2020 AIA Awards – Interior Architecture

Designed to surprise: Maison & Objet Paris gives a glimpse of what the future holds.

The American Institute of Architects recognized seven interiors projects, including ones by Gensler, LMN Architects, and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

AIA was founded in 1857 and is headquartered in Washington DC.

The 2020 Interior Architecture program celebrates the most innovative and spectacular interior spaces. Impressive building interiors make their mark on the cities, places, and spaces where we live and work.

Image Courtesy: SOM

The Chicago Public Library serves as the educational and social hub for Chicago’s Chinatown Neighbourhood. The building’s interiors are anchored by a sky-lit, two-story central atrium and is designed for flexibility and durability. It is inspired by traditional Chinese design and has an array of vertical shading fins juxtaposed on a high-performance glass curtain wall to provide maximum visibility for library patrons during the day and turns into a glowing lantern at night.

2. Corning Museum of Glass

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One of the largest facilities for glassblowing demonstrations and live glass design sessions, the Corning Museum of Glass shows us all the ways glass can sparkle and shimmer. A glassmaker’s heaven, this museum spans over 10 acres.  The glass art is displayed on curvilinear plaster walls which encourage circulation and allow contemplation of the larger works of glass. The viewing experience is punctuated by a 150 feet long window which offers a serene view to the outdoor green campus.

3. Dandelion Chocolate Factory

Image Courtesy: Food Processing Technology

This chocolate factory provides a space that engages the local community while showcasing the skill that goes into small-batch artisan chocolate. As you step in you are greeted with a marble stone with an inlaid cocoa pond, which leads to the custom redwood counter of the chocolate and espresso bar. A jewel-box chocolate salon centers the space and is accompanied by beveled glass walls, polished brass, and redwood slabs. Every detail of the chocolate factory engages the senses, complemented by finishes that echo the spirit of manufacturing

4. Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice

Image Courtesy: Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation Center for social justice is a granite-clad, steel and glass 12 story building wrapped around 174 -foot high, sky-lit atrium. This icon features 8,1000 square feet of space, a beautiful garden, and a social justice gallery open to the public. The building incorporates features of accessibility and sustainability to further their mission of diversity, equality, and inclusion in their design.

5. Google, Spruce Goose

Image Courtesy: Dezeen

The Google Spruce Goose office features an overhaul of a large-timber framed hangar for the largest wooden plane ever built. The office stands tall at 750 feet and entails the creation of ‘a building within a building’. This stunning building feels contemporary and classic all at once. The varied floor shapes allow the space to be flooded with light putting the workmanship of the structure on display.

6. Mass Moca Building

Image Courtesy: For Freedoms

The Mass Moca building is an adaptive reuse project that features the ‘museums within a museum’ concept. Spanning across 130000 feet this museum creates space for video, film, and multi-media exhibits. The interlocking courtyards, bridges, and walkways of the complex offer the opportunity to experiment with open spaces.  Most of the building’s ceremonial and transitional spaces are made from sculptural salvage, lending the piece an effect of transparency that encourages collaboration.

7. Voxman Music Building

Image Courtesy: University of Iowa School of Music Architect - LMN Architects

The Voxman music building is located at the busiest intersection of Iowa to embrace the academic and urban experience. This is a six-story, 186,000 square foot building that celebrates musical performance at every turn.  All the spaces in the building provide natural light while maintaining acoustic isolation. The concert hall features a ‘theatroacoustic’ system that unifies acoustic and lighting. The three major rehearsal spaces have high ceilings filled with swarms of brightly-coloured kite-like reflectors.

There you have it! That’s everything you need to know about the 2020 AIA awards.

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