17 Amazing Candle Holders For Every Occasion

Candle Holders

With an increase in users of electric lights in the modern age, candles have their own importance that cannot be denied. Candles are considered auspicious and thus used in festive occasions, sacred ceremonies, and cultural celebrations. Candle stands are tools that support candles and illuminate the space safely. 

From grand weddings to sacred rituals, candle holders are one of the decorative items that have been in use for ages. They give stability to candles and ensure proper burning. 

Stay with us to discover amazing candle holders that you may use from New Year’s Eve to the end-of-the-year Christmas party.

Iconic Green Agate Candle Holder

Green agate candle holderSource: Gemtherapy
Green Agate Candle Holder

Agate is a semiprecious stone that has healing properties and radiates good vibes. The small size is ideal for holding tealight candles. This golden-rimmed holder is perfect for this festival. You can also use it in living areas on the center table or to highlight artworks and architectural features. 

Badnore Hanging Tea Light For Festivals

Hanging Tea Light For FestivalsSource: Courtyard
Hanging Tealight Holder

Any festive decoration is incomplete without a hanging light. Badnore is -designed in a Mughal style – suitable for both indoor and outdoor. The intricate details are etched in powder-coated metal in an antique gold finish. 

Calisto Handblown Glass Tea Light

Glass Tealight candle holderSource: Rustic Horse
Glass Tealight holder

Lighten up your space with glass candle holders that are aesthetic and visually appealing. These tealight holders are available in grey, jade green, ocean blue, and yellow. These are handmade by skilled artisans; thus, minor changes should not be construed as flaws.

Calla Lily Garden Sticks

Garden Stick Candle HolderSource: Studio Saswata
Garden Stick Candle Holder

The creative design can make the garden or potted plants glow with the light. Bronze garden sticks are coiled in the middle to accommodate a candle holder. The added advantage of garden sticks is that you can adjust the height of the stick by digging in or filling the planter.

Candle Hurricane Lantern Grey Woven Leather

Candle Hurricane LanternSource: Serein Decor
Candle Hurricane

The body is made of glass on a steel base and decorated with hand-woven leather. The design of the lantern protects the flame from wind and water. You can use large and small sizes to create a dynamic look. Why not share a light? Gift these amazing lanterns to your near and dear ones on festive occasions.

Celestial Tea Light Candle Holder – White

Marble Tealight Candle HolderSource: Studio Saswata
Marble Tealight Candle Holder

Do you cherish history? Then this unique tealight holder is for you. This tealight holder is made of marble and decorated with brass work on top. It goes with boho, traditional, and Moroccan home decor styles because of the brass pattern on both black and white marble. The round shape of the candle holder is perfect for a centerpiece in the living room, dining room, or on the outdoor table. 

Deep- Mandir Diya Set

Candle holder with Diya set Source: Courtyard
Mandir Diya with Candle Holder Set

A unique combination of brass, terracotta, and iron makes this set an ideal piece of decoration for a pooja room. The design depicts the traditional values that Indian festivals and culture hold. The timeless set of hanging and table lamps is unique for gifting your loved ones this festive season.

Faceted Cube Wooden Tealights

Wooden Tealight HolderSource: Studio Indigene
Wooden Tealight Holder

These multifaceted tealight holders give your decoration an edge and add a festive flair to your decor style. It is made of acacia wood in a faceted cube shape. Adding multiple tealight holders can change the aura of living areas. These are available in a set of 3 and 6, and you can place them as a centerpiece for a lavish ambiance.

Gold Aurora Candle Stand

Candlestick Holder for Dining TableSource: Casa Decor
Candlestick Holder for Dining Table

Candlelight dinners are no less than an occasion, and people enjoy it to celebrate the bond they share. Gold Aurora can be your friend at such dinners and elevate your dining experience. The golden color has the potential to add luxury to the table and space. It is shaped like a pillar and is ideal for holding taper candles.  

Lotus Cluster Tea Light Holders

Lotus Metal Tea light HoldersSource: Studio Saswata
Metal Tea Light Holder

Illuminate the divine lotus with tea lights and take your decor style to the next step. These are available in two finishes: brass and copper. Adding lotus tealight holders will be a cherry on top during family meals, baby showers, or New Year celebrations. 

Malhar Tea Light Wall Screen

Wall Tea Light Candle holder Source: Courtyard
Tea Light Wall Screen

Utilize the vertical space with this tealight holder and lighten up the space in style. You may also use holders as diya by filling them with ghee and wick. The antique gold finish radiates traditional vibes and is suitable for festivals and celebrations. You may either hang it on walls or pooja ghar.

Mandir Hanging Candle Holder Urli

Hanging Glass Candle HolderSource: Courtyard
Hanging Glass Candle Urli

Sparkle your mandir by hanging urli. The urli is made of borosilicate glass and hangs on a chain of gold-plated beads. This decor item can hold water, flowers, and tealight effortlessly. You may also create a luxurious style by hanging multiple urli with flowers and candles this festive season. 

Radha Krishna Pichwai Tealight holder

Radha Krishna Tealight Holder
Radha Krishna Tealight Holder

Inspired by Pichwai art, this decorative tealight holder is a must-have for your pooja room. The brass body in a real silver finish will dazzle the space with its chaandi glow. The design represents a fusion of traditional and modern styles with a minimalist approach.

Romantic- Candle Holders

Marble Candle HolderSource: Half Dot
Romantic Candle Holder

‘Beauty in simplicity.’ This phrase is very well depicted in this candle stand, leaving a remarkable impression with its simple design. The two steps are big enough to hold the candle and hot wax dripping from it. The design protects the dining space from damage and facilitates your luxurious candlelight dining experience.

Marble Tealight Pillars

Marble Candle HolderSource: Studio Saswata
Marble Pillar Candle Holder

These tealight holders are made of marble and stand on a brass base. The material and design of tealights give a posh look wherever you place. These are available in three sizes, leaving you with two options: use them together as a centerpiece or place each of them in different rooms.

Vintage Glory Candle Stand Set

Wooden Candle StandSource: Casa Decor
Vintage Wooden Candle Stand

Enjoy your birthdays or anniversary dinners under the vintage glory. These handcrafted candle stands are perfect for your wooden-inspired home decor. It features a pillar-like structure that will add height to your interior decor. 

Yin Tealight Towers

Black marble Candle HolderSource: Studio Saswata
Black Marble Candle Holder

The natural veining in black marble and the shine of brass make this tealight an eye-catching decor piece. You can use them to highlight other interior decor items, such as clocks or flower vases. The opulent look of Yin makes it a perfect corporate gifting item. 


Candle holders are more than just a holder. It completes the candle setup and adds a decorative accent to the space. These have been in use for a long time, and people are still fond of them. The above-curated list is just a trailer… see the full picture, click here.

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