10 Stylish Eco Friendly Kitchen Items for a Sustainable Home

eco friendly kitchen items

Ditch the disposable and choose the sustainable! How many times have you chosen disposable material for your daily chores in order to escape the burden of maintaining items made of sustainable material? Quite often? In order to keep ourselves away from working more, we choose those simple ways which keep us at ease but actually bother mother nature. With every passing day, our planet is becoming poorly sick due to our advancing moves of chasing easement. Now, it’s time to make the change and move towards sustainability. 

To your utter surprise, you do not have to work a lot and can take your first move towards sustainability by incorporating natural materials in your home. So, start with the heart of your home- the kitchen, by adding kitchen items made of sustainable material. Integrating nature in its organic form will keep the planet well and help you greatly in your daily work.

If you are still determining the perfect kitchen items for your cooking space, read this blog until the end. Here, we at Arcedior have listed the different kitchen items to make a sustainable home for you. Let’s get started.

Round and Shallow: Wooden Bowl

Choose the wooden bowl if you want to have vegetable soup or munch on salad. This is one of the most beautiful handcrafted kitchen items. It is a round-shaped, shallow container that holds the servings inside it. It is ideal to wash it in running warm water with a sponge. Then, add the walnut or linseed oil drops to keep it in the best position.

Wooden BowlsSource: Nestroots
Wooden Bowls

Stunning Wooden Serving Bowl Set of 3 is a beautiful set of three wooden bowls perfect for serving food, snacks, or soups to your guests on any occasion. Made of Acacia wood, these bowls are highly durable and food safe.


  • Round-shaped shallow container
  • Durable and food safe

Wooden Plates: Make The Stack

If you are searching for natural elegance, nothing can beat wooden plates’ charm. These kitchen items are sturdy and durable and act as a server to present the assortments and appetizers on the table. Beyond function aspects, these plates serve as a decor piece with their natural texture.

Cookie Wooden PlatesSource: Houmn
Cookie Wooden Plates

Place the Crunch Hammer cookie plate and present your cookies in style. This plate is crafted from mango wood with tones of matte gold light brown shade and hammered to the edges for a soft shape.


  • Light in weight
  • Upraised edge for easy handling

Serve in Style: Wooden Tray

A wooden tray is the most durable and rugged among other kitchen items. The different finishes of the wood give it a fantastic look. This tray is used for serving food to the guests. In addition to being a practical kitchen item, this wooden tray can also be used to hold and present cutlery and glassware. You can also put the bonsai plants on its surface to decorate it. 

Round Wooden TraySource: Houmn
Round Wooden Tray

Add the Azalea Round tray to elevate the grace of your dining table. This is a round tray based on mango wood material laced in a teal green hue with gorgeous flowers. The handles are crafted on both sides to give a firm grip.


  • Easy handling due to convenient shape
  • Handles on both sides to provide a firm grip

Unique Storage: Wooden Box

A wooden box is a deep and long container that comes with a lid installed with a knob for easy use. These kinds of boxes are sturdy and ideal for safely keeping the packets of snacks and cookies inside them. Regular swish from a dry cloth is enough to keep it fresh.

Wooden BoxSource: Half Dot
Sustainable Wooden Box

Incorporate nature with the Lazy- Containers. These are boxes made of sheesham wood and come in two sizes, large and small. This beautiful wooden container is perfect for storing dry fruits or snacks.


  • Hard and durable
  • Its covers can be used as containers too

Drink From Nature: Wooden and Bamboo Bottle

The bamboo bottle is one of the most precious sustainable kitchen items that have ample health benefits, including antioxidants and anti-cancer benefits. Moreover, this water bottle is relatively safe to use for the body. In addition to being good for the environment, it keeps the water fresh for a more extended period with all its nutrients locked inside. So, next time wherever you go, keep the wooden and bamboo bottle with you on your journey.

Wooden BottleSource: Rustic Horse
Wooden Water Bottle

Have this “Ecotao Explore” Wooden water bottle is made of mango wood which is quite hard, sturdy, and durable. This sustainable bottle is easy to carry on trips and keeps the water fresh inside for a longer time. It has glass inside and wood outside, which acts as an insulator and tightens the item inside with air and water.


  • Biodegradable
  • Reusable

Fresh Rotis: Wooden Roti Box

Fresh rotis are what we all wish for. For this purpose, a wooden roti box is what you should look forward to. This eco-friendly kitchen item keeps the rotis fresh for a more extended period without being reactive in nature. If you are finding a cost-effective solution, then wooden roti boxes are what you should consider because they remain in fine shape for a reasonable amount of time.

Wooden Roti BoxSource: Mason Home
Wooden Roti Box

Vienna Acacia Roti Box is a unique roti box that you must have inside your kitchen. Made with Acacia wood, this roti box features a pattern of organic wood texture that gives a natural feel while using them. This box has a small knob on the lid which helps in easy lifting of the lid from the container.


