Making Lockdown Productive – Work from Home Tips for Interior Designers & Architects

Innovation, collaboration, and communication are critical everyday elements in the lives of interior designers and architects. So, if the coronavirus pandemic has had you in lockdown like the rest of us and you’re working for home, we understand how difficult it might be to work with the same amount of enthusiasm.

But, here are a few tips and reminders that will help you and team make this time productive.

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It’s easy to let laziness seep in, but resist.

Wake up on your usual time and get dressed in your work clothes or at least something semi-formal. This will instantly put you in the mood to work.

Your clothes will help you stay productive, and you’ll be ready for virtual meetings any time during your work hours.

2. Create a Workspace


Avoid the temptation of working in your bed or from your sofa. This can get you in a relaxed mood and hamper productivity.

Set up a workstation and create the illusion of an ‘office’ with everything you need for your work in one place. Assess the light, seating, noise, etc. to make sure the you have the optimal work from home station.

A proper workstation will also help you maintain a good posture and help you avoid unwanted aches and pains.

3. Clear the Clutter


Your workspace should include a clean, clutter-free desk or table that will help you stay productive.

Make the best use of storage spaces to keep your files, drawings, paperwork and work material organized, but handy for when you need them.

At the end of the day, pack up, like you would if you’re leaving your office and get your workspace cleared and ready for the next morning.

4. Follow a Routine

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Don’t let the line between work and home fade away.

Create a routine that simulates your regular workday at the office and follow it as close as you can. Designate starting hours, meeting times, tea breaks, and lunch break to avoid burn out.

Shut off and finish for the day at a regular time and switch from professional mode to personal mode to be at home with your family.

5. Manage Your Team

Working from isn’t easy for your team, so make sure that you schedule regular calls and video chats with them to keep track of work as well as to keep them motivated.

Set up a system where they check in with you, team leaders or managers throughout the day at regular intervals.

Create chat groups and channels to make daily communication convenient and efficient.

6. Update Your Clients

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Reach out to your clients and update them about any change in schedule regarding their projects.

Assure them that their work is being handled and use online tools to share drawings, ideas and products with them.

Site visits are not possible, but a video call where you can share the map or drawings of the site to discuss progress or queries can work wonders right now.

7. Make Use of the Internet

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In times where we feel so disconnected, use the internet to stay connected to your employees, colleagues, clients, vendors, partners and service providers.

Use tools and apps that can make working from home productive and efficient for you and your teams – move to the cloud when you can to share drawings, plans, etc.

Stay connected with other professionals via the internet in form or virtual meetings, webinars, learning events, etc. – a lot of those are happening right now.

8. Bring the Outdoors In


We can’t go outside, but we can definitely spruce up our interiors by bringing some of the outdoors in.

As interior designers and architects, use your creativity and add elements to your home and workspace that create a Zen zone for you making you feel connected with nature and the outside world.

Share your ideas and tips with others via social media channels to help them bring some elements of the outdoors to their interiors – they will be thankful!

9. Keep Hydrated & Stay Healthy


Hydration and health go hand in hand, so load up on your H2O!

It is recommended that you consume hot and warm liquids right now, so indulge in herbal teas, soups and warm water with lemon – it will keep you healthy, hydrated and regulated during this irregular phase.

Move around when you can and include home workouts to your morning or evenings – you have the time now, so no excuses!

10. Limit Your News Diet

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While it’s essential to stay updated on the latest developments on the situation, make sure that it doesn’t consume you.

Verify your sources and facts before you get stressed about news and forwards shared with you and don’t participate in discussions that can create negativity.

It is important to stay positive right now, so focus on your work and spend your energy in keeping your teams motivated and clients assured.

Stay indoors. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay productive.

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