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Imagine walking into an office that is not well-lit and makes you feel dull at the start of the day. Would you want to work in such an office, let alone spend so many hours there daily? Good lighting is crucial in ensuring the well-being of the employees and the overall office environment. 

Lighting is integral to creating a productive and comfortable workspace that can improve focus, morale, and alertness. You can mix and match several office lighting to create a productivity mode.

Arcedior’s new office has also used most of this lighting to create a niche office that transcends into an architectural haven. This blog will discuss the different types of lighting and their positives. Now, your office can have the best and most welcoming lighting that will attract positive vibes and shine bright.

LED Office Lighting

led office lightingSource: Martinelli Luce
LED Office Lighting

Led lights are the most sought-after lighting option that has recently gained immense popularity. Since they use less energy than traditional lighting, they help produce less carbon footprint by the office it is installed in. LED lights also have a longer lifespan, making them budget-friendly and cost-effective. 

As offices have many lights due to their big scale and need for more illumination, LED lights emit little heat. This, in turn, keeps the office from additional heat, which means less air conditioning is required. 

Advantages of LED lights:

  • Environmental friendly lighting
  • Flexibility in design

Luxurious Office Chandelier

Office ChandelierSource: IPM Lighting
Luxurious Office Chandelier

Chandeliers have long been associated with opulence and luxury, so they are primarily seen in lavish hotels and big bungalows. But chandeliers can offer to be an eye-catching addition to an office. They can become a style statement in the office and can be placed in the reception area to keep the guests or clients in awe of the office. 

A chandelier can also be placed in the conference room for a beautiful look. If you don’t have a massive space in the office or the ceiling is low, don’t fret, tons of chandelier options are suitable for these factors.

Advantages of Chandelier

  • Useful in creating a luxurious appeal
  • They won’t damage walls

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are primarily used in the coves to provide an even and toned-down light. These are mainly used to highlight the fixtures in the ceiling while also providing ambient lighting. They can stick anywhere on the TV panel, along the staircase, on the window rims, etc. 

They can be dimmable and have a multiple-color option that the remote control can control. This makes them great for mood lighting in the office. If you are in the mood for quick relaxation, a blue light can provide a calming effect in work mode; in full work mode, you can choose a bright light.

Advantages of LED Strip Lights

  • Easy installation 
  • They are the flicker-free lighting option

Office Ceiling Lights

office ceiling lightsSource: Industville
Flush Mount Office Ceiling Lights

As the name suggests, Ceiling lights are fitted into the ceiling and are a practical option for office lighting. They cover a wide area and provide even illumination in areas where multiple employees are working. Since they are flushed or semi-flushed, they are effective in saving floor space. 

They come in a modern and sleek design and merge well with the ceiling, their colossal plus point. Besides this, ceiling lights provide a diffused soft light that does not give glare or eye strain. This makes them great for ambient lighting.

Advantages of Ceiling Lights

  • Versatile and adaptable to any interior decor style
  • Practical lighting solution

Office Pendant Lighting

pendant lights
Office Pendant Lighting

Hanging or pendant lights are a great option for office lighting since they provide as excellent illumination as task lighting. Mostly, hanging lights are fancier and added as a decorative feature. This makes them the room’s focal point, creating a dramatic effect in the office space.

They are widely used as task lighting since they provide focused, directional light on specific work areas. This makes them ideal to be placed above the desk, conference room, and kitchen island. 

Advantages of Hanging Lights

  • Height adjustable
  • Space saver

Wall Lights

Wall LightsSource: Pinterest
LED Wall Lights

Wall lights are a great way to add illumination and decorative features to the office space. Since they do not take up any floor or desk space, a compact space can do well with wall lights. 

Some wall lights are very decorative and can be included as wall decor to beautify and liven up a dull wall. They can be mounted at any customizable height appropriate for the user. 

Advantages of Wall Lights

  • Great for task lighting
  • Can spruce up a textured wall

Spot Light Your Office

spot lightSource: CUF Milano
Spot Lights for Office

Spotlight sheds light on various spots in the office, which is why they are called track lights or directional lights. They can be used as task lighting to illuminate a particular area. They can be adjusted to the day’s lighting needs and work, making them practical and flexible. 

Spotlights are also used in specific areas like desks, artwork, or accent walls to provide them with good illumination since they use LED lights, which makes them energy efficient and reduces the glare with their diffused light. 

Advantages of Spot Light

  • Provides directional lighting
  • Energy efficient, as they use LEDs

Wall Washer Light

wall washer lightSource: Sunmoon
Wall Washer Light

They are used across a bigger space, large wall, or surface, illuminating even. They create a smooth wash of light on the wall, which is why they are known as wall washer lights. 

