7 Amazing Hygge Decor Ideas For Your Home


A concept derived from one of the world’s happiest countries Denmark, Hygge which is pronounced as ‘hoo-guh’ can be seen as the need of the hour. It is based on accentuating the feeling of warmth, cosiness, and homeliness which induces a feeling of happiness and love. A home is a place where a person is at peace and can be considered a safe corner away from all the hustle and bustle outside. But can happiness and peace be multiplied further? The answer is yes! You can seamlessly incorporate these home decor ideas into your abode to bring in the much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle outside.

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1. Bring in the fresh air with plants

The cities are filled with grey, pollution and noise but with the right amount of plants in the room, your home can feel renewed with a burst of freshness. You can strategically place plants around the house to zhoosh it up more. Try to incorporate planters of different sizes and shapes to add a dramatic flair and dimension to your space. Some gorgeous enamel planters that can give any unused corner a new lease of life will be perfect.

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2. Warmth that oozes from the room

Warmth and cosiness are one of the main notions behind hygge and a statement lamp which is a blend of both modern and chic can become the centrepiece of your living area. The radiance emitted by lamps can be either subdued or full of bright light which depends on your requirement. To create a cozy atmosphere you can use warm tones of LED light or for a vintage look you can opt for old-fashioned Edison bulbs.

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3. Neutral and warm tone

Deviating from contrasting colours that become overwhelming to the eyes, neutral tones of beige, light yellow, white, and cream can work wonders. You can add similar coloured rugs, sofas, chairs and more to finish the look. When choosing the fabric, you can choose a soft and durable material that is extremely comfy and relaxing.

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4. Add a vintage and regal touch

Home can be synonymous with nostalgia which is what makes a house a HOME. Pieces that are vintage and regal can strengthen that feeling of that same nostalgic charm. A delicate and intricate dinner set can bring a pop of colour to your dinner table. You can also look for fine bone china cutlery, fancy tissue boxes, cutlery stands and sculptures to accentuate your home decor and make it a place that has your own style statement present in each corner.

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5. The aura from candles

Calm your surroundings by placing candles in these mystical tealight holders that exude an old-world charm. Denmark is one of the largest users of candles in the world which hints at its usefulness in bringing peace into the home. Though they recommend not using excessive scented candles as they can be overbearing to the senses, instead opt for the regular white candles.

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6. A nook for your personal haven

Earthy tones are a timely reminder of the tranquillity that the beautiful colours of nature provide. Creating a nook that is all about your personal space can heighten the sense of calm and serenity. You can add desk organisers, vases, paintings and more things that make you the happiest. These products pay homage to the colour of the forest trees and are a perfect addition to your nook.

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7. Even comfier with the right accessories

Hygge can’t stress enough about the cosy feeling and we know that a big, fluffy pillow does a great job of inducing that emotion. You can throw in designer pillows and soft blankets which are made of fuzzy and warm materials for added solace. Now all you have to do is take some time off and cuddle in with a book for the perfect de-stress experience.

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