10 Best Pots And Planters To Give Your Home A Stylish Boost

Pots and planters for home

Greenery in the house leads to a cheerful environment. Plants are one such decorative item that works more than just a decorative piece. These are known to promote oxygen in your vicinity. So, where will you place your favorite succulents, blooming branches, and blossomed flowers?

We have an answer! Place this lush greenery in the pots and planters. Whether it is an artificial plant or a real one, these containers made of different materials in unique designs will promote harmony and beauty in the house.

Indoor or outdoor, wherever you want to place the plants, we have every option available below. Scroll down to find the ideal pots and planters for your home space.

Fresh Breeze With Wall Hanging Planter

Wall hanging planterSource: Umbra
Wall Hanging Planter

Wall hangings are known to add magnificence to the drab walls. One such wall-hanging planter is there in the form of Trigg Large. These are diamond-shaped pots and metal, resin, and concrete planters. These are light in weight and easy to hang. These vessels are caged into the golden wiring, leading to a boastful composition. Place them aligned vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, and they are bound to get appreciation.

Elegantly Sleek Metal Planter

Desk Metal planterSource: The Decor Remedy
Micro Gold Metal Planter

Adorned in the beauty of gold, this piece would be a marvelous addition to your home. This Micro Gold Metal Planter is sturdy, durable, and visually pleasing. It is made of iron with powder coating and lacquer. Also, it is electroplated with zinc for protection. It has a black stand to support its delicate round structure from beneath. Just a quick tip: keep this planter away from moisture and humidity to avoid damage to this beautiful piece. 

Beautifully Crafted Terracotta Pots 

Terracotta potsSource: Byora Homes
Terracotta Pots for Table

We are sure that you must have at least one terracotta pot at your home, or maybe you have used it at least once at your home. The clay-baked pots are known as the terracotta pots and planters. These are naturally durable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. As clay can be molded into many forms, numerous designs of these pots and planters are available in the market.

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Wooden Planter

Spherical Wooden Desk PlanterSource: Studio Indigene
Spherical Wooden Desk Planter

Small in size and strong build, these characteristics define this amazing indoor planter called Spherical Wooden Desk Planter. This tiny planter is made of Sheesham wood, which offers excellent durability and is resistant to splits, warps, and deterioration. Its unique design of a spherical with a hole on top to insert a planter is the center of attraction. Place it over your office desks or on the centre table, and its beauty will smite people.

Handcrafted Wicker Planters

Cane Wicker PlanterSource: The Decor Remedy
Theos Cane Wicker Planter

Black is the ultimate beauty. So, to embellish your home’s corners, take Theos Cane Wicker Planter now. This is a set of three planters: Small, Medium, and Large, handcrafted by local artisans by twisting the cane in circles to give an evenly round shape to the planters. These twisted cane planters stand firmly on the iron-wired stand, which is twisted and tangled in various shapes at the base in a golden touch. 

Dangling Hanging Planters

Hanging planter for homeSource: Anantaya
Matsya Multifunctional Hanging Planter

Be it hanging lights or chimes, this beetling stuff has always excited us. Here, we have another addition to this list of hanging items in the name of a hanging planter. The greenery dangling in the air adds a unique touch to the overall decor. Make this excitement a part of your home by choosing the Matsya Hanging Planter. This is an abstraction of fish made of stoneware. This features a beautiful metal drop holder for fine hanging. It is glazed in two shades: Pomegranate and Indigo from the inside. Whether you place a plant inside it, make it a birdhouse, or add a tea light inside, it is your choice.

Beaming Marble Planters

Marble planter for tableSource: Studio Saswata
Oronoir Marble Planter

We have one more amazing piece in drop, a dead gorgeous combination of black and gold to adorn your home space. Oronoir Marble Planter has a black marble body with a graceful golden top in brass material. This piece will exude grace when placed on the balcony, and the marble material is known to bring good luck, according to feng shui. Add the small indoor plants or the plush green bonsai to this planter.

Glaze The Garden With Brass Planter

Ripple cut brass planterSource: The Decor Remedy
Ripple Cut Brass Planter

We have also got the pots and planters for your bathroom. Take a Ripple Cut Brass Planter to your home and decorate it with artificial plants to enhance the beauty of your space. This is a ripple-cut designed brass planter with a rounded bottom surface. This surface gets a firm base support with the small rounded stands beneath. You can choose from different shades, including rose gold, cosmos black, matte gold, and silver.

Colors In The Air: Ceramic Planter

Ceramic planter Source: Hidden Gallery
Blossom Ceramic Planter

Say anything but handcrafted pots and planters bear a unique elegance. This Croc Ceramic planter is tall, sculptural, and hand-carved. Its peculiar design will add sophistication to any place where it is placed. Add the money plant to or the branch of blossoming flowers, which will make a beautiful addition to your overall greenery.

Building Strength With The Concrete Planter

Concrete planter for home Source: Ek Kalakaar Designs
Amoeba Concrete Planter

The random shape of the single-celled organism– amoeba, inspires the design of this concrete planter called Amoeba Planter. It features a wooden plank in the center of this planter where you can place different sculptures,  figurines, or other vases or planters. It is adorned in stripes of two different colors: one is matte black, and the other is neon. Fill it with the greenery and plants, or add the water to this pot; the choice is all yours.


Pots and planters are known to add grace to the home’s overall aesthetics. In this list, we have given detailed information about the different materials used to form pots and planters. While marble is sleek and sturdy, wood-made planters are eco-friendly. Hanging planters add greenery to the air, and terracotta can be molded into different shapes. Visit here for more varieties now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find the best pots and planters?

You can find a wide range of exclusive pots and planters online at Arcedior Shop.

What is the difference between wall hanging and hanging planters?

Wall-hanging planters can easily be tucked or hung on the walls. At the same time, the hanging planters are the ones suspended from the ceilings above.

Can you plant directly into a pot? 

Yes, you can directly plant into a pot. Take a pot with a hole, put some soil, then add the plant, and finally add some water, and it is ready.

What is the difference between pots and planters?

The main difference between the pots and planters is their size and mobility. Pots are smaller and portable, whereas planters are large in size, heavy in weight, and thus placed in a single place.

Can you water the wooden planter?

Yes, you can water the wooden planter after sealing its interiors with the waterproof material.

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