7 Essential Bar Tools Bartender Needs to Make Best Cocktails

Essential Bar Tools Set


Here, the metaphorical meaning of the phrase is to upgrade your bartending skills and bring professionalism with bar tools. 

And for that, you need some essential tools to elevate your bartending status from beginner to master. Right from the bottle opener to the ice tongs, we will tell you their benefits and why they are essential to include in your bar tool set. We will start from the beginning and let you through different bar tools that go with home and commercial bars. 

So let’s become a pro and elevate this game!

Let’s Open Your Bottle With An Enchanting Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is an essential bar tool to remove the caps from a bottle. It saves time and is easy to maneuver. As a bartender, you can open multiple bottles quickly, making bartending easy and comfortable. Using improper tools to open the bottles can be dangerous and might spill the drink all over the place. Thus, you need a bottle opener to minimize accidents.

Rabbit Brass Bottle OpenerSource: Home Artisan
Bottle Opener

Rabbit Brass Bottle Opener is a stylish tool that will elevate your bar view. It is made of high-quality brass. This handmade bunny is easy to hold and can open bottles hassle-free. The adorable rabbit is holding a key-shaped opener and will go with a modern or contemporary decor style.

Pull The Cork With A Corkscrew

A corkscrew is a helical bar tool to pull a cork from the head of a wine bottle. There are varieties of corkscrews, such as wine key, winged, air pump, electric, or wall-mounted corkscrew.

Corkscrew for WineSource: Nestroots

With two simple steps, you can open a wine bottle. You need to stick the helical portion of the corkscrew in a cork and twist it to drill deeper. Then pull the handle of the worm (aka corkscrew) to bring the cork out of the wine bottle. Pour it into a wine glass and enjoy.

Measure With A Jigger / Peg Measurer

The bartender uses a jigger (aka peg measurer) to measure the amount of different drinks while preparing a cocktail. It is a dual-sided tool to measure 30-60 milliliters of drinks. 

Peg MeasurerSource: Nestroots
Peg Measurer

Why is the peg measurer an important bar tool?

  • To maintain consistency in drink recipes. 
  • It ensures accurate measurement of drinks. 
  • It saves time if you’re bartending in a high-traffic bar.  
  • From home to commercial bars, it is helpful in all setups.

Shake It Up: Cocktail Shaker

A cocktail shaker mixes all the ingredients and prepares flavorful cocktails. Some people use two glasses as a shaker with an artistic flair. A typical shaker comes with a lid, making it easy to shake the drinks. Some shakers have an in-built strainer that makes the work easier. 

Cocktail ShakerSource: Nestroots
Cocktail Shaker

This Cocktail Shaker comes with four finishes to make your bartending more interesting: gold, silver, copper, and gold & copper. Made of stainless steel, it does not react with alcohol or spirit. It is suitable to prepare any drink, from Martinis to Margaritas. 

Stir to Perfection by Stirrer

Bar StirrerSource: Courtyard
Bar Stirrer

A stirrer is a long bar tool that mixes the ingredients of a cocktail. It also removes air bubbles and gives you a clear and smooth drink. Bar stirrers are easy to use and ensure a homogenous mixture of the ingredients in a cocktail. Usually, they are made of stainless steel or glass, which are easy to clean and durable in nature. Unlike the shaker, which aerates the drink, the bar stirrer gently mixes the ingredients preventing excessive dilution.

Cocktail Strainer: Separate Solids From Liquids

Cocktail StrainerSource: Nestroots
Cocktail Strainer

As we approach the final steps of preparing a cocktail, it’s time to strain it. A cocktail strainer functions like a filter and separates the solid ingredients from liquid ones. If your drink has mint leaves, pepper flakes, fruit pulp, or lemon seeds, then the strainer will separate it from the liquid part. So, enhance your bartending skill by using a strainer in an artistic way. 

Ice Tongs / Ice Scooper: Enjoy Chilled Drinks

Ice tongs help in picking up ice cubes from an ice bucket. It comes in a variety: serrated and smooth. The serrated tongs hold the ice cubes tighter and do not let them slip away. The smooth tongs make the pick-and-drop of ice cubes on drinks easier. You can scoop crushed ice with an ice scooper.

Ice TongsSource: Courtyard
Ice Tongs

Ice tongs or ice scooper ensure hygienic ice handling and prevent direct contact of the bartender’s hands with the ice. They are usually made of stainless steel, which is non-reactive with water, easy to clean, and durable.


Mixology is made easy with a comprehensive overview of essential bar tools. Isn’t it? You came to know the importance and benefits of different bar tools that will help you in making the best cocktails. Here, you’ll get more such tools in different materials and finishes. What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite tools and make some amazing cocktails!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is maintaining bar tools important?

It is important to maintain bar tools because it comes in regular contact with different types of liquid, and if not maintained properly, they may contaminate the drinks. Therefore, you should clean them to serve hygienic drinks to people.

What are the benefits of using bar tools?

Following are the benefits of using bar tools
• It increases the efficiency of the bartender.
• It also maintains the consistency of the same drinks in multiple numbers. 
• Some bar tools, such as peg measurers, ensure the precise amount of different liquids in a cocktail.
• It also elevates the visual and aesthetic appeal of the bar. 

Where to buy a bar tool set for making cocktails?

You get a complete bar tool set from Arcedior. Here, you’ll get a wide range of bar tools and sets by which you can spice up your bar.

When to replace the bar tool set?

If there are any functional issues or signs of rust, then it’s time to replace bar tools. Due to the wear and tear of these tools, they become unsafe to use anymore. With evolving needs of modern equipment, you can replace obsolete ones with new ones.

Can we use a cocktail shaker without its strainer?

Yes, you can use a shaker without a strainer. You don’t need it if your drink recipe contains all liquids.

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