10 Different Types of Beds for Every Bedroom Style

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A cozy hug from the bed is what people crave at night after a tiring day. But, have you ever wondered how much time you spend sleeping all your life? According to a study, it accounts for one-third of your life. That is crazy, yes. Assume that someone who lives for 75 years will spend around 25 of those years sleeping and dreaming. 

Indeed, sleep is the best meditation one can ever do. But if it is such an essential factor in human life, then there must be no discomfort while falling asleep. So what is the most crucial component to enjoying the comfort of sleep? Definitely, a nice bed. Yes, it would help to have this plush, soft, comfortable, and cozy piece of bedroom furniture to relax and cuddle up in warm throws and blankets after a long trip. 

We know that the variety of beds in the market makes selecting the one that best meets your needs challenging. Therefore, to assist you, we have assembled a selection of different types of beds that are the most fashionable and practical. 

Double Bed: Ideal for Two 

A double bed is made to accommodate two average-sized people onto it easily. This is the ideal bed for standard rooms, also known as the full-length bed. It comes between a twin bed and a queen-sized bed. You can also consider this bed for a single person if he needs more space. The upholstered double bed is what you should be looking for to get relaxed and take a nap.

Bedroom furnitureSource: SM Living Couture
10 Different Types of Beds for Every Bedroom Style 12

Exude the royalty into your bedroom with the Vincent. This double bed is an elegant piece of furniture adored in the beautiful combination of grey color with fabric as the upholstery material and a high headboard to support the head and neck.


  • Upholstered Headboard
  • Modern Italian Style

Platform Bed: Simple and Sturdy 

If you feel more comfortable with the beds having lower height, choose the platform bed. This bed does not have the spring and other kinds of box foundation; instead has a large base foundation made of wood and metal that supports the mattresses without letting them sag or stoop low. It is a low-height and rectangular-shaped flat bed perfect for people who prefer low profile in smaller apartments.

Platform BedSource: Marco Corti Collection
Simple Platform Bed

Set your bedroom apart with the simple yet elegant platform bed. It is covered in beautiful neutral colors that will blend with the subtle color of home decor to give a sophisticated look. 


  • It comes without springs or boxes
  • Do not let the mattresses sag

Accommodate More with Trundle Bed

Do you have little space in the bedroom but still want to accommodate more people? Then, use a trundle bed. These types of beds are single in nature but still accommodate two people. This piece of furniture has another mattress underneath the primary mattress that can easily be rolled out and inside as needed. 

Trundle BedSource: Ugurlu
Trundle Bed

Trundle bed is able to provide sufficient space for sleeping two persons in the form of a single bed. In addition, it has frames attached to the sides that can easily be rolled out and pushed inside when not in use. This is a perfect space-saving option to consider for your bedroom.


  • Two-in-one bed
  • It takes less floor space

Roll up with Futon Bed

Futon is a Japanese word that refers to a mattress that does not have springs and can easily be rolled up when not in use. The futon bed can be converted into a sofa by folding the mattress when you need to have a calming sleep. 

Futon BedSource: Innovation Living
Futon Bed Design

These types of beds are composed of frames, mattresses, and covers. These bed frames can be made of iron or wood, and the covered mattress sits comfortably on the bed.


  • Mattress without spring
  • Easy to roll down mattress

Canopy Bed: Unveil The Charm 

A canopy bed is sure to give you a royal feel. Featured in movies and dramas, this canopy bed sets the bedroom apart with its aesthetic presence. These types of beds come in round and rectangular shapes with a canopy so that the curtains can hang onto them. 

The main benefit of this canopy bed is that the curtains protect the people sitting on it from mosquitos, flies, and several other bugs. In addition to it, this bed exudes royalty and charm with its uniquely designed shape and makes your room appear more beautiful.

Canopy Bed DesignSource: Ivano Redaelli
Canopy Bed Design

You And Me Canopy Bed is perfect for unveiling your bedroom’s charm. This square-shaped four-poster bed has a base material of metal along with the upholstery material in fabric. This is perfect for a contemporary style of home decor.


  • Hang curtains on the canopy
  • Protects from dirt, bugs, and flies

Single Bed: Rule in Solitary 

As the name suggests, the single bed has only one mattress, which is big enough to accommodate an average-sized single person. They are long and narrow in shape and size and are considered a perfect choice for hostellers, children, and paying guest rooms. Due to their smaller size, these types of beds can be placed in smaller areas.

Single BedSource: Florence Bed
Single Bed

Get 203 Single Bed in your bedroom if you are finding a perfect bed only for yourself. This is narrower in shape and will fit perfectly in a compact area. Made in wood and metal, this bed gives the surety of being sturdy and durable. 


