10 Different Types of Lighting to Match Your Home Decor Style

What truly transforms a house into a home is the careful selection of various types of lighting that align with one’s personal taste and preferences. An individual puts their heart and soul into creating a space that is entirely their own. There are several types of home decor that suit one’s creative flair, and when they are decorating their home, they inadvertently gravitate towards that style.

So when it comes to lighting this festive season, even a small tealight should reflect the aura of the house, and one’s bespoke style should be further enhanced. In this guide, we’ll explore different types of lighting and the ideal options to complement them.

Moroccan Decor

Egyptian Black Pendant LightSource: Logam
Egyptian Black Pendant Light

Moroccan decor is known for its vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and intricate details. The lighting options in this style often feature strong Arabic and Persian influences. Delicate latticework in a lamp and candle stands with geometric patterns are excellent choices, providing an exotic touch that complements this decor style perfectly.

Elegant Indian Home Decor

Akhand Jyoti DiyaSource: Anantaya
Akhand Jyoti Diya

Indian interior design is a rich tapestry of diverse cultures and traditions. The many types of handspun fabrics with beautiful handwork along with the rich heritage of traditional methods of designing, be it cloth, metal, or wood. The dominant colors are yellow, orange, green, blue, and pink, along with animal and bird motifs that hold the center stage.

At Arcedior Shop, we pride ourselves on presenting a platform for brands that are Indian and also use local artisans to make unique handmade decor products. For this style, consider candle holders and diya decorations, which are traditional elements of Indian decor.

Splendour Spanish Style Homes

wooden lanternSource: Home Artisan
Wooden Lantern

Spanish style homes are known for their warm and inviting interiors. The luxurious and sophisticated design concept that reminds of a plush villa where summer never ends is at its heart, while simplicity is at its soul. The usage of summer colors like yellow, red, and orange, along with deep stained woods, form the crux of this type of decor. The large windows, open verandahs, rounded plants, and stucco walls are some of its characteristics. To enhance your Spanish-style home during this festive season, choose medieval lanterns and a simple candle stand.

Mexican Home Decor

Unique Hanging Lights for HomeSource: FIGLIVING
Colorful Hanging Light

Mexican decor is known for its vibrant colors and rustic elements. From handcrafted Talavera tiles to woven textiles and rustic wooden furniture, it brings the warmth and charm of Mexico into your living space. To complement this style, consider pendant lights or chandeliers featuring vivid colors and handmade pottery details. This style is perfect for creating a lively and festive atmosphere.

Blissful Boho Home Decor

pillar candle holdersSource: Casa Decor
Pillar Candle Holders

Something about this interior decor exclaims adventure, free spirit, and love, which is why artists, travelers, and deep thinkers are fond of this style. It brews life and creativity in every corner with its lively patterns, fringes, crochet, and serene colors. The color pattern that follows this decor is royal purple, dull orange, and shades of blue. Embrace this style with colorful pendant lights, Moroccan lanterns, and string lights. Mix and match different lighting sources to create a whimsical and free-spirited atmosphere.

Minimalist Japanese Home Decor

Luxury Hanging Light for HallSource: Mianzi
Bamboo Hanging Light

Japanese home decor is rooted in the Zen philosophy of simplicity and tranquility. Minimal furniture, natural elements, open spaces, and subtle colors define this style. To complement Japanese decor, select cleanly designed decorative lights and candle holders that contribute to a clutter-free and serene living space

Hygge Decor

LanternSource: Home Artisan
Stainless Steel Lantern

Hygge, a Scandinavian design philosophy, emphasizes warmth, coziness, and well-being. An influx of fresh plants, good lighting, neutral colors, candles, and comfy cushions are central to this style. Hygge decor is all about coziness and comfort. For the right lighting, opt for soft, warm lighting options such as table lamps with soft fabric shades, string lights, and candles. These will help you create a welcoming and snug environment for relaxation.

Gothic Home Decor

Gothic Home Decor LightingSource: Seletti
Gothic Style Lighting

Gothic home decor channels the mysterious and dramatic. Think dark, ornate furniture, rich velvet textures, and dramatic color palettes. Incorporate elements like wrought-iron chandeliers and candle sconces to create an ambiance that is both elegant and haunting. Embrace the dark side and transform your space with the allure of Gothic home decor.

Modern Home Decor

Modern Home DecorSource: Smokey Cocktail
Modern Led Table Lamp

Modern design is all about clean lines, minimalism, and a focus on functionality. It embraces simplicity, neutral color schemes, and sleek, uncluttered spaces. Key elements often include open floor plans, minimalist furniture, and a preference for natural light. Choose sleek, streamlined fixtures such as recessed lighting, track lighting, or geometric pendant lights. These lighting options contribute to the sleek and contemporary feel of modern decor.

Rustic Home Decor

tripod floor lampSource: Lakkadshala
Rustic Style Wood Floor Lamp

Rustic interiors are warm and cozy. It celebrates natural elements like wood, stone, and earthy colors, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Weathered furniture, exposed beams, and handmade textiles are common in this style. To illuminate this style, choose fixtures made from natural materials like wood and iron. Chandeliers with exposed bulbs or lantern-style pendant lights will bring out the natural beauty and warmth of rustic decor.


The right lighting can elevate your home decor to a whole new level. By selecting fixtures that resonate with your chosen decor style, you can create a space that reflects your personality and tastes. So, this festive season, let the various types of lighting become an integral part of your home’s bespoke style, casting a warm and inviting glow on your carefully curated space.

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