9 Beautiful Bed Headboard Designs to Sleep in Style

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Call it a day and immerse in the plush bed while a beautiful bed headboard protects and comforts your tired body. Of course, we’re not personifying a headboard, but that’s how you will feel around a beautiful headboard design while you sleep in style. 

Creativity is a style that needs strong imagination and willpower to execute it. Oars, open books, dried leaves and flowers, photos, dream catchers, and bookcases are tried and tested headboard ideas. Adding a mute-colored headboard will make the room appear bigger, whereas darker shades exude royalty and class.

Come with us, and we will take you on a journey of headboards from wooden to metallic materials and halt at each station to shop

Rustic Charm Rattan Headboard 

rattan headboardSource: Lagu
Organic Rattan Headboard

Black is an organic headboard that is made of wood and rattan. It is eco-friendly and sustainable in nature. It is rectangular in shape and built in a modern style. It is 70.9 in long, 1.6 in deep, and 47.2 in tall. A first-grade rattan headboard is handwoven. It gives a simple and natural feel to your bedroom. In addition, the gaps in the hand-woven headboard make it breathable.

What’s more?  

  1. Rattan is a strong, light, and supple material.
  2. To polish the rattan headboard, apply hot linseed oil once a year. 

Elegant Grey Headboard

Carina Grey HeadboardSource: Armis Bedding
Carina Grey Headboard

What’s in the middle of black and white? GREY. There is an inherent quality in this cool color that brings a sophisticated, calm, and modernist vibe to the place. 

Carina is a headboard that is a must addition to your minimalist and contemporary settings. The gray color symbolizes wisdom and experience, which surely emanates when placed in a modern bedroom style. It also balances the different colors you have used in the bedroom’s interiors.

What’s more? 

  1. A grey headboard works well with minimalist decor. 
  2. Grey can be both: warm color and cool color. Interesting, right?

Shiny Metal Headboard

Contemporary Balls Metal HeadboardSource: Boheme Design
Contemporary Balls Metal Headboard

Sleep luxuriously with this metal Balls headboard. It is sturdy and washable. It is made of steel with a surface treatment based on manual polishing and re-polishing and joined by welding to get a shiny metal headboard. The glossy nickel finish makes the stones shine at their best and will brighten the bedroom. 

What’s more? 

  1. Metal headboards are easy to clean and are durable. 
  2. It’s impossible to resist the allure of metal’s sheen.

Lively White Headboard

white headboardSource: Arvestyle
Lively White Headboard

Bring AS white headboard to your bedroom, adding charm and sophistication to your style. It is 213 cm long, 5 cm wide, and 170 cm tall. The rectangular-shaped lively white headboard can make the area look bigger and blend with the decor. It is made of wood, which makes it durable. In addition, it features diamond-shaped tufted upholstery.

The classical design in upholstery makes you feel the grandeur and will elevate your sleeping experience. 

What’s more? 

  1. A white headboard makes the bedroom look bigger.
  2. Also, white represents cleanliness and newness in furniture. 

Back To Nature With Wood Headboard

Classic Wood HeadboardSource: ALEXNADRA
Classic Wood Headboard

Bring this dreamy wood headboard Sissi and sleep comfortably right under heaven. It is a rectangular headboard designed in classical style. The golden floral motifs at the top of the upholstered headboard give it a royal and classical look, which you might have seen in fairy books. The wood headboard is framed by golden pillars that are ornated with golden lotus. 

What’s more?  

  1. It is a classic choice to have in a bedroom.
  2. Wood represents family, health, and prosperity. 

Luxurious Leather Headboard

Sella Fabric and Leather HeadboardSource: Colunex
Sella Fabric and Leather Headboard

Sella is an attractive leather headboard that is 190cm long and 120cm tall. It holds true with the leather and fabric materials in the upholstery technique. It is built in a contemporary style in a rectangular shape. The combination of primary fabric and the vertical stripes is inspired by the Sella River and its iconic bridge. 

