9 Interior Decor Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

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There are some home décor trends on the horizon that you’ll want to keep an eye on looking ahead to 2022! You might be astounded at just how popular some of these trends will become! From nature-inspired accents to minimalist living, these trends are sure to make a statement in your home. So, whether you intend for an extensive renovation or just looking for some new ideas to keep your home looking voguish for years to come, read on for all the details. 

We’ve gathered nine interior décor trends to watch out for, so you can start planning your home makeover now!

1. Warm Wood Toned Décor

interior decor, Wooden Toned Decor, wooden furniture

In the world of interior design, nothing is ever set in stone. Styles come and go, and what’s popular today may be passé in a few years. That said, some trends seem to be sticking around for a while. One of these is the use of warm wood tones. Wood has been used in home décor for centuries, and it’s not going anywhere. Whether you’re painting your walls a rich oak color or accessorizing them with dark mahogany furniture, incorporating wood into your décor will give your home a warm and inviting feel.

2. Conventional Touches

interior decor, traditional furniture

The New Year is all about embracing our roots. The world of interior design is changing, with more people opting for traditional touches in their homes. It brings us back to old-fashioned patterns mixed up alongside new materials like metal chairs or glass tables from your grandmother’s house when she moved out before you did; maybe even an antique cabinet or two for good measure! The world is going through quite a change, but people are still seeking a sense of comfort and nostalgia in their homes.

3. Zen Interior Design

interior decor, Zen interior design

Sustainable living has consistently inspired us. It’s not only a way to live in harmony with nature but also an opportunity for creativity and innovation! The process of showcasing this type of interior design can serve two purposes: firstly, it encourages others who are interested or looking into eco alternatives; secondly – as you’re displaying your clear mind- which shows that there isn’t anything distracting whatsoever; when creating space ambiance?

Zen-living spaces are often filled with light wood floors, clean lines, and natural surfaces. The décor is kept organic to create a calming atmosphere rather than busy or cluttered – including plants for extra aesthetic charm!

4. A Retro Comeback

interior decor, Wooden Toned Decor, wooden furniture

The 70s are back! So get ready to channel your inner flower child! This trend is all about earthy tones and warm wood finishes. 70’s-inspired decorating styles embrace natural materials like stones or pottery while remaining simple. Macramé textiles will be huge by 2022 when it comes down to the right vintage feel without even having an actual item from that era as well–all you need to come together beautifully with just some hemp ropes, for instance. 

5. Curvilinear Furnishing

Curved furniture, sofa

Furniture is evolving, and the industry is pushing boundaries with innovative design. Furniture is deemed a form following function, but now it’s taking a turn for the beautiful as well! The curve extends beyond sumptuous C-shaped sofas to include soft edge tables and reimagined contemporary chairs. Curves are a great way to add some bold colors to your space. They work well with both feminine and forgiving design elements, making it feel instantly cozier as well as safe from any aggressive edges.

A room full of curves will make you think “safe” because these types of styles lend themselves so nicely in big bummer designs!

6. Embracing Colorful Window Treatments

bedroom 3778695

Window treatments are like diamonds on the crown, and they can impact. Next year we’ll see more color and patterns in these pieces to grab our attention – especially those with bold bursts (two colors) paired alongside softer hues such as white that lighten up dark areas where there could be window coverings installed on all four corners if needed. We are excited about how creative this design will look when everything comes together!

7. Re-imagined Minimalism

kitchen 5669680

Minimalism is all the rage right now, and we can’t agree more. But extreme minimalist trends are coming in hot next year. Maybe it’s because we’re seeking ways to purify our living spaces and free up time during hectic days? Whatever your reason may be – making more or less regardless of what you decide on doing with the interior design elements seems like a good idea at this point too!

Minimalist living doesn’t have to be cold and clinical. Adding warmth to textiles like bedding or cushions can help you feel more at home in your space while maintaining its minimalist aesthetic!

8. Reflecting Earth's Facets

sofa 4252493

The coming year is primed to be all about earthy and neutral tones. You’ll find these hues all over next year’s hottest homes! From wall colors, home décor items like tiles or cabinetry that you put in your house, they’re going a long way towards making it feel unique while still maintaining an overall aesthetic appeal. 

Think browns, rust, and whites to contrast with the bright colors of orange or green. These less intense hues will be perfect for décor pieces as well! The tranquility of these shades will be the highlight in 2022, as opposed to some years’ unabashed vibrancy and loudness.

9. Luxurious Textiles With Plenty of Texture

living room 2569325

Furniture is often used as collateral when designing interiors with striking colors that need contrast; however, textures can provide just what’s required by using quieter hues such as browns, grays, black, and white. Textiles such as velvets, sherpa, and boucle will be the most popular fabric options for interior designers in 2022.

Cozy fabrics are chic and luxurious. The reason? They’re ideal for balancing out neutral tones with their rich textures! They add a much-needed coziness factor to each room, from the bedroom upholstery throughout your house. Expect textured materials like rough denim or angora rabbit fur on furniture pieces as an element of luxury with their luxurious appearance!

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