9 Stunning Modern Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

modern wardrobe designs for bedroom

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), a fashion designer, once said that ‘wardrobe is a lifestyle,’ and he is utterly correct. The wardrobe is where you safely keep your items, belongings, and accessories. It is where you find and complete your whole look in one place.

But what it takes to change your lifestyle? The precise vision to bring a modern wardrobe designs for bedroom that blends with the interior decor is a must while selecting one.

Build a walk in wardrobe and feel luxurious and comfortable when you enter the room to get dressed for a cocktail. You may add a dressing table and shelves for keeping luxurious items. 

We’ll discuss 9 stunning and chic modern wardrobe designs for bedroom that may elevate your space and adds a necessary and relevant piece of furniture. You may also shop at Arcedior for bespoke craftsmanship and customizable wardrobes.

Perfect Combo: Wardrobe Design with Dressing Table

It is an ideal combination where you get dressed and completes your look in one place. A dressing table is a modern wardrobe designs for bedroom with the advantage of saving space for a dressing table mirror. For the effortless organization of your items, it is a perfect modern wardrobe design for bedroom.

Wardrobe Design with Dressing TableSource: Ugurlu
Rodi Modern Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

Rodi Soho is a perfect addition to your bedroom, where you get a wardrobe design with a dressing table. The drawers in the wardrobe and helpful in storing the dressing items. It is a 2 door wardrobe with legs and a back panel. 


  • Closed as well as open space for storage
  • It has drawers and mirrors

Sleek and Stylish: Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding doors are a contemporary solution for small spaces. The sliding door wardrobe doesn’t take much floor space as the doors slide instead of opening to the space. Also, it gives ample storage for your items. A sliding door wardrobe’s drawback is that you can’t see your entire closet at once. The door next to it will always obscure the view of the closet’s inside.

slinding door wardrobeSource: Ider
Alinda Slinding Door Modern Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

Alinda is a chic, sleek sliding door wardrobe with a reflective surface and profile handles. It is made of PVC, aluminum, glass, and particle board in a modern style. The polished doors exude alluring and elegant reflections which can dazzle anyone.


  • Double-opening sliding doors feature a trouser hanger
  • Profile handles

2 in 1: Wardrobe with Mirror

Mirrored wardrobe is a 2 in 1 furniture that is a space saver. You have multiple options in it. The significant advantage of a wardrobe with mirror is you can check the clothes instantly while getting dressed. You can have a full wardrobe-length mirror or a half-length mirror in a sliding or hinged-door wardrobe. You can also install mirrors inside the wardrobe.

Wardrobe with mirrorSource: Mois
Punto Wardrobe with Mirror for Bedroom

Punto is a sliding wardrobe with mirrors. The sharp edges of the wardrobe and sophisticated pattern at the bottom half give the classical vibe. Still, the functionality and design make it a modern wardrobe with a mirror.


  • Made of engineered wood, thus it is sustainable
  • Sliding doors

Walk in Wonder: Walk in Wardrobe

A wardrobe is a piece of furniture, but a walk in wardrobe is an entrance to heaven for organized and stylish people. Dedicating a full room for a wardrobe is a huge respect you’re giving to your items and belongings. You can store anything like clothes, jewelry, footwear, eyewear, and other accessories. 

Walk in wardrobeSource: Carpanelli
Wooden Walk in Wardrobe

First system walk- in closet is a modular contemporary style walk in wardrobe. Back wall panels are veneered with natural oak. Shelves are veneered in natural canaletta walnut and wood. The fronts have a geometric inlay of wood veins and are veneered in natural canaletta walnut.


  • Contemporary style
  • Durable

One-Door Wonder: Single Door Wardrobe

What can a single door wardrobe do? You can stuff all your items and belongings in a compact size. It is usually medium size, as the larger wardrobe would be difficult to maneuver. You can have a single cabinet or sectioned cabinet or add drawers to make it more organized. 

Single door wardrobeSource: Seletti
Export Como Single Door Wardrobe

Thanks to the appeal of the Export Como, it not only look’s good in kid’s rooms but is preferred for different living spaces. You can sneak clothes, books, and game boards into it. This single door wardrobe is brown in tone, measuring 100cm wide by 50 cm deep by 202 cm high. It resembles the cargo that has shipped recently. 


  • Insides are green in color
  • It lasts long

Smart Storage: 2 Door Wardrobe

It is a classical type of wardrobe that has evolved much with time. Now, drawers have been added, mirrors are installed, slide doors have replaced the hinged doors, and the dressing table has been placed for convenience. Therefore it has now evolved into modern wardrobe designs for bedroom.

