6 Stylish Bedroom Rug Placement Ideas for a Cozy Space

Simba bedroom rug placement

The favorite room for anybody in the world is their bedroom. No matter how much we enjoy trips or parties, we always look for that cozy place in our bedroom to relax after a tiring day. Customizing your bedroom with rugs will be a great deal if you want to add texture and warmth. Adding rugs in your bedroom would make it a more cozy place to live. 

Placing rugs in a bedroom could be confusing when you don’t know about them. We at Arcedior have some of the most stylish rugs in the world, ensuring a perfect soft landing. These rugs would provide you the much-needed comfort. In this blog, you will learn the six stylish bedroom rug placement ideas to make your space look even better.

Mix and Match Layered Rugs

The beautiful addition of layered rugs will surely enhance the room’s allure. But choosing the rugs which get along with each other requires your creativity. For example, you can layer a solid rug and a patterned one together, which will blend perfectly. However, the pattern one should always be placed on the top as it gives an aesthetic touch to the bedroom.

layered bedroom rug placementSource: Rug Society, Savi Decor
Mix and Match Layered Rugs in Bedroom

If you are finding something colorful for your bedroom, go for A Linear Circle, a round-shaped, hand-tufted, wool, modern-styled rug with a dual-colored tone of yellow and green that will catch your attention. Then, you can layer it with the multicolored Air Carpet. Finally, the dark-colored striped, hand-tufted wool and silk rug will contrast nicely with the former rug. 


  • Hand tufted 
  • Modern styled with colorful strokes
  • Made with good quality wool and silk

Under The Bed Rug

Are you considering placing the rug under your bed? Bedrooms are the place to relax after a tiring day. The placement under the bed is an excellent addition as they give a luxurious touch to your bedroom decor. In addition, nobody wants to land on the cold floors just after getting up in the morning. Here under the bed rug will provide a soft landing for your feet and the required warmth. You can choose whether to please the rug covering the bed, nightstands, and foot end bench or place it only two-thirds covering half of the bed and the foot end bench.

under the bed rug placementSource: Rug Society
Valencia Under The Bed Rug

If you have always cherished patterns around you, go for the modern hand-tufted, wool, silk Valencia Rug. The geometric design of clean lines in shades of black and white will surely calm your brain and relax your feet, and the quality wool used will provide a soft landing on the floor.


  • Modern-styled and hand-tufted 
  • Good quality wool and silk is used
  • Geometric pattern with shades of black and white

Go For Partial Bedroom Rug Placement

Do you want to complement your under-the-bed rug with another rug? Then go for partial rugs. Partial rugs are best for a small bedroom area to be covered. Having a rug under your couches adds elegance to your bedroom and gives you a cozy feeling.

Partial bedroom rug placementSource: Silk Avenue
Lido Partial Bedroom Rug Placement

You can choose Lido from Arcedior, a contemporary-styled silk and woollen rug that will give your bedroom a pleasing look. In addition, the black and off-white colored, partial carpet in your bedroom will add an attractive look to your room.


  • Hand-tufted woolen and silk rug
  • Contemporary styled rug
  • Black and off white colored spherical stripes

Wall to Wall Rug

A rug that covers your entire room area is a wall to wall rug. Covering the whole bedroom with a rug gives it a seamless look and makes it appear quite spacious. These rugs are apt for the bedroom as they let you walk to your ease without getting slipped.

Wall to wall bedroom rug placementSource: Rug Society
Umalza Wall to Wall Bedroom Rug

A modern styled, wool and silk, hand-tufted Umlaza Carpet should be the choice for your bedroom. The mustard color contrasting with bold black patterns are balanced and harmonized to match the modern bedroom decor.


  • Modern-styled and hand tufted
  • Good quality wool and silk are used
  • Mustard and black colored unique patterns

Diagonal Rug Placement Add Dimensions

Traditionally placing the rugs often feels dull, so setting the rug diagonally gives your bedroom a fresh and unique look. In addition, you can add a new twist to your old bedroom by aligning the rug under your bed or couch, which will surely add dimensions to your bedroom.

