Top Wall Washer Lights to Add Magic to Your Home

wall washer lights

Are you looking to spruce up your interior decor and transform your lighting to create a cozy space? If yes, you’ve come to the perfect place. The time of boring white tube lights that bring headaches with their harsh beams is long gone. It is now time to adopt wall washer lights. Wall washer lights have been going viral everywhere as of late, and this is a bandwagon you should jump on. Wall washer lights have a gentle and warm glow. This balances lights and shadows to create a breathtaking aesthetic.

Trying to find the perfect lights can be a tough task in the vast landscape of the internet. But don’t panic, we’re here to make your life simpler. We’ve listed out all the best wall washer lights that’ll bring you one step closer to your dream home. Read on below to find your perfect fit.

The Importance Of Wall Washer Lighting

Wall Washer LightingSource: Huayi
Wall Washer Lighting

First, wall washer lights have impeccable aesthetic value. Tube lights and bulbs paint your entire room in single, often ill-suited lights. Wall washer lighting imparts a homely glow to your entire setting.

Wall washer lighting illuminates vertical walls. This draws attention to any artwork and details on the walls. Normal lighting merely adds brightness to a room. Wall washer lighting works with the colors of your decor to create a stunning ambiance. For example, green wall washer lights paired with a  blue wall can add a touch of mystery to any room. Pink wall washer lights complement purple walls to perfection. Even a simple golden wall washer light with a white wall can create an aura of ethereality.

Huayi’s HYXQ00024 and Sunmoon’s SQ227 are two glamorous wall washer lights that are perfect for any home.

Outdoor Wall Wash Lighting

Outdoor Wall Wash LightingSource: Sunmoon
Outdoor Wall Wash Lighting

Outdoor wall washer lights hold the power to infuse any space with an element of magic. They can transform mere driveways into a pathway to heaven. Their tones of white and golden work especially well with plants. These colors complement each other very well. Outdoor wall washers are also an exquisite way to make your gardens a more comfortable place.

They are also perfect for hosting late-night barbecues and campfire nights. They are an excellent way to create unforgettable memories with friends and family. Arcedior’s outdoor wall washer lights feature beautiful pieces that are perfect for your home.

Sunmoon’s mesmerizing SQ1512 wall wash lights might be perfect for you. Classy to their core, these lights are bound to be a unique addition to any collection. The distinctive shape and the soft golden glow of the SQ1512 will add charm to your room.

Led Wall Washer Lights

Led Wall Washer LightsSource: Sunmoon
Led Wall Washer Lights

Led wall washer lights have been gaining popularity on all social media platforms. These beautiful lights have that balance of retro and trendy and are a fun way to indulge your inner child. Aside from being in fashion right now, LED wall washer lights are also a  great statement piece.

Their muted colors have a way of illuminating rooms without being too overpowering. Led washer lights are also the perfect setup for gamers.

Sunmoon’s SQ1507 are LED wall washer lights that balance retro sophistication. The SQ1507 has a minimalistic charm that works well in any space.

Interior Wall Wash Lighting

Interior Wall Wash LightingSource: Sunmoon
Interior Wall Wash Lighting

Have you been looking for distinctive interior lighting with warmth and aesthetic value? If yes, interior wall wash lighting will be your best friend. With warm tones that make a space feel homey, interior wall wash lighting has tons of charm when it comes to decor.

Wall wash lightings are also a great choice if you want to stand out from the norm. Tube lights and bulbs coat the room in a bland white gleam. Interior wall wash lighting balances warm and cool hues to create a pleasing vibe for your space.

Sunmoon’s SQ37 1N is an artistic approach to lighting. They illuminate walls with diamond-shaped glows. 

Recessed Wall Wash Lighting

Recessed wall washer lights are ideal for a millennial looking for a modern home. They fit into the ceiling itself, with only the glow of the light visible, to give you a sleek look straight out of a movie.

Recessed wall washer lights are also great if you’re looking to highlight a section of your home. They are an exquisite choice for bringing more attention to a certain aspect of your decor. Whether you want to showcase a fireplace or a painting, recessed wall washers are the way to go.

A great choice for recessed lighting is Huayi’s HYXQ00024.

Wall Washer Sconce

Wall Washer SconceSource: Sunmoon
Wall Washer Sconce

A wall washer sconce is the perfect way to balance the traditional and modern aspects of your home. A sconce was used as a holder for torches and candles in pre-modern times. The new and improved wall washer sconce preserves the holder aspect of the fixture. It replaces the candles and torches with a bulb or LED lights.

A wall washer sconce directs its light upwards. This makes it a great way to illuminate a shelf holding your memorabilia or photo frames. The soft glow of the scone is also ideal for when you need light in your room that doesn’t hurt your eyes.

With its minimalistic look, Sunmoon’s SQ8075 is an exquisite example of a wall washer sconce.


To sum up, wall washer lights are sure to make an exceptional addition to any home. Whether you use them to bedazzle your garden or a luxurious art piece on your wall, these lights have a lot to offer. Most importantly, washer lights can transfigure the most understated space into something magical. Isn’t that a quality we can all welcome into our homes and our lives?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you put outdoor wall wash lights?

Outdoor wall washer lights are ideal for garages and gardens. In garages, they add personality to the space. They are also efficient choices given their compact sizes. Outdoor washer lights illuminate the garage enough to end your parking woes once and for all. 
Outdoor washer lights for gardens are a sublime piece of decor. The way golden lights interact with the lust green will turn the whole place magical. Washer lights pair well with wooden and brick walls in a garden and make for great decor.

How far should wall washer lights be from a wall?

The rule of thumb is that your wall washer lights must be at least 12 inches from the wall. Anything closer than this crosses the boundary from wall washing to wall grazing. Wall washing illuminates your entire wall and creates a sleek look. Wall grazing is a technique used to emphasize textures within the wall.
Maintaining a 12-inch distance between your wall and light fixture ensures optimal illumination. Other than distance, the height of your wall washer lights also plays a crucial role. Your wall washer lights should be mounted somewhere between 1.60 to 1.70 meters. This is roughly eye-level for most people and helps avoid glare while lighting up the wall.

What is the use of wall washer light?

Wall washer lights are used to illuminate a vertical wall. The nature of these lights allows for uniform brightness. This also accentuates and draws attention to various aspects of a room. A well-placed wall washer light can highlight various parts of your home. These lights are perfect for showcasing fireplaces, photo frames, and paintings. 
Wall washer lights work with the color scheme of your decor to enhance your surroundings. When paired with matte colors, wall washer lights create hues perfect for a tranquil home. Wall washer lights are also great for textured walls like brick and popcorn walls.

How do wall washer lights work?

Wall washing works by mounting the lights on the ceiling or something of a similar height. This ensures the beam of light falls at a wide angle. This creates a “washing” effect, bathing the entire wall in a consistent light.

Is a wall washer light good for home?

Yes, a wall washer light is definitely an exquisite choice for your home. Wall washer lights are a tad different from typical interior lighting. When used right, this gives them a great advantage. Wall washer lighting in your home can transform the entire space into a paradise.

How do I choose wall washer recessed lighting?

When choosing your wall washer recessed lighting, height and light level are important.  The height of your recessed lighting can change depending on which room you place it in. For the light levels, ensure that your new fixture matches the existing light sources. This helps create a uniform effect.

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