11 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Your Dad Will Love

fathers day gift items

You’re doing a wonderful job,
And so we’d like to convey
Our respect and admiration;
Happy Father’s Day!Joanna Fuchs (writer)

Also, a famous evangelist, Billy Graham, once said that fathers are the most unsung, unnoticed, and unpraised figures in our life and valuable assets to our society.

So let’s take a moment to recognize your father’s lifetime of dedication to you. And what’s a better way to celebrate his day? Gift him and shower him with love. Below are some amazing and practical Father’s Day gift ideas to surprise and celebrate him.

Bookends for Reader Dad

Colossals BookendsSource: Casa Decor
Colossals Bookends

Colossals are aluminum bookends in silver color. These artistic displays of human figurines are a modern way of representing the endurance of humans to gain and hold knowledge from books. 

Why gift bookends?

  • They keep books straight.
  • They make the place look tidy and organized.

Modern Desk Clock

Agate Natural Table ClockSource: Gemtherapy
Agate Natural Table Clock

Natural is an agate desk clock featuring an abstract shape. The natural shade of the agate stone with gilded edge and Roman numerals is breathtakingly awesome. 

This beautifully crafted desk clock will surely accentuate your father’s desk and bring calmness and peace to his life. 

Why gift a desk clock?

  • It keeps track of the time of every task. 
  • Because of the larger size, you can tell the time from a distance. 

Upgrade Dad’s Desk: Modern Table Lamp

Vartula Modern Table LampSource: Studio Indigene
Vartula Modern Table Lamp

Vartula is a modern table lamp made of reclaimed teak wood and brass. It is designed in a classical style and uses indirect lighting for illumination. 

The wooden body resembles the grandfather’s clock and is a perfect Father’s Day gift idea. As this product is handmade, minor imperfections should be neglected. 

Why gift a modern table lamp?

  • It is a symbol of positivity and elegance.
  • This is for your Dad, who loves to read at night. 

Mix And Sip: Essential Bar Tools

Bar ToolsSource: Logam
Essential Bar Tools

Loop bar tools are the trendiest Father’s Day gift ideas. It is a stylish addition to your Dad’s bar setup. You will get a double jigger, corkscrew, and a bottle opener, all in a gold finish. It is lightweight, easy to hold, and made of stainless steel. 

Why gift bar tools and accessories?

  • It spruces up the mixologist Dad’s bar setup.
  • It comes in handy while preparing the drinks.

Toast To Dad: Wine Glasses 

Wine GlassesSource: Rustic Horse
Wine Glasses

Drinking connoisseur? Then gifting wine glasses is one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for your loving Dad. Onyx is a handmade wine glass with black stems that exudes brilliance and elegance. 

The Boro thermic glasses are durable and look shiny in the long run. These artistic cocktail glasses are an excellent addition to your Dad’s bar collection and as a conversation starter. 

Why gift wine glasses?

  • The wine connoisseur appreciates these.
  • These are an excellent addition to big gatherings. 

Carry It With Style: Trendy Keyrings

agate keychainsSource: Gemtherapy
Agate Keychains

Agate keyrings are uniquely designed and have healing properties. The semi-precious stone will ensure you receive vibrations all day. Agate stones bring positive vibes, balance, and harmony to life. 

Your Dad is surely going to love it if you personalize the keyrings with an inspirational quote about your father or his name on it. It is a practical, unique, and portable Father’s Day gift idea. 

Why gift keyrings?

  • It holds sentimental and personal feelings.
  • It keeps the important keys altogether.

Framing Memories: Photo Frame

Metal photo frame as gift itemsSource: Casa Decor
Photo Frame as Gift Items

Argento Metallo is a handmade photo frame made by local artisans in India. The metallic body adds a modern touch to your Dad’s desktop or side table. 

Photo frames are high-utility Father’s Day gift ideas in which he would frame his memories with family and dear ones.

Why gift a photo frame?

  • It holds an emotional place for displaying memories.
  • It gives an aesthetic appeal to your Dad’s workspace or personal space. 