Diagonal rug placementSource: Carpets CC
Joining Diagonal Rug

The green, black, and pink-colored, hand-knotted woolen Joining from Arcedior would be great for your bedroom. The parallel black colored stripes with an inverted pink colored L design, contrasting with the green background color, will enhance your bedroom’s beauty.


  • Hand knotted
  • Made with good-quality of cotton and wool
  • The black and pink stripes contrasts well with the green colored background

At The Foot Bed Runner

If you want to have rugs in your bedroom and show off the beauty of your wooden or tile floors, add the charm of a bed runner to the area. The bed runner is always placed at the foot of the bed, serving both practical and decorative purposes. In addition, your wet feet won’t soak and soil your clean bedding with the bed runner so that you can rest easy.

cross stitch bed runnerSource: Gan Rugs
Canevas Flowers Bed Runner

Add the magic of Canevas Flowers Color to your bedroom to enhance its beauty to another level. It is made of wool, and the pixelated flowers in multicolor exude grace on the soft hued background.


  • Cross-stitched
  • Made with good quality of wool
  • The multicolored pixelated flowers are looking graceful on soft-colored background


Conclusively, rugs in your bedroom are sure to give you the comfort of warmth. The bedroom rug placement is easy if you know the pattern and colors to choose from. You can place layered rugs if you want to contrast two rugs together in your room. A partial rug would be better to put in a small bedroom. If you want a unique look in your room, go for diagonal rug placement.

The rugs in a bedroom are a beautiful addition to your room decor, which makes it look quite spacious and also brings out more of its grace. In addition, rugs in your bedroom will make your space cozy. Shop your favorite rugs here at Arcedior and give your bedroom a new look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should a rug be placed in the bedroom?

A rug should be placed under the bed in the bedroom. You can also do the bedroom rug placement, per your preferences, in any other corner of your bedroom. If you like to cover the bed, nightstands, and a foot-end bench, go for it. Other than that, you also have the choice of covering only two-thirds of the areas of your bed with the seating bench at your foot end.

Does a rug have to be centered in the bedroom?

No, the bedroom rug placement does not have to be perfectly centered in the bedroom. It is your choice to keep it in the center of the room. For example, the bedroom rug placement on any architectural element like the nightstands or a fireplace would look good. A rug in the center would also look fine if it contrasted with the bedroom furniture and ceiling.

Where should you position a rug?

You should position a rug under the bed because putting your feet on a cold floor in the morning often feels uncomfortable, and placing the rugs under the bed makes you feel comfy. However, the bedroom rug placement still needs to be affixed. It is solely up to you to style the rug using the best texture, color palette, and pattern.

How do you arrange a rug in a small bedroom?

You can arrange a rug in a small bedroom by picking the correct size. A good choice would be to use a partial rug because it takes up less space while giving an aesthetic look to the room. Also, please do not cover the entire small bedroom; take only one-third of your bed area space to cover it with the chosen rug. For the bedroom rug placement, it is always a better idea that the rugs always have some place left.

Is it a good idea to put a rug under a bed?

Yes, it is considered a great idea if you put the rug under the bed. Putting your bare feet on the floor would feel cold and uncomfortable, so the bedroom rug placement beneath the bed gives you a cozy space. In addition, the hardwood floors in the bedroom feel so painful to put the feet on, and the bedroom rug placement will provide you a luxurious warmth.

Which way should a rug be placed in a bedroom?

The rug in the bedroom should be placed under the bed, at the foot of the bed, at the side of the bed, centered in the bedroom, at the fireplace, and near the window. You can also position your rug diagonally, as it will give the bedroom a fresh and unique look. Layering the rugs in a bedroom is also a choice among decor enthusiasts. The bedroom rug placement always adds dimension to the space while enhancing its beauty.

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