  • Sustainable
  • Non-reactive in nature

Chop Smoothly: Wooden Chopping Board

The most widely used chopping board is made of wood. A wooden chopping board provides a fine surface for the chopper to cut fruits, vegetables, loaves of bread, meat, chicken, fish, and cheese. The wooden chopping board comes in various wood finishes like walnut or maple wood, providing a hard surface to cut any food item smoothly without getting scratched by the sharpest edges of knives.

Wooden Chopping BoardSource: Byora Homes
Wooden Chopping Board

Trough Chopping Board is an exceptionally beautifully shaped wooden chopping board with bumps on the bottom to provide an easy grip to the person using it. It is made of mango wood and does not get scratched easily. 


  • It provides a fine surface for chopping
  • Withstand the sharp edges of the knife

No More Stains: Wooden Coaster

Whether you are finding an option to save your dining tables from getting drenched with a glass of water or a unique tableware to increase the aesthetic of your dining table, a wooden coaster is what you should consider. These kitchen items are small yet stylish, which keeps your table from getting stained with rings made with a glass of water and keeps the cup of tea or coffee covered until you do not sip it.

Eco-friendly Kitchen Items Wooden CoastersSource: Half Dot
Wooden Coasters for Eco-friendly Kitchen

Cut It Close consists of round-shaped Sheesham wood coasters that protect the table from stains and burn marks. It offers outstanding durability and is an excellent addition to the tableware with its unique shape.


  • It saves the table from getting stained
  • Highly durable

Spice Up The Dish With Wooden Masala Box

The kitchen and masala have an intense bond together. The dish remains downright dull to eat without masalas’ spicy and savory flavor. So, it becomes essential to keep the masala intact at a place where it can easily be reached. The wooden masala box comes with a lid made chiefly of glass to give a clear view of all the masala kept in the small compartments. So, add this functional yet stylish kitchenware to your space and feel the difference.

Wooden Masala BoxSource: Nestroots
Spice Up The Dish With Wooden Masala Box

Modish Masala Box Copper Lid is a solid masala box made with teak wood that has a beautiful finish. It comes with a steel lid that keeps the masalas fresh while preserving their aroma. It has several cylindrical compartments that hold the spices separated from each other.


  • Separate compartments for every masala
  • Maintains the freshness of flavors

Excite The Stir With Wooden Kitchen Tools

When it comes to cooking delicious dishes, we know the importance of fine stirring in an appropriate manner. However, with the wooden spatula and wooden ladle, you do not have to worry about your hands getting burnt because wood is a good insulator. The same is with wooden tongs, which are ideal for roasting and flipping any food on direct flame. 

Wooden Best Kitchen ToolsSource: Courtyard
Wooden Best Kitchen Tools

Agaja Kebab & Kofta Ladle Set is a fantastic ladle set made with neem wood that you can use while stirring the curry and other food items on flame. These are tastefully crafted servers that look beautiful in the organic wood color.


  • It keeps the hand away from getting burnt
  • Sturdy and durable


On a conclusive note, incorporating wood-made kitchen items into your home will help you serve practical purposes and are easy to maintain and keep going. Wood-made kitchen items are sturdy and function for an extended period. Whether you want a spatula or a masala box, we have got all the kitchen items here at Arcedior to give you a one-stop solution for all your needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a kitchen item eco-friendly?

The material used in making kitchen items makes them eco-friendly. If the material used in making the kitchen item is recyclable or made from natural materials like wood or bamboo, then those kitchen items are known as eco-friendly. These are non-toxic in nature and are also quite durable. In addition, the wood items often come in various finishes, giving a variety to the people to choose from.

What are the benefits of using eco-friendly kitchen items?

The benefits of using eco-friendly kitchen items include reducing carbon emissions, which are produced while the manufacturing process. Furthermore, since the material is eco-friendly, it will not lead to harmful fumes that get into the air while manufacturing products made from artificial materials like plastic. In addition to this, eco-friendly kitchen items are a significant investment. Although the price is higher for sustainable products than the items made from artificial material, the items made of plastic get easily damaged. In contrast, kitchen items made of wood will last for a longer time if taken care of properly. In this way, you also care for nature and contribute to the planet Earth.

How can I determine if a kitchen item is sustainable?

To determine if a kitchen item is sustainable or not, check for its life cycle assessment. This assessment takes into account all the stages, from picking up the raw material to its manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. Also, check for the authenticity of the label pasted on the kitchen items that claim it to be a green product. Sustainable kitchen items are made of natural materials; the very least chemical is used or released in their manufacturing. 

Why should you drink water from a natural bamboo bottle?

You should drink water from a natural bamboo bottle because it is non-toxic and safe for your overall health and body. The water in a bamboo bottle remains nutrients filled for a longer time. The bamboo material is antibacterial, so it keeps the bacteria away, keeping the water nutrients locked and ultimately boosting your immunity and leading to excellent health. In addition to all these qualities, the shelf life of bamboo bottles is the best.

What are the uses of wooden Tray?

Wooden trays include serving food items and presenting cutlery and crockery. The wooden tray is a stylish kitchen item made with strong and long-lasting wood. As wood is eco-friendly, it does not harm nature in any way. Also, this wooden tray can be used to place home decor items and other accolades. In addition to these uses, this tray can be put on a coffee table or accommodate small plants inside it.


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