5 Seasonal Style: Best Area Rug Ideas for Every Season

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“Winter is an etching, 
Spring a watercolor, 
Summer an oil painting and 
Autumn a mosaic of them all” – Stanley Horowitz (renowned author)

People often feel the need to remodel their homes as soon as the seasons change. However, summer has different requirements from winter in terms of material, pattern, and colors. So one has to bring unique area rug ideas for every season.

By the end of 2031, the market for carpets and rugs is projected to be worth USD 123.73 billion. The main reason for this drive is the increase in income and demand. It has shown significant activity in the Asia-pacific region and is a lucrative market for soft furnishings. It directly impacts craftsmen, shop owners, the markets, and e-commerce. 

The end of the season is the ideal time to buy rugs. However, if you’re confused while choosing the rugs, read the whole blog, and you’ll find some tips and unique area rug ideas for every season.

Winter Warmth: Cozy and Wool Area Rugs for Chilly Days

Wool Area RugsSource: Gan Rugs
Hidra Wool Area Rugs

Chilly, icy, frozen, cloudy, sparkling, blanket, insulation…wintery days bring chilly vibes to the rooms. What you need are warm and cozy area rugs that embrace you and provide warmth and a sense of relief after coming from chilly weather. 

Area rug ideas for Winter

The benefits of winter are that you can use high-piled and multi-colored rugs, such as the Hidra rug. It is a multi-colored rug that has uneven edges. It is hand tufted in two different pile heights.

Preferred materials for cozy area rugs are wool, wool blended silk, or natural fiber. You may layer wool rugs, shag rugs, or patterned rugs. Winter is the right time to bring out your creativity if you have the caliber to layer the rugs.

  1. Add Dark shaded rugs as it brings extra warmth to the space.
  2. Go for layering, as it adds comfort and texture to space.

Spring Renewal: Light and Bright Floral Area Rugs

Floral area rugsSource: Mineheart
Floral Area Rugs

“It’s spring.” The season of flowers, colors, bloom, and blossoming is the vernal season. The same goes for the rugs. Layer out floral patterns, neutral shades with dark flowers and plants, or greenish rugs to bring the outdoors inside the home. 

Area rug ideas for Spring

The benefit of the spring season is that you can use floral patterns usually seen in oriental rugs. Layer out Moroccan, Persian, or Indian bright area rugs to have a refreshing and calming vibe around you.

The preferred material for the spring season is cotton, hemp, or jute rugs, which is breathable, soft, and lightweight. It connects you to nature and feels earthen eternally.

  1. Use neutral-shaded rugs that complement nature.
  2. Use multichromatic bright area rugs to feel spring for boho decor.

Summer Style: Refreshing and Cool Area Rugs for Hot Weather

cool area rugsSource: Zenza
Cool Cotton Rugs

What comes to mind when you hear summer? Icy drinks, refreshing juices, lots of water, and air conditioning rooms, right? Then we guessed correctly. You need some refreshing and cool area rugs for your space during a hot climate. 

Area rug ideas for Summer

The benefit of the summer season is that you can play with the whole color palette. Amber, sienna, jade, skye, or daisy are the summer colors that suit the interior decor during hot weather. 

Jute and seagrass suit the hot weather, as these are natural fibers and do not retain water. They are durable and lightweight, too, thus easy to maintain. 

Eternity is a round rug with beautiful patterns and texture. Made of 100% cotton, it is a breathable fabric that is perfect for summer. Tassels cover the whole rug at the periphery, which beautifies the design.

  1. Bring on some abstract area rugs.
  2. Use low-pile rugs in high-traffic areas.

Fall Foliage: Rich and Rustic Area Rugs for Autumnal Vibes

rustic area rugsSource: Memedesign
Rustic Area Rugs

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall” a famous line by Oscar Wilde. So does the Raggio Di Sole rug, where soft strokes of copper shades complements with fall. It is a beautiful handtufted abstract rug that radiates autumnal vibes.

Area rug ideas for Autumn

The rustic area rugs are irregular and imperfect, perfectly complementing the autumnal climate. With rustic area rugs, colors of brown, coffee, chestnut, umber, and sepia go nicely with yellow hues.

The preferred material for fall is warm wool, polyester, or wool-blend fabric. But the aim is to bring autumnal vibes inside and outdoors too. So, mix materials, colors, patterns, and textures into your decor as needed.

