5 Best Eco-friendly Masala Box to Organize Your Spices in Style

masala box

Do you want to carry a big jar of salt to scoop only one spoon? Then, it would be best to have a masala box near you to cook fast and delicious meals. In regional languages, it is also known as masala dani, masala dabba, and spice box. 

You must have seen it in a famous TV show Master Chef, in your home, at restaurants, in cooking workshops, or in cooking classes. They are refilled from time to time as the quantity decrease. 

In the modern period, it has evolved from a simple wooden spice box into a glass, metallic, and stone masala dabbas. A transparent cover makes checking the number of masalas that need to be refilled easier.

The need to use fresh and aromatic spices in Indian cuisine has led to the invention of the masala box. It can accommodate salt, turmeric, chilly powder, chilly pepper, and coriander powder in one place.

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Aesthetic Indian Spice Box With Brass Lid

Masala box is a compact, portable kitchenware that only takes up a little counter space. Since the ancient age, brass has been used in kitchens as utensils, cookware, and tableware. The health benefits of brass are remarkable and can be seen in Indian households. The spice box with a brass lid brings aesthetic appeal to the kitchen decor.

Brass Spice BoxSource: Courtyard
Brass Spice Box

Amber Masala dani is a durable brass spice box. The spice box comes with 7 katoris encased in a brass container with floral patterns etched on the lid. A knob at the top of the lid enables a tight grip while opening the masala box. 


  1. The lid is etched with floral patterns. 
  2. It has a knob to open and close the box easily. 

Eco-Friendly Wooden Masala Box

Wood is a natural material that has been in use since time immemorial. The natural abundance and insulative properties of wood make it an excellent choice for kitchenware. It is entirely biodegradable and thus an eco-friendly material. The surface of wooden boxes may become uneven over time. Therefore, you can occasionally sand the wood to keep it tidy and clean.

wooden masala boxSource: Nestroots
Wooden Masala Box

Wooden Masala Box is a compact and portable design of masala dabba with a printed pink lid. It can be placed on the center table. It can also be used to store dry fruits and candies. It looks great when placed on a kitchen platform or tabletop.

The airtight spice box leaves no space for incoming air and water. To prevent termites, pre-treated wood is used to manufacture this wooden masala dabba.


  1. It is made of termite-proof wood.
  2. It features an enamel coating on the lid that complements teak wood. 

Bring a 3-Jars Wooden Spice Box To Your Kitchen

Space crunch? No need to worry. Now you have 6 jars of masala dabba to keep essential spices. Jars can hold more quantity of spices than the containers of the box. Each jar has separate lids that prevent cross-contamination among the spices. All you have to do is keep the six daily-use spices in their containers and top them off as needed.

wooden spice box for kitchenSource: Houmn
Wooden Masala Box for Kitchen

Iris jars set is a set of 3 jars of masala dabba made of mango wood. These can be your tea-coffee-sugar jars. The curved ends make the handling more accessible and can be moved around the kitchen. 

The natural color of the wood and its rings will surely add an exquisite touch to your kitchenware. The smooth and shiny surface of masala dabba can charm interior decor. The wooden spice box is kept in dry and dark places to prevent the discoloration of spices. 


  1. Lids in teal green decorated with natural flowers. 
  2. Unique feature: Mango wood is durable and eco-friendly. 

Experience rainbow with 7-Jars Masala Dabba 

Bring a magical number of rainbow colors to your kitchen. 7- jars brass spice box is a must addition to your kitchen if you find your traditional spice box smaller. It can be a perfect gift to newlyweds and at Grah Pravesh. 

7 jars brass masala dabbaSource: Kansyam
7-Jars Masala Dabba

Brass Traditional Spice Box is a must-include in every kitchen. It comes in handy in storing the cooking ingredients such as spices and herbs.

The brass lid prevents the spices from coming in contact with moisture. The hammered texture brings the authenticity of the spice box. This beautiful 7-jars brass spice box brightens up the kitchen cabinet and complements well with a modular kitchen. 


  1. It features hammered brass on the outside.
  2. A designer knob at the top of the lid. 

Modern Spice Box For Kitchen

If you’ve revamped your traditional kitchen into a modular kitchen, then a modern spice box will allure your kitchen. A separate lid for every container keeps the flavor and aroma fresh. Masala Box is your go-to companion when preparing a healthy and delicious meal for your family.

Modern spice boxSource: Nestroots
Modern Modish Spice Box

A Modish Box is a modern spice box that stands out from the rest of the kitchen appliances. It has five spaces where detachable jars are kept. A knob at the center makes the work easy to carry around a kitchen.

The holder is made of mango wood, and the jars are made of stainless steel with a gold finish. It is an open-style modern spice box that increases the jars’ accessibility and visibility.


  1. Each jar is detachable.
  2. A round design with two floors increases the visibility of spices.


Now you’ve got an idea about variations in a masala box. You have multiple options, from a whole wooden to a stainless steel material. A wooden box is strong, lasts longer, looks elegant, and may be passed down through the generations as an inheritance. The spice box, as discussed, is more than just a place for storage. You can choose your masala box for your kitchen here and grab the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these masala boxes easy to clean?

Yes, masala boxes are very easy to clean. You need to wipe the box and lid with a wet cloth. And then, a gentle wipe from a dry cloth will give you stain free surface. Using a mild chemical agent to clean the spice box would be best. It should not be cleaned daily, but once a week is fine.

Which material is best for masala box?

Wood is the best material for masala boxes. It is an insulator, which makes it suitable for being around a kitchen. It would not get heated up quickly if kept over a hot surface. It is a non-reactive material, making it easy to take care of a wooden box. A wipe with a damp cloth will be enough to clean a wooden spice box. 

Should masala box be airtight?

Yes, the masala box needs to be airtight. It prevents the spices from getting in contact with air and water. In addition, an airtight container prevents such deterioration as moisture leads to discoloration and fungus growth in the spices. The airtight boxes keep the herbs and spices’ natural flavor, aroma, and color. It also keeps on checking the spilling of the masala while carrying it around the kitchen.

What is the use of a masala box?

The primary use of a masala box is to store spices safely and securely. It enables easy access to various spices at once. When you have a spice box, you don’t need big jars for each spice while cooking.
1. It is a multipurpose box and can be used for different purposes around a home. 
2. It can be used as a sewing kit and keep all the needles, thread rolls, and sewing accessories in one place. 
3. It can be a chocolate box storing candies, toffees, and chocolates. 
4. It can be a first aid box used for an emergency. 
5. It is a perfect gift for loved ones. It can be given at housewarmings, to newly wedded couples, and to restaurant openings. 
6. It is a perfect kitchen accessory that enhances the kitchen decor.

What is a masala box called?

Masala box in Indian cuisine is also known as masala dani. It is a box with compartments where you store a small quantity of spices. The compartments can be detachable or permanent inside a box. Its lid prevents the spices and herbs from getting in contact with moisture. In some households, it is a piece of heirloom that transfers from generation to generation.


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