5 Tips for Stylishly Decorating with Plants to Elevate Your Home

Decorating with plants

What tried-and-true stress-reduction techniques are available today? Some green therapy is the “in” thing now! Alluring plant decoration ideas or opting for a biophilic design has proven to be unwinding therapeutics. Plants are the cherry on top that can escalate the personality of a room design. Plants infuse vitality into a space, and there are myriad varieties to choose from.

There is nothing like luscious greenery to brighten up a living room, and it is widely known how beneficial plants are to our health and well-being. From fastidious twine of pearls to large bird of paradise plants, indoor plants are available in an unbounded variety, thus making the scope for decorating with plants endless. Do you wish to perk up your kitchen or infuse tranquility into the bedroom? Worry not! For every setting and space, there is a house plant.

Decorating with plants is a wonderful way to add life and style to your home. Whether you have a green thumb or struggle to keep plants alive. These tips will help you elevate your home decor with stylishly placed greenery.

Begin Simple and Master As You Go

Cane Planters Decorating with PlantsSource: The Decor Remedy
Cane Planters

Start small purchases at the beginning of your plant journey! On your first visit, it could be tempting to purchase every plant reachable to your sight. But when using plants for interior decoration, get a couple that are simple to grow and spend your time researching how to take care of them. No research and acquisition of a nursery of plants will make you end up with a plenitude of dead plants.

Incorporate Hanging Plants

hanging plantersSource: JokJor
Hanging Planters

Consider adding hanging plants to your living room for a dynamic and stylish element. Install hooks or hangers near windows, in corners, or from the ceiling to showcase cascading or trailing plants.

Macrame plant hangers can add a trendy boho touch to your decor. Hanging plants not only save floor and shelf space but also create an eye-catching, green focal point in your living room.

Consider Unique Plant Displays

Unique Plant DisplaysSource: Othentique
Unique Plant Displays in Floor Lamp

Get creative with how you display your plants. Think about placing them on decorative shelves, plant stands, or inside ladders. Mirrors can be used strategically to reflect the greenery, making your space feel more spacious and vibrant. Experimenting with unique displays adds a personalized and stylish touch to your home decor.

Use Unique Planters

desk plantersSource: Gemtherapy
Unique Desk Planters

Uniformity can lead to a sense of monotony, which is not the goal of plant decoration. Instead, embrace versatility in your indoor plant design. Opt for a variety of pots and planters to add an eclectic touch to your home. While the designs may differ, strive for a cohesive connection among them.

Texture also plays a crucial role in plant decoration. Choosing plants with leaves of various shapes adds visual interest to your space. Likewise, when selecting pots and planters, consider incorporating textured designs. Exotic bottle planters and wrought iron stands can add flair and diversity to your décor.

How to Arrange Plants in Living Room?

Desk Metal PlantersSource: Logam
Desk Metal Planters

When arranging plants in your living room, consider grouping them together strategically to create a more striking visual impact. A mini indoor garden or an arrangement of various plants can add depth and character to your interiors.

Utilize shelves to incorporate both decorative and exotic plants, with smaller potted plants finding a place on the shelves and larger ones gracing the floor. This approach imparts a chic and contemporary ambiance to your living space without overwhelming it. For open-concept living areas, numerous indoor plants can transform a room divider into an elegant focal point.

Additionally, plants with sculptural, organic shapes, such as Devil’s Ivy, Snake plant, and Philodendron, can harmoniously complement the clean lines of modern divider shelves, creating a balanced and visually pleasing arrangement at different heights.


Incorporating these five tips for decorating with plants can truly transform your home into a natural oasis that reflects your unique style. Plants not only add aesthetic appeal but also improve the overall ambiance and air quality. From selecting the right plants to creative displays, the possibilities for enhancing your living space with greenery are endless. So, start decorating with plants and let your home flourish into a stylish and vibrant sanctuary.

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