Building Catalog’s Architects Directory: The Right Address To Reach Architects

Architects directory

Renovated with a brand new digital infrastructure as of 2018, the BUILDING CATALOG has been providing comprehensive product, design, brand, and project information in an easily searchable format and provides architects with the latest information on new products, case studies, sustainability, BIM, and other new technologies, daily updates, regular newsletters, and blog content. In 2020, BUILDING CATALOG brought in something new with its new project “ARCHITECTS DIRECTORY”.

Under the guidance of its experience over many years, BUILDING CATALOG believes that all actors of the building sector need to establish qualified and constructive communication with each other. By expanding its network of participants in order to embody this view and to take a step, BUILDING CATALOG has implemented this platform in order to establish the bridge between investors, architects and building companies, to produce and publish content on a sectoral basis and to lay the groundwork for possible cooperation between individuals, companies and brands.


An Important Database for Architectural Content

At “ARCHITECTS DIRECTORY”, where more than 100 architectural offices have already participated, architectural concept designs, application projects, product designs, landscape applications and competition projects are included regarding a vast database of architects, interior architects and landscape architects.

The BUILDING CATALOG, which has been providing building material companies with the opportunity to meet with material selectors, a product showcase, communication channel, for more than 45 years, has implemented the “ARCHITECTS DIRECTORY” project, creating a special area for Architects and Interior Architects, who are the design actors of the building sector. Participants who have the opportunity to establish visibility and a communication network in the BUILDING CATALOG, which is followed by construction industry professionals with high traffic, have the opportunity to establish closer contact with investors and construction companies, and have the opportunity to provide a defined and qualified cooperation.

Architect directory - Yapikatalogu

An Important Network for Actors of the Building Sector

The architects where their projects and designs take place on the “ARCHITECTS DIRECTORY” profile pages which are important at establishing a strong connection between Turkish Building sector actors, get some important benefits such as SEO, content marketing and web site traffic development regarding their brand marketing process.

In addition to the profile pages, survey studies and interviews are held with the participants and the obtained contents are shared through the database of the BUILDING CATALOG and bulletins based on product, design, space typology and selected concepts.

To get to know more about ARCHITECTS DIRECTORY, you can visit the website.

All images courtesy of BUILDING CATALOG.

Text by Faruk Baran Heybeli, MSc Architect, BUILDING CATALOG Business Development Manager

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