  • Narrower in shape
  • Perfect for children and studio apartments

Murphy Beds: Install in Wall 

Have you ever thought of wall-installed beds? Yes! This piece of furniture does exist. If you are concerned about the less floor space inside your bedroom, you can use this multifunctional furniture piece whose frames get folded up into the wall when not in use. 

Murphy bedsSource: Pinterest
Murphy Bed Design

When no one is sleeping, it gets folded onto the wall, giving it a shelf-like appearance. These types of beds are great for tiny spaces like a studio room. In addition, this bed is the ideal choice to place in the guest rooms. 


  • Have hinges on both the sides
  • It gets easily installed on walls

Storage Bed: Make The Space 

Whether you want to add style, have functionality, or need comfort, you will get all three of them in the form of a storage bed. It is absolutely a great idea that the beds come with a storage facility while giving you a comfortable sleep. 

Storage BedSource: Maronese ACF
Storage Bed

The storage beds are those types of beds with boxes provided beneath the mattresses where you can place all your beddings that are off-seasoned at that particular time. The storage boxes come as a hidden part inside the bed and do not hamper the authentic design of the bed.


  • Storage boxes don’t take extra space
  • Accommodates off-seasoned bedding 

Smart Beds: The Latest Addition 

How peaceful would we sleep if the bed adjusted according to our needs? Yes, that’s possible now with the smart beds. These are the types of beds that read and recognize your sleeping patterns to enhance your sleep. Also, it sends the data over your phone to let you know how you sleep and provides you with various suggestions for improving your sleep for a more comfortable experience. 

Some smart beds have a temperature control that adjusts the temperature according to your requirements. It is easy to switch the lights on and off with the technologies provided in these smart beds.

Smart BedSource: Gyform
Adjustable Headrest Smart Bed

This smart bed has an adjustable headrest that can be adjusted low to high according to the requirements. Its hardwood structure is covered in polyurethane with a protective fabric lining, and it has a completely removable upholstery. 


  • Recognizes your sleep patterns
  • Gives suggestions to improve your sleep

Glam the Space With Round Bed

Want to have a Hollywood Glam style in your bedroom? Then choose the round bed. These types of beds have come a long way and still hold their value in the market. The round shape of a bed gives the bedroom a dash of style while protecting you from the pesky corners of the standard rectangular-shaped bed. 

With its round shape, this bed can also be placed in the corners and middle of the bedroom. In addition, the mattresses complement both round and rectangular shapes. Consider going up with this one among other types of beds for a child’s room, as the corners won’t bother the little kiddos.

Round BedSource: Divano Lounge
Round Bed

The round-shaped bed called Cloud perfectly matches your bedroom with less space. This chic bed looks adorable in grey with the upholstery in fabric and leather to add magic to the room’s corners.


  • Curved edges protect from pesky corners
  • Can be placed in corners


Without a doubt, when we are exhausted, beds are our best friends. They give us the cozy and comforting atmosphere we require to unwind. This blog has discussed different types of beds that are sure to have wowed you with their incredible functionality and distinctive designs. If you want to discover more varieties while surveying for different types of beds, check out here at Arcedior. You can find every style of bed here, from platform to smart, to adding stunning furniture to your room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of beds are popular?

There are different types of beds that are popular these days, which include:
1. Murphy bed: These are the types of beds that get folded into the wall when not in use. They are ideal for a small space.
2. Trundle bed: This is a single bed with two mattresses, one underneath the other. These save the space to lay an extra mattress.
3. Canopy bed: These types of beds come with a canopy to hang curtains and save the people inside it from flies, dirt, and bugs.

What is a platform bed and what are its benefits?

A platform bed has a strong base mainly made of wood or metal to provide a strong foundation for the mattresses. These low-profile beds are legless or have tiny legs and remain near the ground. These beds do not let the mattress sag and serve as a strong base without any springs or boxes.

What is a trundle bed and when is it useful?

A trundle bed is a single bed with two mattresses, one below the other. The lower mattress sits on a frame that is easy to pull out when needed to sleep and push inside when done with sleeping. It is a cost-effective solution if you require a place for more people to sleep in a single bed.  

Which type of bed is according to Vastu?

According to Vastu, a rectangle or square-shaped bed is the best for the bedroom. It is even great if the bed is entirely made from wood because, as per Vastu, beds made of metals like iron release negative vibrations and create unnecessary stress. The bed made of wood is sturdy and durable.

How does a Murphy bed work, and where can it be installed?

A Murphy bed works by flipping them vertically into the walls when they are not in use. It has hinges on both sides which get folded up when no one sleeps. They remain on the walls as shelves. So they are easy to  install on the walls in a vertical position.


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