Wall washer lights are also used in accent lighting, which includes highlighting artwork, architectural fixtures, planters, sculptures, etc. They come in many different styles, lighting levels, and colors. Besides this, they are energy efficient, cost-saving, and environmentally friendly since they use LED lighting.

Advantages of Wall Washer Light

  • Creates a bright and welcoming atmosphere
  • Even well-lit light 

Dimmable LED Lights for Office 

Dimmable office lighting combines the advantages of LED lighting technology with the functionality of conventional dimmable light bulbs. A dimmer switch makes it simple to change the brightness following the environment and mood of the space. 

These lights employ analog dimming technology or pulse-width modulation (PWM) for this function. For any lighting requirement, they also have a variety of hues, including warm and cold tones. Since they dim the light according to the user’s preference, they have a longer lifespan as their replacement is only needed a little. 

Advantages of Dimmable lights

  • Excellent for mood lighting
  • Longer lifespan

Tunable Office Lighting

Tunable Office LightingSource: Pinterest
Tunable Office Lighting

Tunable lights can control the color, intensity, and/or direction of light emitted by a lighting system. This can be channelized by using color-changing LEDs or adjustable lenses, as well as through sophisticated control systems. 

The remote control can control these lights according to the utility and preference of the user. This helps to create specific moods to improve the output of the user and offers personalized lighting environments. 

Advantages of Tunable Lighting

  • It takes into account the Circadian rhythm regulation
  • They have adjustable lenses

Human Centric Lighting

Vision is one of the essential aspects of well-being in a human. The lighting mimics natural lighting and is considered human-centric, as natural sunlight is regarded as the best illumination source. 

When spending a significant amount of time in the office, it becomes necessary to support the natural circadian rhythm of employees. This type of lighting improves productivity by regulating the circadian rhythm, creating a better workflow. They also help reduce eye strain, headache, and fatigue with better lighting solutions. 

Advantages of Human Centric Lighting

  • Enhances the overall wellbeing
  • Creates better productivity levels

Wall Grazer

Wall grazers are a form of ambient or accent lighting as they highlight the beauty of the wall and the object upon it. These types of lighting fixtures are used to highlight the wall’s texture by providing light in a specific direction. 

Most grazers are directed upwards or downwards and placed close to the wall. This creates a beautiful shadow effect that is perfect for mood lighting. These lights are also used for an aesthetically pleasing effect and bring architectural features to the forefront. 

Advantages of Wall Grazer Lights

  • Used to highlight architectural features
  • Mainly used for directional lighting


Through this blog, twelve different office lighting options were discussed, which are used for both function and aesthetic purposes. Since an office is a big space that requires more than just one type of lighting, it is essential to accommodate them accordingly. A combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting is needed to make the workspace light up well to increase productivity. So keep in mind these various lights will provide maximum benefit with minimum effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is lighting in an office?

Lighting is one of the essential features in an office since it provides a host of benefits, including:
1. Productivity: Proper lighting is necessary for concentration and productivity as it reduces glare and eye strain. 
2. Mood and morale: Good lighting can help boost the mood, and an optimistic and well-lit workspace becomes even more pleasant to spend 8 to 9 hours in. 
3. Health: Insufficient lighting can cause headaches, fatigue, irritability, and eye strain that can be detrimental in the long run. 
4. Energy efficiency: Choosing the proper lighting can help reduce energy bills and have a better environmental impact. 
5. Safety: Good lighting can make the workspace safer, preventing accidents and injuries like slips, trips, and falls.  

What is the main goal of office lighting design?

The main goal of office lighting design is to provide the employees with a comfortable and well-lighted space to be more productive and not strain their health. Lighting can be a significant driving factor in making employees more efficient. 
You can use different lighting options to create the most suitable and appropriate working environment for you and your employees. If the lighting is dull and dim, it can create an irritability factor and hamper growth. Also, good lighting can add to the aesthetic appeal of the office space. 

What light is best for productivity?

Natural daylight is the best for productivity, but cool white light is the best for office lighting. Natural daylight has long been considered the best lighting. Many studies suggest it improves mood, reduces stress, and increases productivity. 
If there is no scope for natural daylight in the office, the best option is a cool white light with a temperature of around 5000-6500K. Since this light mimics the natural sunlight and even improves alertness. The recommended intensity is 500-1000 lux, which is suited for most types of work. Besides, natural and artificial light makes for the best office lighting. 

What type of lighting is used in offices?

Offices have a lot of lights because of their size and the need for more excellent illumination. You can use the offices’ LED, task, fluorescent, and natural lighting. All these lights have different functions and help in good office illumination. 
However, the best lighting is the LED light. They contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the office they are put in since they consume less energy than conventional lighting. Also, as LED lights last longer, their upkeep is less expensive and more efficient. Still, LED lighting only produces a little heat.

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