Beautiful metallic bars connect the fabric and leathery stripes, making it a statement piece in a bedroom. The vertical leather stripes are functional as they can hold the objects and excel in their handmade sewing finish. 

What’s more? 

  1. Leather has inherent water resistance quality. 
  2. Each leather headboard is unique due to the distinctive pattern of the leather material.

Bold Black Headboard

Black HeadboardSource: Colunex
Black Headboard

A timeless headboard, Plateau is a modular creation in black color that is classy in every sense. It is a simple, versatile design that suits modern and minimalist settings. It is embellished with leather bands and unique side trims.

What’s more? 

  1. Black is a timeless color. Period. 
  2. The black headboard can blend with any interior decor. 

Royal Velvet Headboard

green velvet headboardSource: Brabbu
Iraya Green Velvet Headboard

Sleep like royals with this Iraya velvet headboard that is built in a contemporary style. On a large scale, this rectangular velvet headboard represents a pattern where interlaced straws are used in basketry. In addition, this upholstered headboard in velvet fabric adds extra comfort to any modern bed. 

What’s more? 

  1. Velvet has a short, dense, and flat pile; thus, upholstery in velvet fabric is pet friendly.
  2. Soft and shiny, that’s what a velvety appearance means.

Soft Fabric Headboard

Allure Fabric Bed HeadboardSource: Colunex
Allure Fabric Headboard

Allure is a comfy fabric headboard embellished with modern details. Take one glance at it, and it will surely charm you in a way that none has before. The headboard is magnificent thanks to the fine fabric’s refinement and velvet’s timeless appeal. The sturdy metallic appliques give the bed a fearless air. It clearly depicts the convergence of two distinct vibes: boldness and elegance. 

What’s more? 

  1. The fabric ensures the longevity of the upholstered headboard. 
  2. The fabric headboard is comfortable to lean on. 


We’ve arrived at our destination, and you’ve stopped at each location to look at the lovely headboard designs. From classical wooden headboards to contemporary metallic ones, you now have ample choices to makeover your bedroom in style. Life gives you many chances to revamp your bedroom settings, such as a home for newlyweds, relocating due to a transfer in job or education, or rebuilding your house. Therefore, occassionem carpe, and bring out your personality and creativity.

Shop exclusive handmade headboards at Arcedior and beautify your bed for comfort and sleep. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most comfortable headboard material?

Cotton fabric in the upholstered headboard is the most comfortable material. It is a lint-free and breathable fabric. Cotton is lightweight and needs frequent vacuuming. You may install a padded or tufted headboard in a cotton material. An upholstery of cotton material will support your neck and back and maintain your upright position while reading, writing, or working on a laptop in bed. 

Which is the best color for a bed headboard?

Dark colors are ideal for headboards because they reduce the visibility of dust and filth. A headboard in dark purple, brick red and black exudes luxury and class. Whereas dark brown, grey, and blue radiate positive energy. You should choose the headboard color that contrasts or blends with your interior decor. 

Are rattan headboards good?

Yes, rattan headboards are good for bed. It is a flexible material; therefore, you may shape it into a desirable shape. Usually, a play of knots and stripes is played with the rattan. However, they are durable and easy to clean. In addition, they give a rustic appearance to the bedroom, thus favoring minimalist and Scandinavian decor. 

Is a leather headboard good for Feng Shui?

The leather headboard is good in Feng Shui for people with masculine energy. The upholstered leather headboard is considered good because it provides comfort and support to the body. A leather headboard that is tall, curved, or round in leather is best in Feng Shui because it creates a smooth flow of energy in bedrooms. 

Are metal headboards durable?

Yes, metal hardboards are sturdy, which is why they are durable. Their build is strong, easy to assemble, and clean. A galvanized metal, such as steel or iron, prevents the metal from rusting, thus, should be used for making a headboard. Designers use metal because it can be easily formed into any shape, allowing them to realize their creative vision. 


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