Explore World Globe With Dad

Black World GlobeSource: Casa Decor
Black World Globe

For your travel freak Dad, Mono Utopia is the best gift to make his day. It gives a rustic vibe with its metallic base and arc. In addition, it is unique from the traditional globes, as the land is depicted in black color and the water body is in gray. 

Why gift a world globe?

  • It always stays in style. 
  • It is used as an educational and decorative item

Desk Organizer Tray To Make His Life Easy

wood desk organizer traySource: Studio Indigene
Desk Organizer Tray

If your Dad’s workstation is a mess, Taksh is what you should gift him. It is a hand-carved desk organizer tray made from reclaimed teak wood. The shape and design of the tray are simple and modern. 

This product has holes for keeping pencils, a slot for placing mobile, and a wavy design to place small linear items. Keep it away from direct sunlight. 

Why gift a desk organizer tray?

  • It is the best addition to the desktop.
  • It declutters the desk and keeps it tidy. 

Two-Wheeled Delights: Modern Sculpture

Modern sculpture bikeSource: Casa Decor
Adventurous Ride Sculpture

Fan of Fast and Furious? Give your Dad an Adventurous Ride Accent, and he will surely cherish this bike. This modern sculpture is made of aluminum and is available in gold and silver. 

This elegant tabletop blends well with modern accessories and decor items. You should choose the sculpture representing the recipient’s beliefs and likings.  

Why gift a modern sculpture? 

  • It is a thoughtful gesture that demonstrates your effort when giving a gift.
  • It is a unique and personal gifting option. 

Stylish Ash Tray

AshtraySource: Half Dot
Wooden Ashtray

The line is a cylindrical shaped wooden ash tray with curves carved at one end to hold cigarettes. It is handy in size and thus portable. 

The tasteful design of this simple ash tray can also be used as a desk accessory. The wooden ashtrays are versatile Father’s Day gift ideas and suit mid-century or traditional home decor styles. 

Why gift an ash tray? 

  • It is also a desktop accessory.
  • It helps in stealthy and clean smoking. 


Father’s Day is not just an ordinary day but a day for appreciation and recognition of your father. Make this day more special for him with the unique Father’s Day gift ideas that we have just discussed. Are you searching for unique Father’s Day gift ideas and struggling to get them in one place? Then, access our practical and decorative collection for your handsome father from Arcedior’s shop. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular gift on Father’s Day?

Bar tool is the most popular gift on Father’s Day. It is the most versatile and practical gift that your father can enjoy with his friends. The bar tools include glasses, jiggers, shakers, stirrers, tongs, and corkscrews. It is handy when your father is going on an adventurous trip, family vacation, or couple’s date. 

Should I buy a Father’s Day gift?

Yes, you must buy a Father’s Day gift. It is a day when you can shower affection and love for your father with the help of gifts. With amazing Father’s Day gift ideas, such as bookends, bar tools, or desk clocks, you have plenty of options to give a present to your father. 

Why is Fathers Day special?

Father’s Day is special because you appreciate the men in your life on that day. People celebrate the day to value the constant presence of fathers or father figures. You can make this day more special by gifting him items that are related to his hobbies or interests. He will cherish those gifts forever. 

What kind of gift to give a father?

Give your father a gift he uses during his free time or at work. For example, bookends or desk organizer trays are both functional as well as decorative items that he can use at the office or home. Similarly, photo frames and modern sculptures are decorative items that he will enjoy looking at.

Which gift is best for father from daughter?

A daughter might give her father a picture of the two of them in a photo frame. The photo frame is a medium through which your father can travel back to the time when that photo was captured. A framed photo refreshes the memory of your togetherness and happy moments.

How can I surprise my Father’s Day?

You can surprise him by gifting desk accessories or taking him to the restaurant. There are many Father’s Day gift ideas to make his day more special. Gift your bookworm father beautiful bookends, or if he loves drinks, then wine glasses are the perfect gifting option. Surprise him with a warm hug and appreciate him for always being there for you.

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