9 Designer Headboard Ideas for a Chic Bedroom Makeover

Iraya headboard

Do you like to read on a bed during the night? If yes, then you surely need a comfy and elegant headboard to lean on while reading or writing. Headboards provide support and stability to the bed. If you’re considering installing an upholstered headboard, it gives you a cushiony comfort to your neck and back, whereas a pallet headboard will add a rustic vibe to your bedroom. 

If you want to bring a personal touch to your headboards, you must come up with unique headboard ideas that bring out your personality and belief. We know that deciding where to begin can be difficult, and that is why we have curated headboard ideas that will match your style and budget. Let’s go. 

Comfy Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered headboardSource: Colunex
Fabric and Leather Upholstered Headboard

Try an upholstered headboard to give your headboard a more rich, more beautiful style. You need a wooden frame, foam, soft batting, and fabric. Voila! For upholstery, you may use cotton, linen, leather, polyester, or silk. 

Noble is an upholstered headboard that is simple and versatile in design. To create this elegant rectangular upholstered headboard, two different fabrics are used (cloth and leather). 

Two upholstery materials, fabric, and leather, are used.

Wall Mounted Headboard

wall mounted headboard ideasSource: OYOY
Wall Mounted Headboard Design

If you have a small bedroom, then a wall mounted headboard is what you need. It fixes to the wall, which makes it more stable and durable than the other headboards. In addition, it saves floor space and is easy to install without any hassle. 

You may use decorative, upholstered, or rattan-mounted headboards. They serve both functional and decorative purposes. If you’re facing difficulty while installing a mounted headboard, then call an expert for hassle-free installation. 

Elegant Tufted Headboard

tufted headboardSource: Modenese Gastone
Tufted Headboard

The fabric is sewn into the frame and is decorated with buttons or knots. It safely keeps fabric and frames together. As the fabric is tufted within a few inches apart, the pattern won’t sag readily and thus last longer. The comfort factor of a tufted headboard is its unspoken benefit.

The Art is a deserving tufted headboard for your fashionable bedroom because of its regal and clean colors, white and silver. What distinguishes this headboard from the others is the inward bend in the center of the headboard. 

 It features a free-form shape that sets it apart from other headboards. 

Headboard With Storage

Headboard with storageSource: Barel
2 in 1 Headboard with Storage

2 in 1 headboard with storage, i.e., functional and decorative features in one piece of furniture, is one of the most commonly struck headboard ideas. You can have a mounted headboard with storage to save floor space. Or, you can have a full headboard with drawers, small cabinets, or shelves. 

You can have an upholstered headboard with surprise storage space or simply a pallet headboard with ornamentation of racks and drawers. 

Classic Full Headboard

full headboard ideasSource: Arvestyle
Full Headboard with Tufted Upholstery

It covers the full length of your bed. You may have a full headboard for all sizes, such as queen, king, or twin beds. Some headboards are curved inside at the outer ends and give an outlook of the complete frame of the bed. In addition, you may have upholstered, padded, pallet, or simply decorative full headboard to accentuate your bedroom.

Shades of white are enhanced by the fabric used in AS 1815. The aesthetic diamond pattern in a classic wooden profile gives the full headboard a distinct and imposing identity. 

The full headboard is a tufted upholstery in a contemporary style.

Bibliophilic Bookcase Headboard

bookcase headboardSource: Norya
Bookcase Headboard

Do you know who will love one of these academic headboard ideas? Bibliophiles or book lovers. They can be a student, academicians, librarians, or store owners. You can have drawers, shelves, racks, or a combination of these to place your favorite books. 

The bookcase headboard does not take up your floor space and gives you extra storage space. You can have an open or closed bookcase headboard, per your style and design of interior decor. 

Make sure you get a bookcase headboard that is the proper size for your bed. Upholstered, wooden, glass, or shelves are some of the headboard ideas for bookcase headboards.