  1. Use shades of brown, yellow, red, and green altogether.
  2. Layer floral rustic area rugs to bring the autumn season into your home. 

Year-Round Favorites: Versatile and Classic Area Rugs for Every Season

Classic Silk Area RugsSource: Silk Avenue
Classic Silk Area Rugs

Oriental and modern rugs are versatile and classic area rugs that never go out of style. In this category, you can explore Persian, Moroccan, and Indian art area rugs that are classy and elegant. Whereas modern and abstract carpets are versatile in every decor and can be placed in any season.

Area rug ideas for all season

In the case of color selection, the sky’s the limit. Neutral to dark, cool to warm, muted to bright shades, any color will work in classic area rugs. Wool, cotton, nylon, or polyester are popular for making rugs. However, if you want a luxurious rug, you can also use leather and silk.

  1. Place rectangular classic area rugs in the kitchen or entryway.
  2. Round area rugs can highlight the dining room and its furniture.


Here, we’ve elaborated on all the seasonal area rug ideas and their benefits. To keep you warm during the winter season and provide a refreshing feeling in the summer season, rugs are classified as such. The preferred colors and materials are also elaborated under each season. For high-end area rug ideas, bespoke customization, unique designs, and patterns, Arcedior Shop is a one-stop shop for your inquisitive mind. Give a treat to your decor this season and happy shopping!

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best area rug materials for each season?

The best rug materials for each season are: 
Spring: Spring is the season of bloom which means the winter is waning and summer is approaching. Thus cotton is a great option that is soft, breathable, and light. 
Summer: Scorching heat means a need for cool and refreshing material. For this, jute or sisal rugs are a good option
Fall: Onset of winter, which means wind and chill, for this wool rug is a go-to choice. Also, materials that have a soft texture can feel heavenly for cold feet.
Winter: Cozy materials like wool and silk have been used for centuries to provide insulation from the cold. Also, make sure to use a high-pile rug. 

Can I use outdoor area rugs indoors during the winter months?

Yes, you can use outdoor area rugs indoors during the winter months. Since outdoor area rugs are made from materials that can withstand any temperature or weather, they can be easily used indoors. Made for high-traffic areas, they are durable and protect the floor from dirt and debris in the cold months. Besides this, you should add a rug pad beneath the area rug to prevent it from slipping on the smooth indoor flooring. 

How do rugs help to keep your home warm in winter?

Rugs can help keep your home warm in winter in many ways, including: 
Insulation: Their main use is insulation, especially in colder weather, to prevent heat loss from the floor. They are majorly used for hardwood or tiled floors. 
Heat retention: Rugs are a barrier for the feet and the cold floor, creating more heat in the room. 
Sunlight absorption: Since the rugs are made of dense material, they help to absorb heat and light. This heat gets trapped in the rug, which makes the room warmer. 

Which carpet is good for winter season?

The carpets which are good for the winter season for providing warmth and comfort are: 
Wool carpet: Wool is the best choice for the cold months since it is a natural insulator that provides warmth. Being durable and soft makes it a plus point.
Nylon Carpet: Nylon is a synthetic fabric that is stain resistant and offers excellent durability. It also has insulation capabilities that are perfect for winter. 
Frieze Carpet: These rugs are characterized by their thick pile formed using the high twist level. 
Berber Carpet: These Moroccan rugs are known for their tightly woven fibers that have been known to provide maximum warmth. 

What type of rug is the warmest?

The warmest type of rug depends on the material used, which includes: 
Wool Area Rugs: People have been using wool for centuries to keep themselves warm. The higher the knot count, the better the heat retention of the rug, which can also be the deciding factor. 
Shag Area Rugs: These rugs have a deep pile that retains heat and aids in providing warmth. They are widely used in colder temperatures for their coziness factor. 
Faux Fur: Faux fur may not be as warm as that natural fur, but it is a cost-effective method to keep the room warm. With their soft pile and high comfort, they are a great choice.

What is the best carpet for hot climates?

The best carpet for hot climates which can aid in making the room light and breathable are:
Jute Carpet: A natural fiber, jute has a very earthy and natural tone. This makes them very durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly options. 
Seagrass carpet: Seagrass is also a natural fiber that does not retain moisture making it perfect for hot and humid weather. 
Dhurries: These have a low pile which does not make them retain heat. This makes them very lightweight and feels cool under the feet.

image sources

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  • The-Rectangular-Slk-Avenue: Silk Avenue
  • Blue china area rug: Gan Rugs
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