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See how Arcedior assisted interior designer Alpesh Patel in sourcing, procuring, and designing a modern achromatic corporate space with various mind-boggling designs.

Client: Gokul Agro
Location: Ahmedabad, India
Project Type: Corporate Office in Ahmedabad
Industry Vertical: Corporate Spaces
Architect / Designer: Alpesh Patel
Year: 2018
Project Completion Deadline: 3 Months
Areas: 20000 sq ft
Products Sourced: Conference table, chairs, lights, floor lamps, pendant lamps, side tables, tea tables, executive desks and sofa sets

Our client had created a design distinguished by delicate hues and sumptuous furniture items. The plan for this corporate space for Gokul Agro was to find products that exemplified the fundamental design concepts of modern and futuristic designs. Alpesh Patel, a spectacular designer with excellent talents, collaborated with Arcedior for procurement solutions to develop a magnificent space for the office.

The project started in 2018 after six detailed client meetings and requirement analysis. Everything from receiving BOQ to finalizing the order happened in 45 days. Since it was a corporate office, and the deadline was strict, the team had to work relentlessly to complete the project within the required deadline. The client wanted the office to be modern and futuristic, Arcedior, with its years of expertise, felt confident in giving an unrivaled selection of materials and quality.

Several factory visits in China for the client were arranged by Arcedior. Completion of the costing and order there was done within a week. The client’s delight was the overarching goal. The timeline after finalization was 45 days for production, 15 days for transit, 20 days for installation.

Global Sourcing Simplified with Arcedior

Arcedior assisted Alpesh Patel in locating worldwide sustainable decor goods. With our extensive network of suppliers and partners, finding the appropriate goods for the project became efficient and painless. Alpesh Patel introduced the project owner to Arcedior’s sourcing and procurement services ranging from ideation to installation. This property required a diverse selection of standout goods to create furniture designs that complimented the owner’s concept of modernism with futuristic design, allowing their dream to become a reality.

Sourcing, Corporate office

Project Support

The project coordinator, BD and Management were in constant touch with the client and provided support at all points. A dedicated project coordinator was introduced to Mr. Alpesh Patel, who accompanied him to the factories and made the selection and required negotiations for the project. Arcedior offered cost-effective brands for their needs based on our 15 years of expertise.

From the initial stage until order finalization, the coordinator functioned as a point of contact and worked alongside the designer and business development team; later, management became that point of contact from order finalization to shipment of products, product quality check and the project coordinator finally was there throughout the installation stage.

Getting things done within a Tight Deadline

After finalization, the manufacturing timeline was 45 days, 15 days for transport, and 20 days for assembly. The task was complicated by two recurring goals: the need for speed and the client’s vision of a fancy elegance and posh setting. Arcedior’s lighting and furniture procurement saved a lot of time. Our dependable and robust manufacturing sourcing network has developed blemish-free furniture procurement from top companies all over the world. This resulted in a flawless sail from briefing through procurement, delivery, and installation of the project’s furniture and lighting. As a result, we could complete the job ahead of schedule.


Getting the Specifications Right

Essentially, interior design procurement is a panacea for all issues. It provides interior designers, builders, and other project owners with worldwide procurement options, presenting unique designs and services that help with a variety of project requirements. Arcedior collaborated with the designer to stay under budget and establish detailed requirements. To bring the complete vision to reality, it was necessary to conduct an actual search, customize the design, have the client assess and finalize the design, and buy and deliver furniture and lighting. Because of Arcedior’s excellent ties with several manufacturers, the client was able to make informed judgments and get items at best possible pricing. 

Following the completion of orders and pricing in China, a deposit was required to secure the pricing and begin the manufacturing process. The client’s items were created with extensive study, top-notch designs, and specialist expertise was a bonus! From the outset to the completion of the project, a systematic strategy to cost analysis, bargaining, and supplier procurement was used. Despite the various arduous and complex encounters, the rewarding smile on the client’s face made the voyage worthwhile.


Exceptional Coordination That Produced a Victorious Outcome

Alpesh Patel was able to save a lot of time because of the Arcedior team’s endless tasks. This also allowed him to concentrate on other areas of the project. The key to successful outcomes is proper coordination between the procurement partner, designer, and client. From the beginning to the conclusion, consistent collaboration helped facilitate communications, resulting in the establishment of a complete project management system. 

The management team managed all supplier interactions and kept track of any product delays, as well as product shipping and installation. In addition, the project manager accompanied the packaging and installation at regular intervals. Arcedior interacted with the brand when a problem arose on-site and managed the matter with simplicity and intelligence. The crew conducted a rigorous quality check of proprietary materials both during and after manufacture.

Sourcing, Corporate office

Arcedior is a one-stop solution for all your needs

Arcedior is unquestionably a one-stop solution for all interior sourcing needs. Various services are available, including planning aid, product selection, and furniture installation. The finest vendors were contacted for furnishings and lighting for every single corner. Furniture for each place was found while adhering to the expected budget, timetable, and quality ideals, whether it was for the entrance hall, dormitories, or conference room. 

Our knowledgeable staff collaborated closely with the architect and provided him with all product details, including timeframes, price, tracking, and installation. Arcedior also kept a watch on all of the deliveries that were made on-site. Each group member was assigned to the team based on their specific skill sets. 

During the procedures, our 14+ years of experience were apparent. We were able to relieve their burden quickly after receiving just a ring of requests from the on-site staff. As a result, the project’s essential phases went off without a hitch, allowing them to concentrate on their core capabilities. The project’s success was attributed to the combination of round-the-clock action-oriented engagement and an ethical work attitude.

Sourcing, Corporate office

Beautiful Aesthetics

The management team’s constant logistical checks resulted in the stunning corporate space’s trouble-free and tranquil delivery. Every material, aspect, and piece of wood was purchased with care. Arcedior is proud of this magnificent corporate area, which provided the customer with a sense of fulfillment. The customer was given the option of selecting goods from our extensive vendor network and catalog collection. 

The cherry on top was delivering the client’s desired originality in the items. The spectacular area tells the hypnotic and stunning story of a contemporary working environment that entices onlookers to gaze at the beauty and appeal for an extended period. Modern aesthetics are mixed with rich art and elegance in this setting. The client’s preferences and dislikes were taken into account while selecting items, and products were found accordingly.

Sourcing, Corporate Office


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