the space.
  2. Bird of Paradise is a queen of indoor plants. They are known for attractive foliage and unusual flowers.
  3. Citrus trees are sweet-smelling blossoms and need bright light.
  4. Dieffenbachia has large leaves and grows well in indirect sunlight. Easy to maintain.
  5. Peace Lily is an air-purifying plant. According to Vastu, it wards off negative energy from the room. 

Beautify your office with Theos Black Cane Planters and grow large indoor plants in it. 


Terrarium Plants
Terrarium Plants

It is an ornamental plant exhibitory, which beautifies the workplace. It can be closed terraria or open terraria. You can also see it as a mini garden. What stays inside a sealable glass container are plants and soil. It can be a single species or many species of plant. You can add small or large plants. To clean the terrarium, use open terraria or containers with glass tops. 

More info on terrariums

  1. Enclosed terrariums are eco-friendly. 
  2. Not to overwater terrarium.
  3. They usually don’t need fertilizers.
  4. They may outlast us!
  5. A novel way to grow plants with minimal care.



Originating from the Latin word –palus (swamp or marshy) and –arium (enclosed container), paludarium is a type of vivarium with terrestrial and aquatic components. 

You can install a paludarium tank and enhance the decoration of your office. The enclosure may vary from a small pot to a large container. It can hold small, tiny plants and even large, giant trees. 

What more?

  1. For beginners, dart frogs, small crustaceans, java moss, and herbivore fishes can be added as they are easy to manage
  2. Giant ferns and vines can be added to create an image of the rainforest.
  3. Mangrove roots, trees, and brackishwater animals will enhance the brackishwater life.
  4. You can add stones and rocks to the office plants.
  5. It is easier to maintain than the other vivariums.

Tips and Tricks

Dieffenbachia Plant in Metal PlantersSource: Casa Decor
Dieffenbachia Plant in Metal Planters

You don’t need to be a green thumb to grow office plants. Just a little care and attention is enough for them to flourish. But plants can not take negligence from the human eye. Carelessness can cost a plant, and seeing them deteriorate is sad. 

Tips to prevent plants from deterioration

  1. Use a hole in the pot so that roots and soil can respire.
  2. Water them as needed. A moisture meter is used to check the plant’s water requirement.
  3. To prevent pollen allergies, you can have leafy plants: for example, Money plant, Dieffenbachia, Norfolk pine, bamboo plant, and many more.
  4. Keep office plants out of dimly lit and improperly ventilated restrooms.
  5. Refrain from transferring your office plants frequently. Frequent transfers damage the root hairs and lose the soil holding property.

Beautify your Dieffenbachia plant with this Grey planter, which will help highlight the natural green color of the plant.


Here, we’ve given the trendiest and quirky ideas to bloom up your workspace. Plants are kept not only for their physical benefits but also for aesthetically pleasing ones. However, they need attention and care; slight negligence can kill them. So, watch any signs of distress, and do your best to keep them from wilting or degrading.

Need a one-stop solution? You can instantly choose planters from the Arcedior shop and connect yourself with nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plants are best suited for office spaces?

Plants that require low light levels and low humidity and still have plant mass are ideal for office spaces. Office plants should not have a high growth rate as these need periodical pruning and are high-maintenance. 
Instead, you may opt for medium-growth plants as they require less care and are easy to maintain. In the forest, many plants grow below the large trees and thrive on the ground. These plants are adaptive to low sunlight exposure and damp surface, thus making them an ideal species for office plants.

How many plants should I have in my office?

An office may have a minimum of 2 plants. As the number is not big, it is easily manageable. If the floor space is ample, you can have bonsai trees, braided money plants, and even build a paludarium. In contrast, less space can be beautified by pots, planters, and vases too. You may use your office wall to hang the planters and plants. Desk planters can also be added to have a life around you. The point is to keep the number of plants and sizes as much as you can manage.

What is the best way to care for office plants?

Dusting the leaves, watering them periodically, and optimum sunlight exposure are the crucial ways to take care of the office plants. If you’re not a caretaker, then use less-maintenance plants. You may also need to cut the dead and faded leaves, as these can affect the decoration of your office space. 

Do office plants require a lot of maintenance?

The office plants are generally low- maintenance plants, so they do not require much maintenance. However, watering and exposing them to sunlight optimally is fundamental to maintaining and sustaining the office plants. Fertilizer can be added occasionally to enhance plant growth, but it is optional. They do not require much maintenance, but they need continuous monitoring.

Which are the best office plants for low-light conditions?

ZZ plants, snake plants, pothos, lucky bamboo, and spider plants are some of the best office plants that can thrive under low-light conditions. Sciophytes are shade-loving plants and are the best choice for office plants. Examples are java moss and club moss, which can make aquariums look more attractive.

How do you care for office plants to keep them healthy and thriving?

The three keys to healthy and thriving office plants are:
1. Maintaining soil moisture levels can be done by optimally watering the plant.
2. Keeping humidity and temperature as required as they affect the plant growth rate.
3. Dust off the leaves as the dust settles on indoor plants
You may need to change the pot as the plant grows. It will give them space to live and sustain longer.

How do you choose the right plant for your office based on lighting, temperature, and humidity?

Temperature (cool, moderate, and warm), lighting (low, medium, and bright), and humidity (optimum 30-40%) are the variables that need to be considered while choosing an office plant. In addition, there are tropical plants, temperate plants, arid plants, bryophytes, and even grasses, which have particular requirements to grow. Finally, the selection of office plants should be based on the necessity of office decor. 

What are some common mistakes to avoid when maintaining office plants?

However, the following mistakes can be avoided:
1. Watering above and below the requirement will cause early wilting
2. Using pots without holes will make the roots soggy
3. Leaving plants in direct sunlight will scorch the leaves
4. Using incorrect pot sizes will hamper the growth of plants.
5. Not choosing the right plant as per the room height.
Solid (soil in the plant), liquid (watering the plant), and light (sunlight exposure) need to be in balance to maintain the office plants.

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  • Multi-Utility-Metal-Planter: Casa Decor
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