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gold wall mirror

A gold mirror has a certain allure that shouts luxury. It can be the metal’s warm color or the way it shines and gleams. Gold mirrors are an elegant statement that can give a touch of glitz to any area, regardless of the motivation. 

Due to their ability to lend a touch of opulence and elegance to any room, gold wall mirrors are a popular choice for wall decor. They attractively reflect light and can give the impression that a room is larger and brighter. Gold mirror wall art can be utilized alone or as a component of a gallery wall.

They also make great accents in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and entryways. When choosing a gold mirror for your home, keep in mind the style of your space and the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

Large Gold Wall Mirror

Sun-shaped large gold wall mirrorSource: Home Artisan
Snowflake Gold Wall Mirror

A large gold wall mirror can be an excellent style statement in any room it is placed in. With its sparkling texture, Snowflake unique gold wall mirror is the perfect addition to your space. 

The different-sized lines form the pattern of rays emitted by the sun. You can create a very modern look with this home decor product by positioning it in your dining room, living room, and entrance. 


  • The bold design can become the focal point
  • Beautiful golden color
  • Boosts light
  • Magnifies the room 

Round Gold Wall Mirror

City life round gold wall mirrorSource: Tonelli Design
City Life Round-shaped Wall Mirror

A round shape is a distinctive option from the standard square and rectangular mirrors. Since the furniture in any room comprises several straight lines, a round mirror is a refreshing change. This round gold wall mirror is the literal definition of sophistication and class. 

With its exquisite geometrical motifs that give the mirror shape and consistency, the round-shaped City Life is sure to heighten the appeal of the space. This bronze and gold-colored smoked glass is adorned with tiny rhombuses that cap the frame and will provide liveliness and warmth to the room.


  • Intricate geometrical design
  • Ready to mount
  • Embellished with small rhombuses
  • Great craftsmanship

Gold Rectangular Wall Mirror

Capri gold rectangular wall mirrorSource: Jetclass
Capri Gold Rectangular Wall Mirror

You can never go wrong with a gold rectangular wall mirror. It is because it is a deadly combination of two classic elements – gold color and rectangle shape. 

This rectangle-shaped mirror called Capri has an elegant gold-colored intricate design on each of its four borders that complements the traditional home decor and brings out the grandeur of the wall on which it is mounted. It is also capable of having an android tv and built-in sound system. 


  • A bold frame with detailing
  • Capable of having a sound system

Gold Wall Mirror Full Length

Cay gold wall mirror full lengthSource: Brabbu
Cay Gold Wall Mirror Full Length

Cay rectangle is a  full-length mirror with many benefits, making it an ideal match for any home decor. It is both practical and decorative in that you can take a quick look at your whole outfit in one go. 

Besides this, its decorative elements include giving a renewed look to an unsightly wall. A gold full-length rectangle wall mirror also helps to create an illusion of more space and dimension in the room.


  • Structure in matte casted brass
  • Good durability
  • Great for dressing up

Gold Oval Wall Mirror

Colosseum gold oval wall mirror full lengthSource: Maison Valentina
Colosseum Full Length Gold Oval Wall Mirror

This elegant Colosseum standalone mirror is inspired by architectural buildings from Ancient Rome. The oval is an excellent shape for a wall mirror since it provides the benefits of a round shape and the functionality of a rectangular mirror. 

An oval mirror breaks the monotony of straight lines, which makes it the focal point of a room. The elongated shape also provides a full view of the person. If you have a space crunch, this type of mirror will also fit in small spaces. 


  • Very elegant
  • Perfect for bedroom
  • LED strip around the whole body
  • Easy to move

Antique Gold Wall Mirror

Tuna Kvarn rectangular antique gold wall mirrorSource: InsidherLand
Tuna Kvarn Rectangular Wall Mirror

Parisian-inspired antique Apollo gold wall mirror seems straight from a fairy tale. It entangles with an elegant design that can awestruck any onlooker with its enigmatic charm. 

A rendezvous with the past, this is the perfect keepsake for modern times. Though it can be placed anywhere in the home, it would look top-notch in the bedroom. You can put it in any unused corner that needs sprucing up for added decor flavor. 


  • Regal design
  • Concentric circular design
  • Handcrafted by skilled artisans


Conclusively, having a gold wall mirror in any home or office is more than just a home decor addition. It is a breath of freshness and, in this case, a whiff of opulence. You can style it any way you want, but the charm of the gold color is that it was constructed to stand out. Being well suited to most home decor styles, you can find one that suits your style. You can find the trendiest mirror on Arcedior with the ease of just one button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you modernize a gold mirror?

You can modernize a gold mirror by placing it in a new setting and adding decorative items. This is the easiest way to renew the look of a gold mirror. Otherwise, you can paint the frame in your choice of color or even replace the frame with an entirely new frame for a revamped look. If you still want the gold color but want to modernize it further, make a distressed look by sanding some of the colors off. 

Are gold wall mirrors outdated?

No, gold wall mirrors are not outdated at all and have served the test of time when they emerged victorious. Gold is a color that complements well with the accents of most furniture. Due to this, a gold mirror looks great in any setting. Gold mirrors have also come back along with metallic ones, further solidifying their prominence in the interior decor landscape.

Are gold mirrors good as wall decor?

Yes, gold mirrors are good as wall decor because they serve as accent pieces to spruce up dull walls. Many frames look like decorative pieces in themselves that will do the job of decorating the wall. 
Mirrors, in general, are an excellent option for wall decor since they take up less space and pull together the look of the room. They also work exceptionally well with Indian, Bohemian, Classical, Hollywood Glam, and similar home decor styles.

Is it OK to decorate with gold mirrors?

Yes, it is OK to decorate with gold mirrors for multiple reasons:
They create a good accent piece in the room which helps to brighten up the walls
They are distinct and would become the room’s focal point without any effort. 
Gold mirrors suit most home decor styles well, so you can buy them tension-free.
Gold adds more color to the room and does not blend in with the crowd; instead, it subtly stands out. 

Are large gold mirrors in style?

Yes, large gold mirrors are in style with the resurgence of luxurious and glamorous spaces. They have been used for centuries as a symbol of opulence in royal and noble households. This has prompted added interest in gold mirrors. At Arcedior, you can find a comprehensive collection of large gold mirrors perfect for making your home look elegant, spacious, and unique. 

Is gold mirror in style?

Yes, gold mirrors are very much in style since they are a beautiful addition to the home. With emerging trends, gold mirrors are in fashion as they suit almost all types of decor well. Even though modern decor is the most liked home decor style nowadays, gold mirrors add a regal quality to that trend. You will find a vast selection of gold mirrors at Arcedior that are ideal for giving your home an elegant, roomy, and distinctive appearance.

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