Coziest Padded Headboard

padded headboard ideasSource: Colunex
Padded Headboard Design

Install the coziest headboard ideas to your bedroom that will take your back and neck pain away. A padded headboard gives your bedroom a comfortable, warm, and cozy touch that can match any decor. The upholstery of fabric, velvet, or leather is done on vertical or horizontal wooden planks to make them padded. 

Attitude is one of the most incredible designer headboard ideas for your bedroom makeover. You will become addicted to its comfort and peaceful design because it is the coziest padded headboard. It is tailored for your comfort and natural sleep. 

It covers more space, including beds and nightstands.

Whimsy Rounded Headboard

Rounded HeadboardSource: Barel
Rounded Headboard

There are many headboard ideas to create a rounded headboard. These are shaped round at the above that can be achieved by many means. For example, you may use an upholstered headboard that is round at the top. You can arrange oars in a round shape to mirror the ripples. Additionally, a padded, rounded headboard is one of the most fashionable ideas for your bedroom. 

You need to prioritize your interior decor, which needs to blend with a rounded headboard. Although it is a traditional and vintage style, it is no less than an elegant and luxe headboard if it is remodeled with contemporary headboard ideas.

A Touch Of Rustic Pallet Headboard

pallet headboardSource: Maronese ACF
Rustic Pallet Headboard

Bring a rustic touch to your bedroom with this pallet headboard. It is a wooden headboard joined or without space, fixed to the wall or bed. These are handmade headboards and are affordable. In addition, due to the availability of pallets, they are eco-friendly. 

You may paint them to match your interior or leave them to add a rustic look to your decor. Just make sure to carefully treat and sand the pallets before creating a headboard out of them.


So, we learned that headboards are more than decorative furniture. A headboard with storage is a functional headboard that is in trend considering modern necessities. We have covered all the designer headboard ideas for a chic bedroom makeover, from wooden to metallic materials and traditional to contemporary styles. At Arcedior, you will get amazing headboard ideas for your personal space. A huge collection of high-end and exclusive headboards are available. Pick the option that best suits your preferences and sense of style here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have a headboard?

Yes, it is necessary to have a headboard. The headboard protects your bed from abrasion. It gives you support and stability and adds a unique touch to the bedroom. Headboards can be functional, decorative, or serve both purposes. Functionality is a feature of headboards with drawers, racks, or storage compartments. Upholstery and pallet headboards are the decorative features of headboards.

What design style is a tufted headboard?

A tufted headboard is a type of upholstered headboard. Any textured or leather fabric is sewn to the foam-covered wooden frame. Knots and buttons are used to decorate the seams. This method gives the headboard a padded and luxurious feel. The fabric is firmly attached to the frame, so it won’t deform for a long time.

How to decorate a bed with a headboard?

You may use a full headboard or headboard with storage to decorate the bed. You may use tufted headboards for sober decor or pallet headboards to add a rustic touch. The headboard with storage space is perfect for placing your items, such as reading glasses, eye pads, mobile phones, or water bottles.

How do I make a pallet headboard?

There are four steps to make a pallet headboard:
1. Sand the pallets with sandpaper sheets or rolls. 
2. Treat it with chemical solutions to prevent termite attacks.
3. You may paint the pallets in colors or finish them to get the natural features to get highlighted. 
4. Join pallets, with or without gaps, within a frame. 

Are padded headboard a good choice for beds?

Yes, a padded headboard is a good choice for a bed. It is a sleek and voguish design of upholstery headboards. It is a combination of pallet and upholstery headboards. You use wooden pallets or planks and then wrap them with fabric to bring upholstery. Then several such upholstered planks are attached to make a padded headboard. 

Are upholstered headboards still in?

Yes, upholstered headboards are in style. The striking diamonds and circular tufts are modified to the demands of the contemporary lifestyle. The vertical and horizontal tufts; the decoration of stitches with knots and buttons are the modern ways to decorate upholstered headboards. Upholstery makes a statement addition to the bedroom and symbolizes luxury and elegance.

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