2 DOOR WARDROBESource: Domus Arte
Woodplayer 2 Door Wardrobe in Wood

Stylize your bedroom by adding Woodplayer 2 door wardrobe, which exudes class, elegance, and luxury. It features rustic oak planks in square and rectangular shapes. The unique design is out of the world and will perfectly blend with modern bedroom designs. 


  • Eco-friendly
  • Wooden planks at front doors

Experimental And Innovative 3 Door Wardrobe 

What’s more than 2 but less than 4? It’s 3, the perfect number and size for the bedroom wardrobe. It is neither large like 4 door wardrobe nor small like 2 door wardrobe. 3 door wardrobe gives you ample space to store your belongings, adds aesthetics to your space, and keeps your bedroom organized.

3 door wardrobeSource: Ider
Santos 3 Door Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Santos is a matt lacquer finish 3 door wardrobe with hinged doors. It has profile handles which makes it more suitable for contemporary interior decor. Bring this one of the innovative modern wardrobe designs for bedroom and enjoy the spacious and multifunctional wardrobe.


  • Durable
  • Hinged doors

Spacious 4 Door Wardrobe

It is a functional and multipurpose modern wardrobe designed for the bedroom. 4 door wardrobe can be made as per the availability of space and requirements. You can add mirrors on the doors, drawers inside or outside the doors, and sectioned cabinets, which will add beauty to the wardrobe. 

4 Door Wardrobe Designs for BedroomSource: Centro
4 Door Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

Apulia is a 4 door wardrobe made of natural wood with a glossy finish that adds charm with modern accents.  It is  one of the modern wardrobe designs for bedroom, making this wardrobe a piece of its kind.


  • 4 hinged doors
  • Ultra spacious

Versatile Modular Wardrobe

A wardrobe that is multifunctional and serves all of the requirements is called a modular wardrobe. It should have space to store files, clothes, hats, bags, and even footwear. If it is a space saver with features such as sliding doors and mirrors, then it is a must-add-on piece of furniture for your bedroom.

modular wardrobeSource: Luxxu
Waltz Modular Wardrobe

Waltz is a versatile modular wardrobe that emanates elegance, innovation, and luxury. It has brass, leather, and glass components in a  wooden frame. It is a modular wardrobe where you can customize the combinations of sections as per your requirements.


  • Features shelves, rods and drawers
  • Exudes luxury and elegance


Finally, you are well entertained with stunning modern wardrobe designs for bedroom, which will accentuate your bedroom decor. The options can confuse anyone, but you might need assistance selecting the ideal modern wardrobe designs for bedroom. The material (glass, wood, steel), style (classic, modern, contemporary), and finish (matt, lacquered) are the variables that play a vital role while selecting the desired wardrobe. Here at Arcedior, you have plenty of options, and we’re sure you will land on the desired one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of wardrobe design?

The types of modern wardrobe designs for bedroom are:
Sliding door wardrobe has the door slides from side to side and is perfect for small bedrooms.
Wardrobe with mirror is a contemporary and functional modern wardrobe design for bedroom.
Walk in wardrobe is where you will find all your personal belongings and accessories.
Modular wardrobe is a multipurpose and multifunctional modern wardrobe designs for bedroom.

Is sliding wardrobes good or bad?

Sliding wardrobes are good. They are modern designs that are easy to handle and do not take up much space. If you have less space for hinged doors, opt for sliding doors. These are available in wood, veneered wood, glass, and melamine. It complements well with modern, fusion, and contemporary interior decor.

How to pick a wardrobe design for bedroom?

There are the following steps to pick a wardrobe design:
Measure the available space for placing the wardrobe.
Take note of the size of the bedroom.
If the room is small, go for sliding doors. And if the room is large, then go for hinged door wardrobes.
Select the material that would complement your bedroom decor: wood, veneered wood, steel, or glass.

Which type of wardrobe is best for the bedroom?

2 door wardrobe is the best choice for the bedroom. It is a classic function and structure among the wardrobe. It comes in various forms and styles to blend with modern wardrobe designs for bedroom. Moreover, as a bedroom is occupied with other pieces of furniture and decor items, it is best to use 2 door wardrobe.

Is it good to have a mirror in wardrobe?

Yes, it is good to have a mirror in wardrobe. It comes in handy while getting dressed. It also saves extra floor space where you might put the full-length mirror. You can have a plain mirror or a designer mirror. Designer mirrors can be printed or embellished with decor items.

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